Bradford still visiting Redskins

Two days after trading for quarterback Donovan McNabb, the Washington Redskins will host quarterback Sam Bradford for a pre-draft visit today.

The visit was arranged before the trade, and the acquisition of McNabb has led some league observers to say that there’s really no point in the Redskins having Bradford for a visit at all. Charles Davis of NFL Network joked that the only reason to go through with the visit is that they had already bought a non-refundable ticket.

However, it’s still not totally out of the question that the Redskins could be genuinely interested in drafting Bradford. Chris Russell of 106.7 The Fan reported that the Redskins would consider it a very tough decision if Bradford is still on the board for the fourth overall pick, and if Mike Shanahan is as enamored with Bradford as everyone seems to think, he’d have to be tempted to draft him if he gets the chance.

There’s also the little matter of McNabb’s contract. Although McNabb’s agent, Fletcher Smith, said he’s “optimistic,” he also said he doesn’t know if a long-term deal with the Redskins will get done. So the Redskins don’t know for sure that McNabb will be their quarterback for years to come.

It’s all probably a moot point because the Rams are probably going to take Bradford first overall. But it’s worth noting that on McNabb’s first day working out with the Redskins, Shanahan is still taking the time to visit with Bradford.

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  1. They could also wait until the 4th pick and how it had played out to that point THEN possibly trade the pick?

  2. Be careful Redskins…D-Mac’s feelings are easily hurt. Financial apologies are well received when it comes time to kiss and make up, though.

  3. “the acquisition of McNabb has led some league observers to say that there’s really no point in the Redskins having Bradford for a visit at all.”
    Yeah, except that McNabb still sucks and the team will still suck so why not go ahead and grab that young franchise QB if he falls to you and cut that flab and that perennial loser from your team.

  4. PLEASE Shanny get Bradford somehow and get rid of McNabb………………We Redskins diehards wanted a franchise QB, and still don’t have one………………….

  5. Here is another possibility: Shanahan, like many smart and successful coaches, sees these pre-draft interviews as more than just a way to help decid positions on a draft board. Knowing as much about potential opposing players as possible is an important part of game planning. By getting the personal workout and interview, a coach gets importamt information about players he may be coaching, but also about players he may be game planning against. It makes perfect sense to take the time with a potential franchise QB for another franchise, as there is no more important player to game plan against. Besides, it helps to keep a smoke screen around his own draft board…

  6. @Black QB White RB
    That would be pretty shitty of the Skins to let all their fans pre-order McNabb jerseys off their website just to trade him off 2-3 weeks later.
    STL is getting Bradford and doesn’t want Campbell. I’m 97% sure of the first part of that sentence. I’m hoping the second part is true.

  7. With these guys,David Copperfield should be the GM if they were looking to create illusions. We just sign Donovan and to make him feel at home we now are going to bring Bradford in for a look around. Sign DMAC to an extention and get this over with. How in the hell did this guy make all that money and he doesn’t have a clue about how to own a football team. The thought for the day is LEFT TACKLE.

  8. This better be fluff – like our chances better w/ McNabb surviving behind that line than I do Bradford. Let the Rams have him.
    Have to be cautious – can still smell the stench of Cerrato.

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