PFT Daily: Eagles take huge risk with McNabb deal

Much has been said, right here, regarding the trade of Donovan McNabb from the Eagles to the Redskins.  Much more could be said, right here, regarding the trade — and likely will be said.  Right here.

But while we can go on and on (and on) when it comes to written word, we need to confine our video remarks to two or three minutes.

So here’s a PFT Daily segment that focuses on what we believe to be the most important aspect of the trade — the ridiculously huge risk the Eagles are taking by trading McNabb to a division rival.


43 responses to “PFT Daily: Eagles take huge risk with McNabb deal

  1. OK, if AR and the FO realy thought that DMac had enough gas in the tank dont you think they would have held on to him? Obviously they dont, that is why they are turning the reigns over to the young gun slinger. At this point in their careers the Eagles believe Kolb has more to offer. They should know this they watch them compete every day in practice. Additionaly Im sure they are well are of the fact that they traded him to a division rival and the possible reprocussions. 5 we will miss you, you were a great Eagle, good luck. Let the Kolb era begin, we are the youth!

  2. Aaron Rodgers played at a Pro-Bowl level and Favre has one of the best supporting casts in Minnesota.
    With the Vikings going to the Championship game and beating the Packers twice it had to make a lot of people sick to their stomachs.
    Bears fan and it was just odd to watch.
    Favre version 2.o should be just as interesting.

  3. I’m pretty sure there’s a lot more to this trade than being a really, really, ridiculously huge risk. And I plan on finding out what that is. — Derek Zoolander

  4. If the eagles learned one thing from the last 2 Dallas games we were not going to win with Donovan. We know what his weaknesses are. He is to old to change. I think its an advantage for the Eagles.

  5. PFT Archives: Patriots take huge risk with Bledsoe deal
    How’d that one work out? And the Bills had 2 good recievers in Eric Moulds and Lee Evans for him to work with, the Redskins have garbage.

  6. I know you have heard this a lot last year but are you going to pick the Skins for the Superbowl this year again?

  7. This comes down to money…….plain and simple.
    The Eagles and Patriots have proven to be excellent in the draft and ruthless letting go of former players.
    The Eagles did not want to pay a 34 year QB another franchise QB type deal which is what Peyton and Tom are about to receive, another franchise type deal. They weren’t willing to pay that type of money for somone for whatever reason falls short so many times, in the biggest game the Eagles play each postseason.

  8. I can wait for the Eagles, their front-running fans and their dumb management to finish in last place. Bunch of Lowell Rikerts!

  9. This is just a product of philadelphia crying for him to be gone. They will soon cry for Vick to take the field as Kolb turns into a diaster.
    Let’s see. McNabb had 8 trips to the playoffs, 5 Divison Titles, a couple conference titles, and 1 super bowl apperance yet he sucks?
    Oh wait take for example he didn’t have any good WRs till just last year, he didn’t have a decent RB last year (McCoy was still too green), and the defense wasn’t as good as it normally has been.
    Maybe if Reid would actually get a RB that could get a 3rd and 1 instead of throwing it on that down they might’ve beaten the cowboys. Till then they will be stuck in limbo.

  10. This should be good. This may end up being the thing that finally gets AR fired. I wonder what Joe Banner will say when this team implodes and still has no running game. There won’t be the highly mobile qb to extend plays and make miserable playcalling and clock management look almost sensible.
    “The word ‘rebuilding’ will never enter our vocabulary.” – Eagles GM Howie Roseman
    Neither will ‘Superbowl’. Way to disrespect the greatest qb your franchise has had by a country mile by sending him to a division rival. What a wannabe franchise.

  11. McFail. He was a great Eagle but for the past few years.. it was heartbreaking watching the way the seasons ended. It’s time for Kolb to step up.

  12. This is good for Donovan, Finally he can Embarrass the City and those worthless indivduals that call themselves fans in Philly that couldnt stand him since day 1. If the Eagles think Kolb is going to lead the Eagles to greatness they are completely wrong. Cant wait to see the Eagles , Skins.

  13. I think, for once, I agree with Florio . This is a gutsy move by the Eagles and a good one for the Skins if they get McNabb to sign a contract extension. The Skins can still get a young QB in the draft and develop him under the tutelage of McNabb.

  14. you guys need to find something else to talk about… or start a new site for people that care.

  15. No one said McNabb is done. He has gas left in the tank. The problem is its only 2-3 years worth. Kolb has 10-12 years worth. If they REALLY think he’s good enough, then by all means, get rid of McNabb. Rodgers stepped in and didn’t miss a beat. Steve Young stepped in and became a hall of famer. Tom Brady did it too. Its not like its unprecedented for 1 great QB to be replaced by another.

  16. The Iggles needed to dump salary at QB anyway.
    ‘Skins to the supa bowl? This clearly tied to Florio’s longshot prediction last year. Still pimpin’ the Skins? Oline & WR needing a dustup…..this still may be an 8-8 or 7-9 team.
    Sadly, I thought the NFC East would have a bit of a down year, but this move makes the division much more interesting.
    Now the east-coast media can continue to wank each other. Great.

  17. mandracchia says:
    If the eagles learned one thing from the last 2 Dallas games we were not going to win with Donovan.

    but they would have with kolb? get real!

  18. “Huge risk”? I heard a while back that McNabb is overrated. Anyone else here that or just me?

  19. Maybe the Eagles recognized if they waited till next year they were headed to Farvepalooza and figured dump him while we can get something for him, rather than eat it later. Main difference is Donny was not that popular with the fans.
    With a new labor agreemant in the offing it might have been time to cut bait when a deal could be done with no cap in place to worry about. And worry about competition later. Washington still has no O line, so maybe worth the risk. Personally, I think the Eagles figure, same as the Packers did, that the old goat will just keep coming up short, just like Shanny figures to conjure the ghost of Old No.7. With the uncapped year, everyone is more inclined to roll the dice, ‘cuz no matter what else happens, there won’t be dead money on the books.

  20. Its funny to me because I’d be willing to bet that most of the people on here that are saying the Eagles will fail without McNabb are the same people that said that McNabb sucks, so why is this such a bad move for the Eagles organization if you guys think McNabb sucked??Thats kinda contradicting, dont you think? I think its just another reason for you guys to HATE. Lets let the season pan out before you guys run your mouths. I still see 11-12 wins for my birds.

  21. The Eagles just caused a lot of fans who coul;d care less about the Redskins to jump on the McNabb bandwagon. If McNabb had gone to Oakland, it would have stirred little interest. By sending him to the Redskins, the Eagles are implying that McNabb is washed up and they can beat him twice in 2010. That makes him and the Skins the underdog, and we all love the underdog. This also highens the interest in all the NFC East games involving the Redskins. Especially withthe Cowboys after last seaons failures for McNabb. Thanks Eagles for making the NFL interesting in the East.

  22. “If the Redskins win a Superbowl with McNabb…”
    ..are you f’ing serious??!?
    You call yourself a NFL journalist?? Have you even watched the Redskins or looked at the teams lineup? That is the dumbest thing since saying Terry Bradshaw died.. I hope when you do your reports on the Rams and Lions you also mention the same “What if they win the superbowl” stuff you just pulled out in this LAME story, because the Skins have NO SHOT of winning the Superbowl in the next year which is as long as McNabb is part of that team for now..

  23. sounds like the Eagles are flushing out the old to ring in the new….won’t be competitive in that division for several years…every team goes through this…the Eagles had a nice run at it but just couldn’t close it out…time to rebuild.
    I’m sure the Eagle fans will be considerate of these changes and give the team time to re-load. After all, Eagle fans are the smartest fans in the world. They understand football better than any other fan base.

  24. The Eagles do not think so and that tells me a whole bunch. They know McNabb inside out and the actions they took show they think he is over the hill and cannot hurt them. Lets face it he has not been able to get through a season in years.
    He has had way to many chances to step up in big games and never has. After 8 or 9 tries folding the way he always does, being called soft and a quiter by Ownens McNabb has showed his stripes.
    And the Eagles, Vikings, AZ, Niners and many others actions or non actions speak a bunch to this cat. He is now on a team that is picking in the top 3 or 4 of the draft, good luck.

  25. Total gamble.
    Keep McNabb and win 8-9 games, average margin of loss 6 pts.
    Go with Kolb and go 7-8, games, average margin of loss 8.5 pts.
    Yeah, that was such a tough decision when you consider we got extra picks out of it.
    This is good.

  26. Risk?…..What risk?…Let’s recap McNabb’s resume…
    1 Super Bowl loss
    4 NFC championship losses
    2 Divisonal playoff round losses
    The Eagles were dominant in the NFC east during those years,partly because of a great defense, and the rest of the NFC east teams were down…The Skins,Giants and Cowboys are all multiple Super Bowl winners, and the eagles HAD a chance to win one or more,the window of opportunity has passed, and I blame Reid as much as McNabb.They were favorites in 4 of those NFC championship games. They both choked. But i don’t see any risk involved when he has proven for over a decade he simply cannot get the job done, and no, I’m not sold on Kolb either, but I’d rather try and change the end result then have the same damn thing happen over and over again…No risk,no reward…

  27. There is one thing that everyone seems to be forgetting. McNabb has never been the reason for the Eagles success. When he was out, the Eagles did just as good if not better. Look it up. They won with Feeley, Garcia and also with Kolb. There will be no drop off without him. The front office was smart to get the most that they could for him now rather than letting him walk next year. They have a ton of ammunition for the draft, so all of you sour grapes Cowboys fans can sit on your sofas and watch the Eagles get a bunch of good players this year. The Eagles will be right there this year and in the future.

  28. Do you really think the Eagles would have let him go if they thought McNabb would lead them to a Superbowl? This is a lot like the GB/Rodgers/Favre scenario. Except that GB didn’t want to face Favre in their division, but the Eagles are obviously not afraid of McNabb.
    They took the best definite offer on the table and got something for McNabb this year vs. nothing next year. It was time for this team to move on without McNabb – that’s ultimately what it comes down to.

  29. Whoa. I thought the fan base traded him…
    What’s all this talk about the organization having a hand in it?

  30. I wonder if McNabb will pack his bags for Arizona if Leinart busts or Minnesota if Farve’s done, or if he will stay in Washington to get revenge on the Eagles.

  31. It was time to move on from McNabb and get the most value they could for him….
    It sucks he is now a Redskin, but im looking forward to the dogs on defense licking their chops at finally being allowed to hit McNabb.
    Blindside corner/safety blitz-Mikell breaks McNabbs ribs…
    Go EAgles and all hail King Kolb

  32. The Eagles front office is arrogant, self- congratulatory and all about the money, but stupid, they are not. They’ve had 11 years to evaluate McNabb’ s skills. If they thought that there was any chance that all of a sudden he become better in the coming years they would certainly have kept him. McNabb’s skills are deteriorating, he is injury- prone, inaccurate, and indecisive. It would take a complete personality and skills upgrade for McNabb to win the SB or even a division with the Redskins. The Eagles know when a guy is on the downside of his career and when its time to part ways. Kolb has shown in spurts, that he is a better WC QB than McNabb, where accuracy, poise, and decision-making really count. McNabb has won a lot of games, but the question is, when is winning 10 games a year and failing in the playoffs good enough? If you reach a level of competency in sales, for example, does the boss want you to keep repeating that same performance year after year or does he want you to take it to the next level?

  33. Of course Florio is talking about his team going to the Super Bowl with McNabb.
    One thing, if they do go and win it all, it will validate my previous posts that Reid is the one who should have been let go.
    He has a good offense but his D could never win a title and you already know the saying about who sells the tix and who wins the championships!

  34. themage78 says:
    “Let’s see. McNabb had 8 trips to the playoffs, 5 Divison Titles, a couple conference titles, and 1 super bowl apperance yet he sucks?”
    He has a couple of conference titles yet only one superbowl appearance? Can you please explain that math?

  35. Yes, a very big risk. McNabb will probably have great games against Philadelphia. Two potential losses for the Eagles. If Kolb struggles, the Eagles insurance policy is named Micheal Vick.

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