PFTV looks at the new draft format

In three weeks, the NFL draft will launch at Radio City Music Hall.  Round one will be held on Thursday night, rounds two and three will be conducted on Friday night, and the rest of the draft will unfold on Saturday.

The new format moves the draft into prime time, where the audience presumably will be larger.  It also creates an intriguing dynamic, via the gap between round one and two.

For more, it’s PFTV time.


23 responses to “PFTV looks at the new draft format

  1. It will be interesting to see if this arrangement creates a psychological premium on the round 2 picks, now that the round has it’s own day.
    The talent won’t be any better, but the desire to be selecting in that round may be.

  2. Sorry, I fell asleep during the commercial. Also, your media player is fail.
    Other than that, I very much enjoyed the piece, even though I didn’t watch it.

  3. WAIT TILL THE RATINGS CRASH ON SAT. & SUNDAY WHEN NO ONE WILL BE WATCHING!!! Unfortunatly most of the world will miss 1/2 the first round!!! Goodell changing things for the worst!!!

  4. New draft setup sucks! I work second shift and have to miss it now.Draft Saturday was a holiday for my dad and I as we had our draft predictions in one hand and a beer in the other.

  5. This sux! My buddies and I have gotten together for draft Saturday for years. We made a day of it, grilling, games, and of course the draft. As much fun as a four day bender sounds, that is just not feisible.

  6. Maybe the only reason they are having rnd 2 on a different day is rnd 1 will run until midnite if they start at 8:00. So it is a scheduling decision only.
    These teams have had 363 days to plan all their what if scenarios so I don’t see this dramatic increase in trade activity due to seperating the rounds. Oh well at least the studio is in a nicer basement apartment.

  7. I hate this format. I work nights, so the only rounds I will get to watch is 4-7. This blows. Thanks Goodell. What an A$$Clown.

  8. First time in 10 years of going live to the draft that I will not go. Very upset with the new format. Between work on Thursday and Friday plus travel, just can’t make it into the city. A bunch of us would meet up at the draft every year, analyze picks, bust each others chops, and have a great weekend. I understand the financial aspect that the NFL will get from T.V., but from a fans stand point, very inconvenient.

  9. why does the nfl always feel the need to change things that are working fine ? i think the media has way too much influence on the game its ridicules

  10. okay Florio – i give you a lot of crap but i like your video segments for the most part and i like Liam Neeson too but jeez luise do I have to see “RELEASE THE KRACKEN” every friggin time i click on one of these clips.

  11. GODell needs to be fired. Completely ruined the draft with this format. No draft party for me and my bros.

  12. Hey Brocato, you might want to dry that hair before you step directly from the shower to the set!

  13. i agree with most of you on here. the draft is ruined for all those who would typically watch the draft.
    i’m the first to admit, the draft isn’t for everyone. it caters to a specific fan base. I hope the ratings crash in prime time and Goodell is fired this year. What a F*** moron

  14. A while back, Florio once crafted a nice article that pontificated on how the modern NFL draft – where the worst teams are “rewarded” with the highest picks – serves the interests of parity.
    Florio wisely concluded that those lousy teams picking that high for what is really unproven talent at the NFL – but commands the contracts of highly proven talent – may have more drawbacks than initially contemplated …. especially when all teams face the same salary cap.
    Well, the new format does allow the poorest teams multiple chances to regroup now. Instead of a matter of minutes, now these teams get to closely re-assess their board, perform meticulous analysis not previously afforded and basically now acquire a richer opportunity to make the right personnel decisions.
    In short, I think the new format mitigates some of the factors Florio spoke of some time ago.
    The new format also appears to create a more fertile ground for trading as well.
    Having stated that -I’m not sure I dig it. Just mentioning a couple of ways I believe the new format will have some influence relative to the former system.

  15. The draft used to signal the “official” start to football season for me and a few friends that would get together and make a weekend out of watching it. Unfortunately, the toolbox that the NFL currently refers to as ‘commissioner’ has altered the format so much that our annual Draft Party has been indefinately cancelled, and I won’t be able to see the first three rounds at all anymore. I guess I’ll have to wait until August to start getting pumped for the upcoming season.
    Thanks Goodell, you brain-dead assclown. Can someone please fire this dumbass before he succeeds in completely destroying the league?

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