Alex Brown gives Saints some StarCaps protection

The easy explanation for the Saints’ interest in free-agent defensive end Alex Brown is that they released Charles Grant earlier this year.  But Brown also provides the Saints with a valuable insurance policy, in the event that Will Smith isn’t available for the first four games of the 2010 season.

If the lawsuit filed by Vikings defensive tackles Pat and Kevin Williams eventually fails (a decision is expected by the middle of May), the NFL most likely will impose a four-game suspension on the Williamses and on Smith.  Last season, the league secured a legal green light to suspend Smith and Grant after testing positive in 2008 for Bumetanide, a prescription diuretic that secretly had been added to the over-the-counter weight-loss supplement known as StarCaps.

The NFL opted not to suspend Smith and Grant, given that the league had been prevented from suspending Pat and Kevin Williams for the same violation.  And so for the same reason that the folks at 280 Park Avenue opted not to suspend Smith and Grant at a time when the Williamses were legally protected, the league is highly unlikely to suspend the Williamses without also suspending Smith and Grant, who remains a free agent.

Bottom line?  Three key players could be absent if the Vikings and the Saints get together on the evening of September 9 to launch the 2010 season.  Alex Brown, however, will be available.

18 responses to “Alex Brown gives Saints some StarCaps protection

  1. your headline should have been:
    Brown gives Saints some Starcaps RELIEF!
    get it, diuretic.. relief…. haha

  2. So do the Saints look at DE still in rounds 1 through 3 since Smith might be out week 1 to 4?

  3. I hope the do start the season so we can woop up on them ala Chris Brown on Rhianna. The vikings are fake.

  4. It will interesting if the three players are suspended for the projected season opener between Minny and NO. I wonder if the NFL is reluctant to make this the first game due to this reason.

  5. Alex Brown is all of a sudden the most popular player in the PFT universe. Is anyone else doing anything else in the NFL these days???

  6. That’s why the game should be played later in the season. No Williams wall and Brent with only 2 weeks of practice means more crying and excuse making from the Vikings when we beat them again.

  7. Saints,SB 44 Champs in case you missed it? ,by the way,Who cares about star caps anyway?shouldn’t we be talking about “will Brett come back”Again

  8. “So do the Saints look at DE still in rounds 1 through 3 since Smith might be out week 1 to 4?”
    they probably will look at a DE regardless of the outcome of the Starcaps case. however, Bobby McCray is more suited to playing on Will Smith’s side and will do a more than adequate job of sitting in for him for four weeks. McCray and Brown played on opposite sides back when they were at Florida, right?

  9. No suspension coming…OUR Judge laid the groundwork for this to all go away.
    Vikes win the division in a walk…..Packers make the PO’s and lose in the first round…..
    #4 wins it all and walks away…….
    Monkey off our back….then we can ride T-Junk for a season or two while grooming a franchise QB.
    Then a new Era begins Vikes fans….but now the trophy case is no longer empty.
    All is right with the world.

  10. Perhaps when the league suspends Charles Grant, he could take that 4 weeks to reflect on his blown NFL career. Played well early, was shown the money and shut it down.
    He was the epitomy of an overpaid underachiever in New Orleans.

  11. Starcaps will most likely cause the 4 game suspension between all players involved. The Vikings will be hurt more than the Saints by these suspensions. I would like to see the saints play the vikes later in the year so we don’t have to hear any complaining from minny fans when they lose again.

  12. Hey internettoughguy – you didn’t finish your post.
    ….All is right with the world
    internettoughguy wakes up
    cleans the wad out of his shorts
    Whinekings just miss the playoffs this time after getting beat by the already eliminated Bears (Hey – I’m a realist).
    internettoughguy claims the refs screwed his team instead of accepting that they suck.

  13. Williams Wall or no Williams Wall, the Saints will stomp the Vikings in their home opener. You will see new plays coming from the mind of Sean Payton.

  14. If the NFL aspires to enforce its drug policy, it needs all 32 teams abiding by the same set of rules, not 31 teams and the morally bankrupt Vikings.
    The irony is that the William sisters have delayed justice because they were in the thick of a playoff hunt at the time, now with the suspensions set to hit at the beginning of the 2010 season, the timing couldn’t be worse.
    No matter, its not like the Vikings wouldn’t find a way to choke whether its in the first 4 games of the season or wait till the playoffs. Like the sun setting in the West, they are consistent in that regard.

  15. I’ve never claimed the refs cost us that game. The PI call was bogus imo but when you screw it up in so many other ways the other team better take advantage of it.
    Saints won (scorebaord all that matters), but I’m confident that with Favre back we win the division, as the Packers are the only team that poses any kind of challenge and I anticipate at worse a split there.
    After that, we take care of business in the PO’s and roll baby roll!
    Great QB, solid WR’s, awesome running game, great run D and address the needs via draft….it’s okay to be bothered by Vikes fans confidence………jealousy is a natural emotion….don’t beat yourself up.

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