Marion Barber might be bounced out of starting lineup

M.Barber-1.jpgThough Cowboys receiver Roy Williams won’t have to fight for a starting job in 2010, another high-priced member of the offense enjoys no such guarantee.

According to Randy Galloway of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, tailback Marion Barber could lose his starting job to Felix Jones.

“That has been a consideration, and it certainly is a consideration,” owner Jerry Jones said.

Less than two years ago, Barber signed a seven-year, $45 million contract, with $16 million guaranteed.  That same year, Jones signed a five-year, $10.25 million rookie deal.

This year, Barber is due to receive a base salary of $3.86 million.  Jones will receive only $877,500.  Though both have a key role in the offense, it’ll be hard to justify paying big money to Barber and not actually using him as much as Jones.  And so it could mean that, eventually, Barber may be available to anyone interested in taking on big money second contract to a guy who is only three years away from 30, which is the new 50 for NFL running backs.

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  1. No matter who starts Barber will obviously get enough playing time to justify his salary–it might just keep him fresh and affective.

  2. Ah, I see, so the guy with the bigger contract is the starter becuase he makes more money, not the more talented guy, right?
    Makes sense. What are you ,shilling for thre Inspector Cleauseau School of Pro Football General Management?
    The guy with the most talent should start and be featured in th eoffense, not the guy with the biggest contract. If that were the case, Miles Austin would still be coming off the bench.

  3. Only 3 years from 30? As if age is a reason to stay away from a 27 year old running back in his prime? I’m not a Boyz fan, but I’m pretty certain Barber would find plenty of interested teams.

  4. People talk about the Skins throwing away money. I think Marion got a hell of a lot more money than he deserved or than he runs for. Has he made any pro bowls? Has he led the NFC East in rushing? I don’t think (I could be wrong) he has done any of those things, but that is great news for Skins fans cause the cowgurls are going to SUCK!!!!!

  5. I’m not sure if it’s financially possible, but put me in the “Barber to Vikings” camp. Hometown guy, and he’d thrive in the 3rd down role in this offense.

  6. Hell, put em both in the back field at the same time, offset with the hammer at FB and lightning at TB as base formation and Briiing It!

  7. Neither is going to take anything away from the other except some mid-game carries probably going towards Felix next season
    Barber will get the TD carries and pound-away carries towards the end

  8. Send him to Detroit. They’ll pay him. The guy is a hard core baller.
    Lions already bilked Jerruh for Roy E., let’s hose him some more by taking MB3 off his hands.

  9. I really like watcing MB3 run. However, I wonder if his aggressive style of running is catching up w. him like it did w. Eddie George and Larry Johnson, among others.

  10. Get rid of Roy Williams! He is an under-achiever like many of the Cowgurls! Roy is afraid of running orutes over the middle and will only catch the rock if it’s deep in the endzone or on the sidelines…….Jerry Jones need to place his ego in 2nd place and put the good of the tema 1st place!

  11. They need to compensate RBs better early on in their careers. They get thrown to the trash heap so quickly.

  12. I think I misrepresnted myself…I very much like Barber as a back…but I figured his injuries would put Felix Jones as the feature back (Even if Tashard Choice should have consideration as well).

  13. hmm Barber to the Detroit Lions,,,, Jerry you could get one of your picks back???… the contract may be too pricey… but it may work.. he’s injury prone… but if healthy perfect tandom w/ Kevin Smith?…..

  14. This post is retarded. Barber wasn’t the starter a couple years ago when the Cowboys had J.Jones. The insisted on starting Jones, and Barber would gobble up the red zone and short yardage carries.
    The most successful teams now a days have 2 reliable running backs…. it doesn’t really matter who they name the “starter” … even if Felix starts games I could still see Barber ending the game with more carries.
    And the money ain’t a thing… the Cowboys would be fools to trade Marion Barber, like I said earlier about most successful teams have a 2 running back tandem…. Barber and Jones are the perfect complement to one another.

  15. Perhaps the Patriots will reunite Barber with Maroney and start running the ball again. I’m not sure what they will do with Randy, but when the Pats run the ball with some consistency, and they play good D (a question mark right now), Brady has shown he does not need marquee receivers. Those have been the times he and the Patriots have been most effective and unpredictable.

  16. “That has been a consideration, and it certainly is a consideration”
    Put down the crack pipe Skeletor.

  17. Like ud5soul said, a couple of years ago Barber didn’t start and that was when he was most effective. Having him come in fresh in the 4th quarter and pound the ball to bleed the clock worked before and seems like a good strategy if you have other good backs. I still wouldn’t rule out and trade since they also have Choice who has been a good back for them and though you need 2 good backs, having 3 seems like a waste. It would all depend on how the rest of the league values Barber since it would be a waste to give him away.

  18. @ bill in dc:
    the point of this is that Marion Barber is getting paid starter money, and you don’t pay your second string rb starter money. If Felix Jones is the starter, Barber will see his way out of town. This draft has plenty of solid players, the Cowboys can draft a rb with a mid-round pick and possibly end up with a solid rusher like Shonn Greene.
    I think Barber would actually be a good fit for the Patriots, he plays tough and can give them a little more power from their run game.

  19. @DieHardSkinsFan21
    Ah yes, another post from a guy who shoots his mouth off without the slightest bit of research. Yes, Marion Barber has been to the Pro Bowl. A consumate pro who runs hard and blocks well and doesn’t spend time whining and bitching and trying to throw everyone else under the bus (unlike your boy, Portis). Barber has split time and carries since he’s been in Dallas. With the ability that Jones and Choice bring to the field, I expect he will be splitting carries again.
    Can’t figure out why our friend DieHard is so worried about the Cowboys 3 RBs when Washington is so desperate for WRs.

  20. Oh yes, Big Tex, we should all bow down before the mighty Marion Barber. Face it, he is just another beneficiary of the league’s obsession with hyping the Cowgirls. Barber has never, I repeat never, gained a 1,000 yards in a season.
    I did the research – yes, he did go to the Pro Bowl after the ’07 season as the 18th, I repeat 18th, ranked rusher in the NFL. Of course that was the year that nearly every Cowgirl went to the Pro Bowl. I guess the votes from Mexico City were triple counted.
    The Cowgirls in that game included such luminaries as Roy Williams (you know, the Roy Williams Rule – no decapitation), Flozell Adams (you know, the Flozell Rule – no felonious assault at the end of quarters), Gurode (who should have the no shimmy shake before the snap rule, but that’s already a rule – one of many the refs are under penalty of termination if they enforce against the Cowgirls) and the illustrious T.O.
    Of course, many 13-3 teams are overrepresented in the Pro Bowl, but most 13-3 teams don’t go on to get punked in their own house in the divisional playoffs. It was lucky the Cowgirls had that workhorse Barber to carry them on his back that day against the Giants.
    I repeat – a Pro Bowl for the 18th ranked rusher who has never gained 1,000 yards in a season – now that’s a battering ram right up there with Jim Brown. Hail!

  21. @Highway703
    If you believe that the leading rusher in yards and TDs on the team which ranked 7th in the league in rushing yards per game and 2nd in yards per carry is “trash”, then what is your definition of someone who is not trash? Felix Jones’ career average of over 6 yards a carry and his “home run” ability is what’s driving this bus.

  22. I smell a “schism!” Certainly, MBIII will want to know before the season what his role will be and he won’t be happy w/a backup role. Demotion to the 3rd back or goal line specialist will cause him to ask for his out right release or a trade……. the Cowboys owe it to a class guy to do the right thing and trade him now.
    Schism in the Big D, report at 11!

  23. Hate Dallas with a passion. But, you can’t blame Barber for taking the 45 million, and you can’t question he busts his ass on every play. If 27 is too “old” for the NFL then we all might as well start watching pop warner league games.

  24. “People talk about the Skins throwing away money.”
    Yep, upwards of a billion dollars of it since wee man bought the Deadskins.
    “Has he made any pro bowls?”
    “I don’t think (I could be wrong)”
    No, you’re right, you don’t think.
    “great news for Skins fans cause the cowgurls are going to SUCK!!!!!”
    The Cowboys have three RBs that are better than Portis.

  25. So how many games did MB3 start in ’07 Die? You think the selection had anything to do with averaging almost 5 yards a carry and scoring 10 TDs (and 14 the year before)?
    And if you call losing a game in the playoffs to the eventual Super Bowl champ 21-17 “getting punked”, then what exactly do you call it when you lose at your place 17-0 and have to punt 8 of your final 9 drives?
    How many coaches is Danny up to now? As many since 2000 as Dallas has had in it’s entire history. The Washington Redskins “A Model of Consistent Inconsistency”

  26. “The Cowgirls in that game included such luminaries as Roy Williams (you know, the Roy Williams Rule – no decapitation), Flozell Adams (you know, the Flozell Rule – no felonious assault at the end of quarters), Gurode (who should have the no shimmy shake before the snap rule, but that’s already a rule – one of many the refs are under penalty of termination if they enforce against the Cowgirls) and the illustrious T.O.”
    So what? Chris Cooley was also in that game, despite of never having an 85 catch or 1,000 yard season. Sean Taylor’s name was there out of sympathy so don’t act like it was the first time someone was elected to the pro bowl that may not have deserved it.

  27. He should lose his starting job. This guy is SOOOO overrated it’s sick. I can’t stand the way announcers get all moist over him because of his running style. Sure, he’s a talented, tough and gritty runner but only in brief spurts. He expends way too much energy to be an every down back. You would think a “GENIUS” football guy like Skeletor could see that and not get suckered into paying him all that money. Felix Jones is hands down the best back for them.

  28. Jerry made a mistake by paying Barber that big contract in the first place. When Tuna said barber couldn’t out run a bus and that was why Julius Jones started ahead of barber, and that is why Felix should start ahead of Barber. Let Barber be goal line and 4th qtr back!

  29. boysroll
    Whats the matter? Afraid to come out and comment on your boy Barber?? You’re such a loser…

  30. Barber; Choice…..Jones.
    Pathetic group of “backs”.
    Barber, the “closer”….hahahahaha……my goodness. Absolutely disgraceful.

  31. I love both players but will they stay healthy? Jones has had a couple of freak injuries but when he’s healthy, he’s THE MAN. Taking all that in consideration, I think that Choice should bide his time because he could be Barber’s replacement in the lineup, if he gets hurt or if they decide to go with Jones as the long term featured back.

  32. Listen Guys,
    The Boys have the best backfield by far…they all work in unison and no ones going to storm off any field the Cowboys are on. If not for the toughest defensive line in football (Minn), Dallas would have run over N.O. on their way to the SuperBowl…so if it’s, Barber, Jones, Choice or Jones, Choice, Barber…its all good….
    Whoever “Fresh” is, how do you play like an ass?
    Sounds like Fresh doesn’t get off his enough to learn how the game is played…

  33. “stunzeed2 says:
    March 28, 2010 3:09 PM
    Barber; Choice…..Jones.
    Pathetic group of “backs”.”
    What are you, 12? Do you even know what football is? Name a better three-tailback group in the entire league and I’ll tell your mom that you can stay up past 10 tonight.

  34. Where is boysroll, he is constantly commenting on the skins, but when there is news about the sorry ass team he likes he is nowhere to be found. Boysroll we all know you are a closet skins fan, its ok we will let you root for the good guys…………………………….. NOT AT ALL>

  35. Yeah, Barber is trash. They need to move on. Unless they’re happy only winning one playoff game in 15 years.

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