Police reopen Santonio Holmes case

Anshonae Mills has had a change of heart.  Or, more accurately, a change of mind.

Mills initially told police that she did not want to pursue charges against Steelers receiver Santonio Holmes for allegedly throwing a drink in her face at an Orlando nightclub last month.  According to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Mills has now informed the Orlando Police Department that she wants to proceed.  As a result, the case has been reopened.

“Ms. Mills came to the Orlando Police Department [Wednesday] and wants to
prosecute, and the case has been re-activated,” Orlando police spokesperson
Barbara Jones told Jonathan D. Silver of the Post-Gazette.

Said lawyer Adam B. Swickle in response, per the Post-Gazette, “We adamantly deny her allegations in that complaint.  We do plan on contesting everything.”

72 responses to “Police reopen Santonio Holmes case

  1. maybe he should have let her rub a little lower down and left her with a bigger smile and none of this would be going onright now. -golddigging tramp

  2. I’m guessing that her civil lawyer told her that more cash could come her way, if Holmes was charged and convicted of the assault.
    Either way, he’s still a Steeler turd…

  3. I think Holmes is an idiot for his repeated offenses, but this girl appears to be looking at $ signs and probably getting some lousy advice.

  4. # DonTerrelli says: April 2, 2010 9:47 AM
    “Can she really do that?”
    ..I’m wondering the same thing, being as she already declined to press charges once, and in writing no less.
    Regardless, she will lose.

  5. So she took him over to the side, and was smiling rubbing his face saying, “I can go away for say $200,000. Your choice.” And Holmes said OK. She either received less than that or no money at all and decided to prosecute. Never thought I’d stick up for a Steeler, but it sounds like I’d like to throw a drink in her face too.

  6. Obviously the hush $ Holmes was offering wasnt enough! Pittsburgh is the new Cincinnati. Only in Pittsburgh you have to force yourself on women that want nothing to do with you.

  7. Throwing a drink in someones face and throwing a glass at someones face are two different things.

  8. When are these women going to learn. Stuff like this only makes them look worse. Take this to People’s Court and counter sue her for wasting your time.

  9. Maybe these guys are all guilty.
    Maybe they all have a bullseye on their back because they have had the limelight on them so much and they’re easy prey.
    Two SB wins equals too much fame and their entitlement mentality has gone off the charts…like they have some kind of diplomatic immunity?
    Regardless this will be a study someday. Can’t be a coincidence that a team and players that have had very few previous issues (Roethlisberger and Reed) and even one with minor issues (Holmes) continue to hit the police scanner.

  10. Charlie Batch.
    Willie Parker.
    Limas Sweed.
    Steeler Fans–meet your starting lineup for 2010. I threw Willie Parker in there for when Mendenhall inevitably gets arrested.
    On a side note, the 2010-2015 Pennsylvania State Prison Football Team should be STACKED!

  11. MSWRavens says:
    April 2, 2010 10:24 AM
    Oh good- more time for Santurdio to invite people to kill themselves!
    And to wake n bake.

  12. He will be exonerated in both cases! This “lady” will be seen for what she is…a money grabbing ho! I hope he sues her!

  13. Meldog says:
    April 2, 2010 10:25 AM
    Throwing a drink in someones face and throwing a glass at someones face are two different things.
    That is very true but both can be considred assualt (Though the punishment varies I believe). The justice system is basically run by lawyers (Look at the previous jobs of most of congress) basically if you spit on someone you can get arrested for assualt.
    Crazy world.

  14. he should “wake & bake”, and then while “laughing the whole way to the bank”, he should try finding the “worst thing that he could drink n kill himself”.

  15. @GB3Pack4
    Really? My fist can cut someone’s eyebrow wide open. An unbroken baseball bat can cut someone’s eyebrow wide open. So why do you think an unbroken glass won’t cause a cut? What a dumbass. An obvious reason as to why you’re not a lawyer or anything that would require some common sense and a decent education.

  16. # GB3Pack4 says: April 2, 2010 10:29 AM
    All other points aside for the moment, how could an unbroken glass produce a “cut”?
    Really??? You need to ask that question. Any time anything hard (fist, brick, pipe, baseball bat, beer mug, beer bottle, etc….) hits you near your eye, the probability of having that object cut the skin is very high. There is very little padding under the skin around your eye brows, etc, so hitting that area of the face hard enough, with almost anything (even if it isnt sharp) can certainly cause the skin to “split” open.
    Just saying…..

  17. People need to understand that in Pittsburgh, the city that gave us “Queer As Folk,” it’s hard to find a normal woman, and when you do, you can get excited pretty quickly. Holmsie, was just trying to show her he was a REAL man, not one of those Pittsburgh Queens that inspired the show. It happens. Same goes for Ben. These guys can’t be blamed for the effects of being stuck in a town that doesn’t value or respect their multi-hetero lifestyle choice.

  18. Is there video tape of the incident? Or did Holmes take the Ben Rothliswhatever route and pay the club owner to accidentally tape over it???

  19. same way my umbroken fist could cut your eyebrow.. duchebagpack4.. the anatomy of the bone structure cuts the skin from the inside out.. boy, steelers sure like 2 keep these complete type of gentlemen.. assuming the glass might have slipped out of his hand.. what kind of ghetto-crack-low life would toss a drink on a woman’s face? no matter what she called him.. (& she prolly called him what he is..)
    it’s quite amusing reading on the steeler fans comments.. always blaming the women.. apparently ur boys don’t know how 2 treat women (much less please them..) therefore they resort 2 smacking them around a little bit.. just like u do ur own old ladies.. wonderful..

  20. Lol this bitch is nothing but a money monger.. unbelievable that the system allows things like this to occur. Id like to know where the cut came from.. the intial police report stated she had an abrasion above the eye.. thats more like a scratch as opposed to a CUT.
    They need to start letting women be their bodyguards … we can pick trash out of nowhere.

  21. Oh, I was talking about the future assaults, drug offenses, and rapes that will occur in season in Pennsylvania with these guys.
    Or when they violate probation.
    Deb says:
    April 2, 2010 11:19 AM
    @dabarber …
    Stacked with what? None of this stuff happened in Pennsylvania.

  22. Why hang out in these places when you are an active player. Stupid!
    Stay home or go to private parties.

  23. @the9thplague: What’s “quite amusing” is that you’re a grown up that writes in text speak. U shud lern 2 spell and talk, then come back and attempt to get into an adult conversation.

  24. These guys aren’t gentlemen, these are the guys who, if they play them, are going to kick your favorite teams ass next year. And if they play at your favorite teams home stadium, the place will be filled by loyal Steeler fans. Get used to it. HAHA!

  25. These guys aren’t gentlemen, these guys are the people who, if they play them, are going to kick your favorite teams ass. And if they play at your favorite teams home stadium, it will be filled with loyal Steeler fans. Get used to it. HAHA!

  26. That’s how you be great Sandubio!!!
    I wonder if after he threw the drink in her face he flexed his biceps???

  27. ur wish has come tru, “stiffler-fan”.. we will play.. us defensing out title, that is.. & “ham-b”, s’ ite.. dawg.. didn’t mean 2 offend ur literacy w/ma textin’.. when u got teenagers u got 2 keep track of.. u learn how to do it.. u grow up & raise some kids & teach them well, u hear?, if u have a boy, teach him how 2 be a real man.. a strong man from the inside.. passionate but kind.. & if u got a girl.. don’t let read “steel-twat’s” comments.. the r an insult 2 womanhood.. oh.. & tell her bout guys like ur steely-boys..

  28. BuckFigBen says:
    April 2, 2010 11:05 AM
    he should “wake & bake”, and then while “laughing the whole way to the bank”, he should try finding the “worst thing that he could drink n kill himself”.
    Some people on this board on complete asses!!!!!(like this idiot—BuckFigBen)
    Look, i am a steeler fan all the way, and i know most of you are just jealosus because of our winning ways. I HATE the Browns (AS A TEAM AND RIVAL) with that said, i dont really want to see a person go to jail or “kill themselves” Its just a game idiot, no one on the browns team ever did anything personally to me or has anyone did anything to you. I realize with our stars off the field you think your sorry team might have a chance. Look, you got your lucky win on a cold off night for the steelers. now, go away for 6 years again.

  29. Steeler-lady says:
    They need to start letting women be their bodyguards … we can pick trash out of nowhere.
    This is the single most productive suggestion anyone has made on any thread. If either Ben or Santonio had a sober, responsible, adult woman with them on the nights in question–and had been willing to listen to her–neither of them would be in these situations.
    @dabarber …
    You have an interesting fantasy life … assaults, drug offenses, rapes, and prison life. Wow. You are one scary guy. Someone needs to lock you up. What you’ve posted here is more evidence of your dysfunction than anyone has so far provided of Ben Roethlisberger’s.

  30. @fab:
    “i dont really want to see a person go to jail or “kill themselves” Its just a game idiot, no one on the browns team ever did anything personally to me or has anyone did anything to you.”
    you do realize these are all things holmes said/typed on twitter. not stuff trolls made up. holmes own words.

  31. i think santonio is a good man with a good heart. he is good at football and he is good at catching football. because of the fact that he is good at football and good at catching football, santonio is a good football catcher

  32. like “palewook” said.. “buckfig” was just quoting holmes, holmes.. so.. “fab”, who is the heartless lowlife here? could it be holmes..? dat gangsta’ culture is gonna get him reeeal far, i bet..
    look.. the woman might be another lowlife trying 2 get paid.. but ur boy sure comes thru like a real man.. w/twitter messages & actions.. right..

  33. With great power comes great responsibility… Man up broseph and don’t run with s k a n k s. And of course that chick is seeing $$$, who isn’t, who wouldn’t???

  34. I really take exception to all of the posts from steeler fans that say things like…I know you are just jealous….it is just jealousy talking….you are just jealous that ben or sandubio doenst play on your team…..
    First, one thing is for sure, I am not jealous of the steelers or not having any of their players!!! Wait…maybe one and only one that would be Troy (the guys is an incredible player and human). Other than that I would not want or wish for any of your players to play for the Ravens, especially ben and sandubio.
    While the steelers have a great organization…it is no better than our organization/ownership/front office. We have an incredible owner (world class guy, astute businessman, and a Ravens fan at heart). Does not make a living from gambling…but instead makes a living at employing Americans. Our draft department is second to none.
    All of our players (with exception of maybe Frank Walker) are great players and individuals on and off the field.
    So..Pahlease I am not jealous of the steelers……nor should any Ravens fan be…

  35. agree on on that “stihler”.. i think florio run off with my comments.. maybe he’ll “floriolize” them 4 his next column..
    wuzup? “americanpatriots”.. how may i assist u?
    “brownfoot”, i hope u were being sarcastic.. not 2 b picky, cause i ain’t no english prof., but u write like u translated the words one by one from a chinese/english dictionary..

  36. The skank wanted more money! Holmes needs to sue her for lying and defemation of character! She will drop those charge so fast!

  37. @Ravenmaniac …
    I love Troy and wouldn’t trade him for anyone else in the NFL, but you don’t need him, either. Two words: Ed Reed. I know he’s getting older, but still. Dan Rooney doesn’t make his living from gambling, by the way, and by all accounts he is a fine person and one of the most respected owners in the league. The constant cheap shots invite the “jealous?” response.
    You’re not jealous of our players because you have some sense upstairs. But some of these idiots clearly can’t draw lines between team rivalry and real life. Maybe jealousy isn’t the best word choice, but anyone who’s gleeful about the possible assault of a young woman and the potential ruin of a young athlete is deeply disturbed. Calling it jealousy is a kindness.

  38. dear deb.. no one is jealous of ur team.. we ar cracking on u fans 4 bein so bias.. get it?.. u just can’t have it both ways.. u know? ur own words: “gleeful about the possible assault of a young woman & the potencial ruin of a young athlete” show how ambigious ur take is.. one of those excludes the other.. can’t feel sorry 4 the victim & the perpetrator.. can’t be afraid of ruining a young man’s life.. ur posing as a concerned citizen with a motherly sentiment 4 both.. wait a minute.. u wouldn’t feel so sorry 4 the young man’s life if he had.. let’s say.. attacked ur daughter.. now would u..? how the law defines attack is beyond all of us.. if he accidently hit her with the glass a it slipped out of his hand.. attack it is.. period.. (not 2 get into the tossing of a drink.. talk about a punk-a$$ move.. u as a woman, could not possible condone that..) next steeler $ucking up.. man.. come on.. u can do it..

  39. Dear 9th plague …
    I applaud that you try to learn the texting lingo of your children. However, when you speak to adults, try to use coherent English, assuming you can.
    Now about your reading-comprehension skills …
    I started by telling Ravenmaniac that he didn’t even need to be jealous of the one player he said he was jealous of. Then I went on to say that Steeler fans really shouldn’t use the term “jealousy” because it’s not jealousy, it’s a lack of perspective–the ability to distinguish between on-field rivalries and off-field tragedies. So I have no idea why you’re telling the one person who says no one needs to be jealous that no one is jealous.
    No, we can’t have it both ways. That’s why I used conditional terminology. “Possible” assault and “potential” ruin. Either/or would be a tragedy. I didn’t say both.
    Thanks for the lecture on how to feel. I am a rape survivor. I think I’ve got the feelings down much better than you do, Mr. Jackass. Now get off your high horse. You’re hoping he did it because you hate the Steelers. I’m hoping he didn’t because a) I don’t want that girl to have been victimized and b) I don’t want Ben to have victimized someone.
    Neither of us yet knows what happened because no information on either the nature of the accusation or the evidence has been released.
    I’ve already condemned Santonio Holmes for throwing a drink in a woman’s face, if he did. There’s no excuse for that kind of behavior. The woman doesn’t sound like her character is any better.

  40. Deb,
    I in no way meant that Mr. Rooney was not a great person because I believe he is. I also believe that while it is not the only Rooney venture, I think that gambling is one of them.
    It is like our owner Steve Biscotti once said when asked how he wanted to run the Ravens…his answer: just like the steelers. No fan can deny that the steelers are a great franchise…
    I think any team could use Troy or Ed…2 of the best in the business. It probably would not happen but I often thought it would be incredible if the 2 of them retired the same year and went in to the Hall of Fame together. I would so be in attendance for that!! How great would that class be???

  41. Just for clarification….I am seeing that holmes not only threw a drink in her face it was the glass that he threw that cut her face.
    I honestly do not know how just throwing a drink in someones face is either criminal or civil.

  42. It’s too bad he didn’t do what Donte and Ray Ray did. If he had, the Ravens would be interested in signing him.

  43. C.ass…big words coming from a fan of the team that makes the bengals look like choir boys…..
    Just what did Donte and Ray-Ray do???

  44. OMG! Everyone on the Steeler team is above the law… and apparently walks just behind God. NOT.
    Santonio is going to get all the pubicity off of Ben, unfortunately.
    Deb and Steeler-lady, bring on the condemnations! I love to push your buttons. It’s fun! LMAO

  45. Ravenmanic,
    Just what did Donte and Ray-Ray do???
    Uh, killed people!

  46. I’m just now realizing how many lawsuits I could have had with all of the girls who threw drinks in my face over the years.
    Damn you statute of limitations!

  47. @Ravenmaniac …
    Gambling has been a part of the Rooney family interests from the get-go. The Chief won the money to buy the Steelers at the track. But Dan got rid of his gambling interests a while ago (I’m not sure exactly when). And he bought out his brothers and restructured the team in ’08 in part to ensure that no Rooney involved in the Steelers’ ownership would have any gambling interests. That’s why I said Dan (and Art II) isn’t involved in gambling. People like to throw that out when claiming we bought off refs. Of course, Dan has never been worth what Paul Allen, owner of the Seahawks, is worth, so that’s laughable any way you look at it.
    No, I don’t want Troy retiring with Ed. I think Ed’s getting ready to call it a day, and Troy still has more in the tank 😉 But I have loved following Ed’s career … as long as he wasn’t playing us!

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