McNabb makes his official arrival in D.C.

Earlier today, Rosenthal posted the live stream of Donovan McNabb’s remarks at his “Welcome to Washington” press conference. 

It was a great way to see the whole event, especially since a certain unnamed channel broke away before the press conference was finished.  Why?  So that they could talk about what already had been said.

So here’s a package of clips that our friends at NBC Sports have put together, for those of you who missed the live event.


21 responses to “McNabb makes his official arrival in D.C.

  1. I am beginning to wish that Santonio Holmes would send one of his infamous deadly Twitters to McNabb, so that maybe all this breathless Donovan news can stop.
    Or maybe he could just Twitter Florio. But then I would miss all the Tebow updates.
    Maybe Santonio could send an “I hope you break all but 1 of your typing fingers” Twit to Florio? Along with a deadly Twit to McNabb?

  2. Welcome to where we follow every single *bleeping* thing that is McNabb. To the point that you want to fall through your own a**hole and hang yourself.

  3. I love all the McNabb posts. It’s not like they’re keeping other things off the site. Plus it is very interesting in me.
    You would think the biggest off season trade that only happened 2 days ago would still be big news to these guys, but what do I know?

  4. Listened to it on the radio, and I would like to know who was doing the applauding? Hope it wasn’t from the media. And his little dig of ‘different change of what I’m used to’. Why because no one gave him a standing O at an Eagles’ press conference?

  5. EXCLUSIVE Scoop on McNabb’s 1st game in Philly…It will NOT be on Monday Night football on Dec 20th.
    Washington at Philadelphia, December 19, 2010 (Week 16 FOX). Still it does have a chance to be FLEXED.
    Will continue to leave breaking information via @DrMcTrouble on your twitter acccount.
    Once again, when the schedule comes out you can verify this information.

  6. Welcome to PFT. Now you know how us Steeler fans feel.
    Eff off, take it like a man like we did.

  7. wow only 7 respones…i guess when you dont have any articles that include the Raiders then responses and viewing are limited..

  8. i don’t care what anyone says, McNabb has always been a good QB throughout his 11 years in the league and i’d be damn glad to have him as my QB

  9. Da iggles are so dumb to trade McNabb to a rival team. They skins have a great defense and now they have a great QB. Can’t put all ur eggs in Kolbs basket. Kolb sucks, I don’t get why people are comparing him to Aaron Rodgers, not even close.
    Now, the Eagles will lose 2 times to Washingon and 2 times to Dallas and 2 times to da Giants.
    Maybe after this season, we’ll be talking about how Kolb was traded to Dallas for a bag of Doritos..lmaooo

  10. Eagles will make me a lot of money this season. I will have them on fade alert all year long. I will be surprised if they do better than 8-8. I see the Skins actually winning more than 10 games. A lot of the games they lost last season came from the poor play of Jason “Chicken Soup” Campbell.
    Now with McNabb behind center, they’ll be able to actually make plays down field.

  11. Great Odin’s Raven!! Do the Redskins have enough sponsors??? Enough logos??? Enough video screens at a simple press conference??? This guy Snyder is the epitome of Penny Wise and Dollar Foolish….at least with his NFL franchise.

  12. How is this the biggest trade in a long long time. Aging quarterback’s get moved all the time, this isn’t that different than Drew Brees or Drew Bledsoe.
    The really unprecedented thing is the Jay Cutler trade. You hardly ever see young QB’s who have been drafted high and had some success moved when they are young.

  13. Mr. DinkandDunk? Downfield?
    If the Skins trade for Desean Jackson, yes. If not, expect a lot of 4 yard passes to Cooley and their slop RB’s.
    Downfield. Ah, that was funny.

  14. HaHa B.Balldinger (Who has bashed the Eagles in the past and who watches as much tape as anyone) just said on 97.5 the fanatic that McNabb is one of the most overrated QBs to ever play the game. That being said I think he is capable of winning in a balanced attack offense. Mix in the run and take pressure off DMAC and the ForeSkins should be way better this season. The Foreskins have a solid defense, now if Okung falls to them there O-line will be that much better. If I was detroit I would take Okung, but Suh would be tuff to pass on. If the Lions take Okung then my guess is B.Bulaga or T.Williams or Suh or McCoy. One of those 5 will be there when they pick. If your moving Haynsworth then McCoy or Suh make as much sense as anyone if there available. This trade along with the Sims trade to Detroit have thrown mock drafts all over the place. I think J.Backus would be a good RT, and I would take LT if I was Detroit to protect my young QB. Think about it, If Backus goes to RT, Sims to LG and they draft Okung thats now a strength. I don’t know I can’t wait for the draft.

  15. HaHa B.Balldinger (Who has bashed the Eagles in the past and who watches as much tape as anyone) just said on 97.5 the fanatic that McNabb is one of the most overrated QBs to ever play the game.
    I think if I saw this stat line without a name attached to it, I’d take the player.
    83-45-1, 216 TD, 100 INT
    Second Best TD-INT ration of all time
    3rd Best Win-Loss ration among active QBS.

  16. McNabb will come back to haunt the front running eagles fan, like lowell rikert, and their stupid management. Welcome to last place Philly.

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