Report: Parker would rather sit out 2010 than play for Steelers

We mentioned last week Willie Parker could wind up returning to the Steelers, but the running back has other ideas.

A source “close to Parker” told Ed Bouchette of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette that Parker would rather sit out this season than play for the Steelers again.

Oy.  It’s not like Parker has many options, so it’s unwise to burn bridges over his “treatment” in Pittsburgh last year.  (It also won’t particularly help Parker live off his Super Bowl heroics for the rest of his life.)

There have been questions about Parker’s toughness on the field, and this report makes you wonder about it off the field as well. 

67 responses to “Report: Parker would rather sit out 2010 than play for Steelers

  1. On behalf of the rest of the AFC North, we hope Willie changes his mind. The Batch-Parker combo will be sure to strike fear in the hearts of opponents this year.

  2. I hope the Jets play the hapless Steelers this year, I want to watch Jets defense shut them out, then everyone will admit the Steelers are all done…. over and out.

  3. What a maroon.
    He’d rather look like an idjit and pout about not getting his way, racking up fines etc. till he realizes he has no choice and shows up anyway.
    Gee, here’s a thought. You show up and pick up all your paychecks. Handle practices like a man and stand on the sidelines with a smile on your face, happy to have the opportunity to play in the NFL where ever you get the chance.
    After a year of standing on the sidelines, being paid an ungodly amount of money to not work, you become a free agent and sign with the team of your choice.
    Just a thought, but maybe if you stop acting like a spoiled brat, maybe someone would treat you like an adult.

  4. Which is to say, “Parker is an idiot.” He must have a MUCH higher opinion of himself than that shared by others.

  5. Its a shame how far Parker has fallen off. He goes from a superbowl hero twice to an injury prone has been. I hope he can get a job and regain his form. Seahawks need a running back just stop yapping so much and you’ll get a job.

  6. Maybe it’s because he doesn’t want to play for a team that employs thugs and punks like Ben Roethlisberger, Santonio Holmes, James Harrison, Jeff Reed, Matt Speath, Jonathan Dekker, and Najeh Davenport.

  7. Pretty impossible to judge his “off field toughness” without any facts on what went on there and why he doesnt want to return. Stupid remark.

  8. Geez, do you blame him? His mother always told him to not run with thugs and gangs. Good for Parker.

  9. Looks like Willie won’t be playing football this year.
    Kid’s true colors started coming out last year after he criticized Tomlin for not running the ball as much as they did in the past. Tomlin sticking to his guns and them winning a Super Bowl in spite of this fact proved they don’t need him. Mendenhall showing he’s a legitimate all-around back, and not just a guy who’s fast, was the shot to the jugular. I don’t know how stupid this guy can be for not realizing the Steelers are his only shot to play this season.
    The closest thing you got to a deal was to be a backup for the worst team in football. Get a grip, dude.

  10. The Coop says:
    March 29, 2010 11:03 AM
    Maybe it’s because he doesn’t want to play for a team that employs thugs and punks like Ben Roethlisberger, Santonio Holmes, James Harrison, Jeff Reed, Matt Speath, Jonathan Dekker, and Najeh Davenport.
    ————————————————-Yes this all true but taking a dump in the hamper is really really funny.

  11. It’s a sad day when Michael Vick has a job and Willie Parker doesn’t, shot to the old ego.

  12. Florio? Come on, chicken. Show me how tough you are. I’m waiting for you to accept my challenge. Everyone on this board is going to think you are a sissy.
    I want to fight you. Well?….

  13. willie was a punk while at UNC. he didnt start there for 4 years because of his ‘great’ attitude.
    Fast Willie should consider his options and his history and maybe shut up for a change and just
    F’in play.

  14. GreenasGrass:
    You only get half your wish. If you knew as much about the NFL as you think you do, you’d know the AFC North teams will play AFC East teams this year. That is scheduled years in advance. Steelers will kick their ass as they ALWAYS do. You are right about one thing, in the unlikely event the Steelers did lose to the Jets we would know they are “all done….over and out” because the Jets SUCK! Can you say 1969?

  15. “# AllThat says: March 29, 2010 10:55 AM
    Keep the ArmPittsVille stories coming Florio & Rosy.
    We love it.”
    Not as much as we love watching you put your 5th grade level wit on display. [ snicker ]

  16. Who is the source close to Parker? I highly doubt it was his agent or anybody that he has given the authority to speak for him.

  17. I absolutely love all the Steelers haters taking their shots now. Guys, have any of you noticed how many NFL games are played in March and April? By the time the season rolls around, we will see who is beating who on the field … not on some dumb ass message board.
    Talk is so cheap … Thank God games aren’t won or lost on here. If that was the case, the Steelers would have never hoisted all those damn Lombardis!!! LOL

  18. Joey Porter (ex steeler)…Ben Rapistberger….Willie Parker…
    You’ve got some REAL class over there in Pukesburgh!

  19. As much as I’m enjoying the Steelers offseason woes, you have to wonder who’s fault it might be. Tomlin maybe? They just seem to be falling apart. Keep it coming!

  20. What is today, “Steelers negative publicity day”? LOL, after a morning like this, the afternoon has to better, right?!
    I would love to have FWP stay on the team to complement Rashard. But he should get the message with nobody else signing him. Why would he say anything that might jeopardize him getting a paycheck from somebody this year?

  21. Can’t blame him, who’d want to play for the classless, cheating, rapist-protecting losers? I don’t know any player that would want to return to a team that was 3rd place in its division and no signs of getting better anytime soon.
    Things have gotten pretty bad over there in Rustburg when a player would rather be a Redskin than wear the black and p!ss.

  22. Didn’t Larry Foote say something like that, right before he signed his multi-million dollar 3-year contract? And Casey Hampton all last year, until he signed his multi-million dollar 3 year contract recently as well?
    Oh, yes, once again we are reminded that every NFL’er talks trash until they get paid. “I don’t want to play for them, I’ll just retire”. Right. Fool me once, shame on you – fool me a few thousand times – well, shame on me I guess.
    Willie – I think you are about as likely to pass up a multi-million dollar Steelers contract as Casey “Big Snack” Hampton is to pass up his 6th, 7th, and 8th plates and a few ice cream cones from the all-you-can-eat buffet line. Which is to say, not very likely.

  23. You are certainly not a coward, 123456789 (if that is your real name).
    Not to mention, challenging a blogger in an anonymous Comment post.

  24. dabarber says:
    Steelers 2010 motto–
    “Even our punter is an a-hole criminal”
    You don’t have a clue do you?

  25. Just JTO:
    Let ’em have their fun now. We’ll have our fun watching the Steelers take home their 7th Lombardi trophy in February 2011

  26. Then, I’ll take on you, momar3000. Want to meet this Saturday and fight? @$$wipe.
    I’m not joking.
    Sarasota Square Mall-Sarasota, Florida – Saturday 1:00pm.
    I challenge you.
    And, my name is Rob Selby. I used to live in Pa. Now I live in Florida
    And, momar3000? I am now challenging you to a street fight. Do you accept?

  27. What does that say about the rest of the NFL teams if Parker does not want to play for them! Look idiots, whenever your team wins 6 super bowls then talk!

  28. I challenge you momar3000….to a fight.
    My name is Robert Selby. I now live in Sarasota, Florida.
    Meet me this Saturday afternoon at 1:00pm in the Sears autoshop parking lot at the Sarasota Square Mall.
    Do you accept my challenge to fight?

  29. Hey JustJTO: W
    e did all of our talking on the field BOTH times we beat you last year AND with a QB who is playing terrible. We’ll see you again this year and do the same!
    The Bengals

  30. @GreenAsGrass …
    You must be 13 and think the Steelers sprang from the earth in 2004. The team is 77 years old. Forget how long the Saints had to wait for a championship. The Steelers didn’t win a playoff game for the first 40 years of their existence. Then they had an unparalleled decade of success, winning four Super Bowls in six years … and went 26 years before winning another. It doesn’t matter what happens with Ben Roethlisberger and Santonio Holmes. It doesn’t matter what happens this season or next. As long as the NFL lasts, as long as the Steelers endure, they will never never be all done, over, or out.
    We’ll always be back. Always.

  31. I was glad the Steelers would find a place for Willie because I thought he deserved to retire a Steeler rather than be dumped into retirement because no one wants him. But he’s not reluctant to play for Pittsburgh because of the legal turmoil. He’s throwing a tantrum because he thinks he didn’t get enough playing time in ’09.
    The last thing this team needs right now is a washed-up running back playing prima donna. Dump him.

  32. dont foget how fast the steelers come back to the top. not like cleveland,they take tomlin +boys will be a tough game for everyone!

  33. @123456789
    Whoa, dude. You’re a tough guy, huh? Do you honestly come onto this site to challenge people to “street fights”? Why don’t you actually contribute to the site rather than bring it down. And save yourself the time because I bet everyone knows how you’re going to respond. You’re going to call me out and say you want to fight me and call me a coward. If you don’t have any takes on the stories being blogged about then go jerk it to another UFC fight, tool.

  34. @ 123456789 – I take care of Florio’s light work. Make it Sunday and I’ll be there cupcake!

  35. “# gallogj says: March 29, 2010 11:46 AM
    Joey Porter (ex steeler)…Ben Rapistberger….Willie Parker…
    You’ve got some REAL class over there in Pukesburgh!”
    I’m sure I’m not the only one who has noticed this but, it seems that every time some brain-damaged moron posts one of these hit-n-run schoolyard insults they fail to mention who THEIR team is.
    And when challenged to do so, they run and hide.
    Why is that?

  36. Parker needs to remember what team saved him from bagging groceries when no other team would even use an 8th-round pick on him.

  37. Your right Greenn.. Anyone who loses to the lucky Jets then you deserve to sit at home during post season…

  38. Willie just doesnt want to play back up … thats been no secret Sherlock Holmes…………

  39. @Stihler fan …
    You mean 123456789 is a Steelers fan? Don’t we have enough trouble? Good grief.

  40. Is this a surprise? He burned his bridges in North Carolina as well. He doesn’t even mention the Tar Heels in pre-game intros; he uses his high school.

  41. Deb says:
    March 29, 2010 1:53 PM
    @Stihler fan …
    You mean 123456789 is a Steelers fan? Don’t we have enough trouble? Good grief.
    the way the off-season is going for you guys he might even be a Steeler…talk about unleashing hell

  42. Pervy? It’s a deal you sack of $hit.
    This Sunday at Sarasota Square Mall in Sarasota, Florida. 1:00pm. Let’s make it for the parking lot in front of the Sears auto service.
    I’m gonna knock you out, @$$hole!!!

  43. you hear that, pervy? 123456789 will fight you on his lunch break from the chick-fil-a inside the food court at the mall. What’s funny is this joke is man enough to make threats over the internet but can’t even spell the bad words he’s using. Stay classy, 123456789.

  44. @spliffbunker …
    I can see the PFT article now: ??? of the Steelers arrested for brawling in a mall parking lot in Sarasota, Florida.
    @123456789 …
    Here’s a better idea: Fly to Minnesota and meet Perv at the gym.
    He will kill you but you’ll fall on a mat instead of concrete.

  45. Jim Marshall could beat you up 123456789, he could beat Chuck Norris, ole Jim is a bad dude

  46. Why does Willie Parker take himself so seriously? He hates North Carolina and never acknowledged he went there for whatever reason and now he would rather sit out, not get paid instead of play for Pittsburgh?? This guy needs some smelling salt stat!

  47. Who the hell let that sub-human piece of garbage on this site…..his name shows he can’t count to 10….wow, that low-life scum is actually allowed to live.

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