Feagles returns to Giants

The contract standoff between 44-year-old punter Jeff Feagles and the Giants is over.

The team announced via Twitter Thursday that Feagles will be back with Big Blue.  He will have some competition, though.

The team signed former Australian rules football player Jy Bond a few weeks back.  Bond uses a different leg for his directional kicks than his regular ones. Top that, Feagles!

13 responses to “Feagles returns to Giants

  1. I love Feagles, but we need someone who is going to be able to kick the ball further that 40 yards.

  2. Feagles was not as sharp last year, they need to try some other punters out and see if they can’t upgrade a bit.

  3. ‘Bond uses a different leg for his directional kicks than his regular ones.’
    hmmmm …if he’s not using his regular legs to kick with, what is he using?
    Bond …. Jy Bond …..
    the complete “package”

  4. Feagles was awful last year. Directional kicking is one thing. No longer having a strong enough leg for it to reach the sideline or travel 35 yards in the air in another. I hope this guy they signed from Australia or someone else in camp beats him out. He very negatively impacts field position.

  5. Feagles has been punting since Sean Landeta was dating Marla Maples. Not sure which is more impressive all considering.
    Bring back Joe Danelo

  6. LewD and Dapollock,
    So I guess if this Bond guy ends up as the punter, he’s gonna need a “holder” for the short kicks? Has anybody told Eli yet?
    Gives a whole new meaning to “pooch” kick.

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