Reid thinks Samuel needs to play better

Asante Samuel made the league’s all star game after the 2009 season, which should count for something.  But as Deion Sanders pointed out during one Pro Bowl practice, making the team in the NFC at cornerback isn’t the same as making it in the AFC.

Any casual Eagles fan could tell you that Samuel was inconsistent, like he was during much of his Patriots career.  Eagles coach Andy Reid says Samuel needs to improve.

“I think Asante knows he needs to have a better year than what he had,
even though he was a Pro Bowler,” Reid told the Philadelphia Inquirer. 

Samuel wasn’t at the first day of offseason conditioning, but Reid said his lightweight cornerback is hitting the weights.  Perhaps Samuel will tackle someone next year.

“As good a player as he is, he can be even better,” Reid said. “And I think that’s
the way he’s handling the offseason.”

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  1. He isn’t that good. I think Miles Austin had a career day on his ass. Way OVER-RATED. Another botched pick up by the Eagles front office instead of keeping a core player like Dawkins.

  2. Why would he tackle someone next year? Asante got paiiiiiiid. That’s all that matters in his world.

  3. I wish he would have said…This dude better stop taking so many risks and START F-ing TACKLING!!!

  4. Samuel is the man… period. He was anything but inconsistent in NE, lockdown corner from year 3 and on

  5. He needs to earn that paycheck. For the amount of money he is making I expect him to be able to tackle someone and be able to handle the screens that teams started throwing his way late in the season.
    I’m hoping they go get Nnamdi and that’s the reason why they wanted that 4th from the Browns.
    I know this is reaching but has there been any talk of sending Vick, a 4th, and a 5th to Oakland for Nnamdi? (PLEASE LOOK INTO THIS PFT!)
    Or perhaps McNabb and a 4th/5th for Nnamdi and a 2nd?

  6. Samuel looks like the love child of Lil Jon and the Predator Monster…with a receding hairline….and I am pretty sure that Lil Jon is the better tackler.

  7. It wasnt so much that he was inconsistent as much as he took risks to make the big plays. Those risks often led to bigger plays…for the other team because he took them even without help over the top. He definitely cant hit and isnt particularly great in coverage man-to-man either. He was never a shutdown corner in NE. If he had been, they would have paid him.

  8. Gambles and makes some big plays, but also gives up plenty of them.
    That’s why Belichick let him walk.

  9. I think the Eagles would need to give a second or third with McNabb to get Nnamdi from the Raiders.

  10. you’re welcome gregg for helping you update this article! by the way this headdline is so misleading. Asante can hit if he feels like it but he can’t wrap up guys and isn’t strong enough.
    He stuck it to roddy white i think

  11. Samuel has obviously changed then – kid now runs away from tackles. He is making what Deoin used to call “a business decision”.
    Seriously, I did not see much of Asante with New England but he’s been a C- player since he got here. Big plays every now and then don’t make up for taking half the plays off. He’s like every other CB in the NFL, gets beat by good WR’s, handles bad ones. That is why you should never throw money at that position.
    He is Erik McMillian. Sorry, he’s cashed in the check and is now protecting himself.

  12. Couldn’t you say this about every player for the Eagles? Or any player on any team but the Saints for that matter? Unless you walk away with the trophy at the end of the season there is always room for improvement because you just weren’t good enough. This is a non-story.

  13. His problem isnt his ability to tackle someone. He has had some good hits while an Eagle. His problem is his willingness to make the hit. He’s gotta change his mentality towards hitting someone. He’s got to WANT to hit someone, hard.

  14. He better hit the weights. He should be living in the weight room. Now that we need another corner, Eagles should look to pick up Asomugha somehow. His contract is huge but so is his game. Asomugha and Samuel would make a dynamic duo.

  15. All PAt haters will always be grateful for the pass Samuel let slip thru his fingers on the Giants last drive in the ’08 SB.

  16. This is code for “he is probably the next to go” Still not sure what this team is doing.

  17. One play sums up Asante Samuel’s tackling ability.
    Eagles at Raiders — Oakland tight end Zach Miller’s 80 yard touchdown catch.
    Guess who whiffed on a tackle attempt and got called out for it by the announcing crew?
    Yep, Asante.

  18. He did wat most players do when they hit the bank…they dont care no more… but asante us one of the best when he wants to be…he just needs to care more…

  19. afogg0855, you should watch the 07 SB where he was anything but a shutdown corner. He was freelancing while his man to man assignment caught the famous catch.

  20. Great route jumper, has good anticipation. Will hit at times but doesn’t lock up enough. Ballhawk who at times will frustrate with his poor tackling mechanics. Overall his pics are worth it. It woulld be nice to have some saftey help once and awhile. Oh wait scratch that last part, they have M.Jackson and his 2 knee surgeries to convert saftey. What was I thinking.

  21. Asante’s an excellent corner, but the Eagles overpaid
    for him. As a Pats fan, we all wanted to keep him, but we knew the contract the Eagles gave him was silly…. Especially if they expected him to play man all the time. He’s better in zone coverage where he can bait quarterbacks into bad throws. His 10-pick year, I think over half of the picks were on throws intended for someone other than the guy Samuel was “covering”.

  22. He’s a good corner but he’s numbers are skewed because he gamebles on every play and jumps every route. That’s the only reason for his picks. I think Betty White is a better tackler.

  23. Samuel was not a player who liked to play run support when he was in NE. The Eagles knew that when they picked him up in free agency. He does have great anticipation as a DB; his number of big plays speak for themselves.

  24. Who cares. If they trade McNabb then the Eagles are done. Their management has blown it. Welcome to the bottom of the NFC East for years to come. They are as dumb as Lowell Rikert.

  25. “Perhaps Samuel will tackle someone next year.”
    LMAO. Boom. Thanks for coming, Asante! Rosenthal just OWNED you!

  26. I agree, he was never a shut down corner in N.E. He needed a lot of development to become decent, and if he was worth the money N.E. would have paid him. And as some have pointed out he let the biggest INT of his career slip through his fingers. I would have liked him to remain a Patriot, but not at that money. Paying inconsistant players huge money doesn’t get you a ring. Just ask Jerry Jones.

  27. HUMBOLT420, WOW, you think one missed tackle sums up Asante’s career???LOL. What about his 2 super bowl rings and an NFL record 7 INTS in the playoffs??!!

  28. Does anyone remember why the Eagles went out and got Asante? Because the defense couldn’t get a turnover to save their lives. Asante was brought in to make INTs and that is exactly what he’s done.
    The Eagles used to have players on defense who could tackle, so Samuel’s lack of tackling wasn’t a big deal. But now all of those other players have been let go and NOBODY on this defense can tackle worth a damn. But at least Samuel is still getting the INT’s.
    Expectations are a funny thing. You heavily criticize the best player on the defense and give all of the terribles a free pass.

  29. Yea he cant tackle, but thats not why the eagles got him. They got him to force turnovers. And hes doing that.

  30. I compare Asante Samual to a dude like Joey Porter. Porter could have a sack a game and finish the season with a pro bowl caliber 16 sacks but no one notices every other play he F’s up. Asante is not a shut down corner. He takes too many chances and gets beat too often. when you play a blitzing style D that the Birds do, you best have a secondary that is capable of handling man to man coverage.

  31. Like Prime Time and Champ Bailey in his peak years, Asante has that rare ability to transform the offensive plans of the opponent by removing one-quarter of the field. Of COURSE he’s an arrogant SOB– the non-arrogant DBs are playing in Arena2. I’m a Pats fan and see the decline in the Pats’ D with the departure of Samuel and other playmakers– never mind his whiff at the end of the SuperBowl. Miss him, Belichick for all his genius goofed here and now wishes that he had paid the man.

  32. CanadianVikingFan says:
    April 3, 2010 10:12 PM
    He should learn how to tackle from the best tackling corner.. Antoine Winfield.
    “Well I hope he can tackle, cuz he obviously cant cover.”
    Devin Aromashodu

  33. @Eagles4life:
    you’re retarded. you expect the Raiders to give away THE best cover corner in the league for a QB with 2 years, maybe 3 left and a 4th and 5th? Try McNabb + a Asante + a 3rd rounder. Nnamdi IS left on an island on every single play. He’s the new Champ Bailey. Even Revis, who everyone says is the best corner in the NFL BECAUSE he’s a good corner in NY, doesn’t get as much 1-on-1 as Nnamdi does.

  34. I thought Brown has been more consistent, a harder hitter, and a better tackler, which is why I’m a little annoyed that he was traded.

  35. afogg0855 says:
    April 3, 2010 10:13 PM
    Samuel is the man… period. He was anything but inconsistent in NE, lockdown corner from year 3 and on
    There’s generally a reason that the Pats let a player in his prime go. If he was THAT good NE would still have him.

  36. What is more pathetic is Eagles management. They are as dumb as my friend Lowell Rikert.

  37. Asante is not a shutdown corner. He is undersized and over aggressive. He is a ball hogging corner. Sometimes he gets in trouble and other times he makes a great play. I don’t think he is worth what he is getting but thats just the way it is. He should be in the weight room daily and working on his tackling abilities as well. I think the Eagles will be trading him either this offseason or next. Joe “PennyPincher” Banner will not pay someone 10 million a season who misses a tackle.

  38. @Humbolt
    I was looking at the emergency spinal surgery that was taking place on the Eagles sideline with Trotter.
    His vertebrae were shattered from twisting his neck so hard as Miller blew right past him after his “Cottonelle” technique of pass coverage.
    A 250 lb TE with a head of steam taking on a 190lb CB?
    Who do you THINK is going to win that matchup?
    Get a clue.

  39. Asante is that type of corner he will get alot of INT”s but he will get burned once in awhile because he takes chances. Thats his game play and it’s not going to change. take it or leave it..

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