Handicapping the field for Marc Bulger

They didn’t hold a press conference for Marc Bulger.

In eight years with the Rams, the two-time Pro Bowler started 95 games and finished in the top ten in yards-per-attempt four consecutive years. That streak ended in 2006, the last time he was truly effective.

The prolonged struggles won’t prevent him from getting a job. But the timing of his release limits his options.  Here’s our amateur shot at handicapping teams that could be interested.

Chicago: The Mike Martz connection is obvious, but Brad Biggs of the Chicago
was among the folks
Bulger didn’t want to be a clear backup there.  We’re not
sure he’ll have much choice in the matter and Lovie Smith wants
a veteran quarterback

Buffalo and Oakland: They reportedly have showed interest in Jason Campbell. 
Bulger could be a consolation prize and he won’t cost a draft pick.

Carolina: The high restricted free agent tender for Matt Moore is nice, but this team begs for quarterback depth.  They were linked to Jason Campbell Monday.

Arizona: Both Adam Schefter of ESPN and Sean Jensen of the Chicago Sun-Times wrote that the Cardinals make sense as suitors.

The option may look attractive to Bulger, but the Cardinals signed Derek Anderson last month.  The Rams did a great job preventing Bulger from possibly landing in Arizona.  Brian St. Pierre is expected to sign as Arizona’s third quarterback next week.

Pittsburgh: Another team mentioned by Schefter and Jensen.  Even if Bulger would like to play near home, it’s debatable whether the Steelers have a quarterback need.

No matter what we hear from Milledgeville authorities.

The Jets: They were interested when Bulger was at risk of getting cut last year, but that was Pre-Sanchez.  They don’t want him as a backup, according to the New York Daily News.

Jacksonville: Unlikely, but perhaps we can get Jack Del Rio to deny his interest.

Place your bets below.

25 responses to “Handicapping the field for Marc Bulger

  1. “…it’s debatable whether the Steelers have a quarterback need.”
    That’s pretty funny.

  2. buffalo and oakland are the best spots. Open competitions for starting job, ineffective QB’s and no real veteran leadership on either squad…his best chance to compete for a job.

  3. Carolina makes the most sense.
    Oakland and Buffalo run neck and neck for the next landing spot.

  4. in 2005 he was a pro-bowler along with Jake Delhomme…
    crazy how things change in a few short years

  5. Jets don’t want him as a backup….they shouldn’t
    They should want him as a starter.
    Bulger performed better than Dirty Sanchez last year with an inferrior O-Line, and absolutely nothing at the skill positions outside of Steven Jackson.

  6. Hoping for Chicago. Bulger knows Martz’s playbook and can hopefully help Cuntler develop into the stud we thought the Bears were getting. O-line problems not withstanding..

  7. Since when does Jason Campbell count as “quarterback depth”? I guess if a warm body counts, they’re all set.

  8. Oh Oh i want to play this game, lets pick a random team out of the sky and say hes going there…
    my pick is…


  9. I would take campbell over bulger, but I say the more the merrier to see if there is anyway to light up J-russ, and create some healthy competition in camp.

  10. Seattle. They have nobody behind Hasselback, a QB that gives Bulger a legitimate chance to start a good chunk of the season…plus it’s in the division. That should add some motivation.
    But I’d be very surprised if he doesn’t end up in Chicago.

  11. He’s an ex-Ram, he’d better end up in what I call the Neo-Rams. Because every-single Ram is extremely talented to Lovie and Co.
    This team is a disgrace and I am eager to see Lovie and his cronies go.

  12. Miami…
    Whichever one doesn’t get hurt (Pennington or Bulger) in training camp will get to stay. “Battle” for starter (although its Henne’s to lose) and be content at backup. Wait for 5-6 weeks of Henne’s struggling, become starter and try to win enough for an extension.

  13. Depending Favres return, I see Carolina and Minnesota as the best destinations for Bulger. He’s a veteran quarterback that can still win games. Not even Peyton could have done much with that dismal situation he had in St. Louis, and it wasn’t that long ago before Bulger was a top 5 qb. Carolina and most definitely Minny are two teams with the tools to make a push for the playoffs, rather then Buffalo and Oakland who r both rebuilding. Adding a vet like Bulger would be a good move; he would probably start for either of those 2 teams, especially if Farve doesnt come back, and maybe help them do some damage in the season.

  14. Although I do mostly think the Raiders are the laughing stock of the league, I think Bulger could return to being a 2nd tier QB in OAK. Decent OL, young receivers with tremendous potential, and two talented RBs with a lot to prove. The Ja-lardass experiment should be terminated immediately. I’m not saying playoff team, but I’d say Bulger makes OAK an 8-8 team which at least gives them hope in the AFC West.
    Another no brainer to me is CAR. Matt Moore looked good ending the season but this is another spot I could see Bulger excelling in. Great OL, great RBs, and a stud WR in Steve Smith. The Panthers could definitely become a playoff team again with Bulger.
    I promise you, put Bulger on a team whose OL can protect him with a receiver that belongs in the NFL, and he’ll be a top 12 QB again. You could see it on his face in STL. He was always on his back and Sjax was his only weapon. That would ruin anyone’s confidence.

  15. It seems to me oakland has a knack for picking up theese old veteran qbs “ie gannon” and he wouldnt cost a draft pick. Can we all just forget about russel playing football because he obviosly has no interst in playing himself can you say ryan leaf

  16. Ironic, that Kurt Warner retires after a playoff run at the same time that Bulger is benched and probably released.
    Nothing against Marc, but was he really the “future” of the Rams? Couldn’t they have kept Kurt all this time, seeing as how their careers lasted equally as long/short? I mean Steve Young played for years after Joe retired, Aaron Rodgers will play long after Brett retires (actually I wouldn’t guarantee that one), but Kolb will probably play after McNabb.

  17. Dear Al Davis,
    Here is your next “Rich Gannon, Kenny Stabler, Jim Plunkett, etc”. Make it happen.
    Raider Fan

  18. Oakland would not be looking for a QB…why would they carry 4 qb’s? they already signed GRADS and JRUSS is owed 4 million. Also fry signed his tender…..

  19. ArtModellsPimp says: April 6, 2010 10:53 AM
    “…it’s debatable whether the Steelers have a quarterback need.”
    “That’s pretty funny.”
    You would laugh at tree bark.

  20. He’s a perfect Raider project………but he has to come cheap. That’s just Al’s way.

  21. Seattle. They have nobody behind Hasselback, a QB that gives Bulger a legitimate chance to start a good chunk of the season…plus it’s in the division. That should add some motivation.
    But I’d be very surprised if he doesn’t end up in Chicago.
    Ummm.. they just traded a third for Charlie Whitehurst

  22. I don’t want this guy in Carolina, we need someone to push Matt Moore. Which is why I think we should make a move for Jason Campbell or draft Colt McCoy if he’s there in the 3rd round.

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