PFTV ponders Shaun Rogers' legal problems

A couple of years ago, defensive tackle Shaun Rogers avoided charges on allegations that he had intentionally roughed up a stripper.  In 2010, he’s in much hotter water for something that he claims he accidentally did.

In the ’90s, when former Cowboys coach Barry Switzer inadvertently (he claimed) tried to take a gun onto a plane, it was no big deal.  After 9/11, it’s a big deal.

PFTV takes a closer look at the situation.  


16 responses to “PFTV ponders Shaun Rogers' legal problems

  1. Comparing court cases is about as useful as Florio comparing notes with Gregg Rosenthal…

  2. This guy just took a fat digger all over his trade value.
    Also….Brocato…….your hair is lookin’ quite ridiculous.

  3. Maximum 18 months behind bars for a 4th degree felony, it has been dropped from a 3rd degree. He may be able to escape with probation but will still face a league suspension.

  4. Brocato needs to talk to George Costanzo. It actually looks like the enemy has penetrated the middle and is advancing from the inside out. He’s in serious (and perhaps fatal) trouble.

  5. Such a shame because when Shaun Rogers comes to play, he can be as disruptive a force as any defensive lineman in the game. But the guy has always had an attitude problem so it’s a little difficult to conjure up sympathy.
    Florio, is that suit you’re wearing a hand-me-down from your big brother? It swallows you whole. You could be wearing shoulder pads under that thing.
    Sweet haircut, though.

  6. The “oops” defense is and has been used.
    Hopefully he can escape becoming a felon. The guy’s been carrying concealed for 7 years and made a mistake. No, he shouldn’t make that mistake. No, a person who carries a Cocked and Locked weapon shouldn’t ever “forget” where his gun is. But, should he be convicted of a felony? I don’t think so, especially when there’s precedence of allowing a gun-holder to correct the situation at screening.

  7. yea its a big deal!!! barry switzer is white and rogers is black!!!-duhhhh-has nothing 2/do w/b4 or after 9/11

  8. The Akron Beacon Journal Maria Ridenour had a column on this the other day. In Nov 2007 a city councilman had a handgun in a briefcase that spotted by the gate screeners. He was charged with a felony. The counilman claimed he was in a hurry and did not know that the gun was in the case. He was licensed to carry a gun.
    However, the asst Ohio atty general could not prove that the councilman KNOWINGLY carryed a handgun on the plane. The end result that the councilman pleaded no contest to a misdemeanor and find $500.
    These are both Ohio cases.

  9. vizzon11 says:
    April 8, 2010 11:32 AM
    yea its a big deal!!! barry switzer is white and rogers is black!!!-duhhhh-has nothing 2/do w/b4 or after 9/11
    you are an idiot.

  10. The more I read these post the more I realize that Florio is an idiot. He is speaking as if he is some sort of expert. He brings up the Plaxico case??? Plax as I recall didn’t have a permit to carry a firearm and stuck the weapon down his pants gangsta style. Shaun Rodgers did something dumb. That level of stupidity should be punished but I doubt they turn him in to a felon for what seems to be a honest but stupid mistake. Does anybody really think he intentionally attempted to board a plane with a gun?
    Back to Florio, I just finished his “fix the Browns” segment. A Massaquoi was a 2nd rounder not a 3rd. Notice he never mentions specifics, this is because he has no more knowledge than the casual fan. I read PFT because they do have decent rumors but their analysis is poor. Read the fans comments there are some real gems for example look at bloodystupidjohnson’s post. OK now that is some legit info.. so thank you fellow fans. I know I am rambling but I want to encourage you to post a bit more cause we are only going to get meaningful analysis from one another.

  11. bloodystupidjohnson, thanks for that info. It’s nice to actually read an informative comment posted here every now and again.

  12. if he is not suspended for breaking the law, he should be suspended for being stupid.
    by the way, why does a guy that big need a gun for?

  13. Why does a guy that big need a gun? Well if Shaun Rogers where mad at me I would be terrified.. terrified and desperate, I know he could rip me apart with his bear hands.. and desperate men pull guns.

  14. Florio-
    something you MUST know…Before you talk out of your behind on this circumstance.
    Rodgers was carrying a .45-caliber Kimber semi automatic handgun…
    The only way that you can affectively engage the “safety” feature is if the gun is loaded and has a bullet in the chamber.
    Please know your weapons if you are going to make this sound “way more” serious than it already is…considering what Rodgers attempted to do.
    Gosh, the media people are useless.

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