Vasher signs deal with Chargers

Nathan Vasher officially signed with the Chargers Monday, adding depth to a secondary that lost Antonio Cromartie this offseason.

The deal is no surprise; it was reported as close on Sunday.  Vasher worked under Ron Rivera in Chicago when both men were hotter NFL properties.  Rivera has rehabbed his stock in San Diego; now Vasher will try to do the same.

Vasher figures to compete for a job as the Chargers nickel back.

Sean Jensen of the Chicago Sun-Times writes that Vasher will get $4.5 million over two years.  It’s uncertain how much guaranteed money is in the deal.

11 responses to “Vasher signs deal with Chargers

  1. He’ll make a nice addition for SD. Rivera seems to have a huge heart for his former players. The guy has brought Ian Scott, Alfonso Boone, Antonio Garay and now Nathan Vasher over. Scott, Boone and Garay filled in nicely after Jamal Williams, Ryon Bingham and a couple other nobodies went down early last year for them.

  2. If Vasher starts for San Diego I’ll laugh my you know what off. He’s slower than molasses in January, and gets more toasted than a junkie.

  3. How does a 27-year-old guy go from being a shutdown corner to a liability in 3 years? Well, there are 2 answers: 1) a big ego (Cromartie), and 2) injuries (Vasher). Fortunately, injuries heal, but an ego like Cromartie’s will NEVER go away. That dude will be an albatross around Rex Ryan’s neck for years to come.

  4. The Chargers run a zone, mostly, and he isn’t going to take the #2 spot, that is as good as Cason’s.
    He’ll battle for the nickle spot, but will probably end up being a backup.

  5. Pretty sure they aren’t bringing him in as a starter and he’ll mostly play the nickel.

  6. @ JimmyY…..
    Are you insinuating that you think Vasher will show up? Right you are, but perform, or put up numbers? Doubtfull…I hope he does, but he surely isn’t the same guy he used to be…washed up…good luck.

  7. nickel cb , and possibly just camp fodder if he can’t stay healthy
    as long as the guaranteed money isn’t too harsh, this is a no lose situation for sd
    small risk investment

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