Sparano says Soliai needs to step up

When the Miami Dolphins re-signed nose tackle Jason Ferguson even though he’ll be suspended for the first eight games of the season, coach Tony Sparano explained that he thinks half a season of Ferguson is better than a whole season of any other nose tackle the Dolphins might sign.

But for the first half of the season, the Dolphins need a nose tackle. And Sparano says that means Paul Soliai needs to step up.

I need them to take the next step to help us be a better team, there’s no question about it,” Sparano said of certain younger players who need to get better, per the Miami Herald. “Now, I know your next question is who are those players? I’m not going to single those players out, but I do believe that we have a few players here that I need to take the next step.”

And then, after saying he wasn’t going to single those players out, Sparano singled Soliai out.

“Paul’s one of these guys [we’re talking about], one of these players that you hope will take the next step,” Sparano said. “Paul Soliai is one of them and you can write that down.”

A 355-pounder who’s been with the Dolphins for his entire three-year career, Soliai became the starter last season when Ferguson got hurt. He’ll enter the upcoming season as the starter, for at least the first eight games, and Sparano clearly wants him to play better at the start of 2010 than he did at the end of 2009.

13 responses to “Sparano says Soliai needs to step up

  1. Didn’t Sparano say this on Tuesday? Today is Sunday, a little late on the news aren’t we PFT?

  2. He actually makes some plays when he wants’s just a matter of getting him out of the bars and concentrate on the field. He’s got the P word for sure!!

  3. nublar- this was reported less than 24 hours ago… your making stuff up again. No wonder why finheaven is such a wasteland.

  4. Despite his big frame, Soliai is a better fit in a 4-3 scheme. He’s not suited as a NT because he doesn’t constantly force double teams to block him, which is the most important trait in a NT. He’s more of a 3 Technique guy.

  5. ha ha ha the “Dorks” are in trouble. They were lucky to finish one game ahead of the hapless bills. Its the cellar DorkFans!

  6. “ha ha ha the “Dorks” are in trouble. They were lucky to finish one game ahead of the hapless bills. Its the cellar DorkFans!”
    “Dorks?” Is that you, AC Slater?

  7. Is this truly news? Doesn’t every coach in every aspect of sports want his, or her, players to “step it up?”

  8. I agree with the assessment that Soliai is a 4-3 DT. He just can’t do it on a consistent basis to be a starting NT. I notice though he makes good penetration on passing downs. The thing is the NTs primary job it to clog the middle to stop the run.
    I said it last year and I will say it is a must this year. Miami needs to draft a NT because I can’t see Ferguson playing past this year. Makes me think that Miami will have no choice but to reach for Dan Williams, take Cam Thomas in the 2nd rd or be very lucky and get Cody in the 2nd rd..

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