Jason Taylor not expected to sign Wednesday

Jason Taylor’s visit to the Jets has turned into quite the little soap opera. 

There have been numerous conflicting reports whether he would sign by the end of the day or not.  Taylor prefers to play in Miami, so we’ve doubted the Jets could close the deal so quickly. His agent said as much this morning to the Miami Herald

Rich Cimini of the New York Daily News added a late afternoon update that a deal is unlikely to be reached tonight.

Fireman Ed was luckily available for comment to represent Jets fans: “[Taylor is] such a meathead,” he said.  Dolfans aren’t amused by the thought of Taylor leaving either.

Ed may not be on the welcome wagon yet, but the Jets are pulling out all the stops.  The team planned to show Taylor highlights of his career on the team’s new stadium scoreboard.

Why does this feel like the Jets are just trying to add another character for Hard Knocks?

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  1. Doesn’t he already know what his own highlights are? I’m sure he’s seen a big screen somewhere before also. This is all the Jets have to offer?

  2. what is playing his highlights on the stadium scoreboard suppose to achieve?
    is it going to make him blush, fall in love and wet his pants?

  3. Although it had been widely expected that Jason Taylor would sign this week, the signing of McNabb by the Redskins has significantly affected the timing of all NFL Teams, not to mention the start of the Baseball season, and which teams are likely to make the NHL playoffs.
    In fact, most payroll cycles have now also been affected by the McNabb trade.

  4. Do not worry Jets or Dolphin fans….it is all smoke and mirrors by his agent. Ever Jet or Dolphin fan knows he WILL NEVER, EVERY PLAY for the Jets or Patriots period. The agent is using this trip as leverage, that is all it is.

  5. Maybe they should play “Jay-Z ft. Alicia Key’s-Empire State of Mind” while the highlights are playing.. After that I’m sure he’d be ready to play in “New YOOOORRRRK”

  6. Why does this feel like the Jets are just trying to add another character for Hard Knocks?
    Because its hard for you to visualize him not sacking Brady, 2 or 3 times, a game.
    Rex says JT could have 15 sacks in his defense. Pace led them last year with 8.
    The Jets would need to sign JT for about 1.5 million, which maybe all he’s worth right now.
    Also JT would probably be closer to a SB playing for the Jets than the Phins.
    But being an NFL columnist, you probably knew most of that, and just decided not to share it….

  7. he will be watching game highlight next season, when he plays for miami vs the New jersey Jests and mash potatoes Mark Sanchez

  8. If he pimps himself out for something as ephemeral as the Jets new found “success” (a couple playoff wins after actually crapping the bed when it was time to punch their OWN ticket) and the Hard Knocks show, he deserves what he gets. He should have been in New England last year. He was ineffective the last 2+ seasons anyway. I question this guys desire to actually play football. He really just wants to dance.

  9. look the jets just want to get him for the show just to cut him and make a joke out of that dolphin loser

  10. Jets need some more Passrush so I don’t see them bringing in Taylor for Hard Knocks,Because that would take away from Rex’s camera time and we all know how much he loves that…the fat arse is such a tool.

  11. I wonder if the highlight real includes glimpses of him crying his eyes out like a F-ing bitch after the Monday Night Miracle?

  12. It wouldn’t be for hard knocks because he actually would address a need. That being said, I can safely speak for all Jets fans when I say I don’t want that smug prick anywhere near my team. He could get a game winning strip sack in the SB and I’d still hate him for all the shit he’s talked about the Jets and their fans over the years.

  13. Jests get beat twice by Miami last year and make it deep into the playoffs..No Superbowl rings and a late first pick. What does this mean? We beat ur ass twice when it mattered and get to pick 12th..Suck on that Firechief “Special” Ed.

  14. Taylors such a friggin loser I can’t belive they brought him in. Jets fans would Boo him outta the city.

  15. Jason Taylor is the definition of the word: DOUSCHE. What a punk. Hate this guy. Plays for the chicks. BALD PUNK. Veins and all…Hate this guy.

  16. JT will sign with the JETS. They’re the most exciting team in the NFL.
    Pats are on the decline.
    Fins are shit and their ownership is a joke.
    The most logical choice is the Jets. They have the best mind in defensive football and an Owner and GM who are willing to make things happen.
    But as a Jet fan…I cant forget this tool crying on MNF. Id rather shoot for the stars in the draft or give Ghoston another shot to compete with Pace.

  17. ok well I don’t like him but if rex says he can get sacks like that in his defense, as a Jets fan I say lets get him for a season and see what he’s got. he’s gotta sign for 1.5 mill cause thats all they can offer, but if he does thats 100 grand for each sack he’d get by rex’s approximation. what a bargain that’d be

  18. also, I don’t see why defensive guys wouldn’t want to play for rex ryan. the man is apparently one of the top defensive minds in the game right now. if you think you’re one of the best defensive weapons go get yourself on a team with a guy who can use you properly

  19. @leafsfins
    Why? Because I speak the truth? Don’t hate, gravitate. Taylor is non small cell carcinoma.

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