Drayton Florence claims Aaron Schobel will retire today

In what probably represents yet another April Fool’s Day gag, Bills cornerback Drayton Florence says, via Twitter, that defensive end Aaron Schobel will announce his retirement at 3:00 p.m. ET on Thursday.

Though we tend to think it’s a phony story, there’s a slim chance it’s legit.

Recently, coach Chan Gailey said that there’s no timetable for Schobel to make a decision regarding his future.  The Bills want Schobel to return, even though he’ll earn a base salary of $6 million.

UPDATE:  Adam Schefter says that Schobel isn’t retiring.  So Florence pulled an April Fool’s Day prank.  Here’s our 4/1 response:  Florence is a great player, who has earned every penny he has been paid during his NFL career.

14 responses to “Drayton Florence claims Aaron Schobel will retire today

  1. Aren’t April Fool’s gags supposed to present very surprising scenarios, not mildly surprising ones?
    Or maybe Drayton Florence is working on a far higher level of April Fool’s Day gags.

  2. If Florence wants his lesser audience following his twitter to be a fool, he is the actual Fool here.
    Happy Fools day Florence. What a looser!

  3. April Fool’s! He will actually be announcing that he will play for another 20 years!
    Tricked you!!!

  4. I think Drayton represents the pick we traded in 2003 to enable ourselves to draft Jerome McDougle. So much for the “every sperm is sacred” theory of life.

  5. WIVB talked with Schobel yesterday who said he still hadn’t made up his mind. I would find this unlikely today.

  6. The Bill’s are the team that tricked you into taking Jason Peters off us for a some picks. How’s that working out?

  7. Ah, “journalism.”
    A source gets you on an April Fool’s joke and you thinly veil an outright bashing of the source as a pseudo-joke.
    Stay classy!

  8. I heard that with ever twitter account you get a little pink dress and a barbie easy bake oven.
    I think that’s what Santonio was referring to when he said ” time to wake and bake”

  9. Get ahold of Drayton Florence so we can finally find out where McNabb is going. This is some top quality reporting, thanks Drayton!!

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