Man pleads guilty to robbing Javon Walker

One of two defendants accused of robbing former Raiders, Broncos and Packers wide receiver Javon Walker in Las Vegas in 2008 has pleaded guilty.

The defendant, Arfat Fadel, pleaded guilty to one count of robbery, one count of second-degree kidnapping and one count of conspiracy to commit robbery. Walker was found unconscious and missing $3,000 in cash and about $100,000 worth of jewelry in the early morning of June 16, 2008, a block from the Las Vegas Strip.

The other defendant, Deshawn Thomas, will go on trial beginning on Tuesday. Walker is expected to testify.

The Raiders cut Walker this year and he is not currently under contract to any NFL team.

37 responses to “Man pleads guilty to robbing Javon Walker

  1. That’s petty cash compared to the millions that Walker robbed from Raiders.

  2. I heard charges will be filed against Javon Walker for robbing the Oakland Raiders.

  3. I don’t know if you fellas heard, but Javon Walker was found guilty of robbing the Raiders.

  4. I’ve always found it annoying that comments don’t post right away. This comment thread is the perfect example of why it’s a lame feature to this site. And what the hell DOESN’T make it through? People essentially piss in Florio’s face, and those comments get posted, so why the delay for review? Seems lame and unnecessary.

  5. has al davis plead guilty to over-paying him, cus he didnt rob the raiders anyone at any job would take a pay raise even if they knew they weren’t worth it

  6. has al davis plead guilty to over-paying him? he didnt rob the raiders anyone at any job would take a pay raise even if in their heart of hearts they knew they werent worth it

  7. I didn’t know it was illegal to take lots of money from stupid people (Al Davis) who are giving it away.

  8. Q- Whats worse then the Raiders signing Javon Walker??
    A- Senile brain dead crypt keeper Al Davis not letting Walker retire when he wanted to…..
    When will charges be filed against Al Davis for killing the Raiders??

  9. In related news, Javon Walker has pleaded guilty to robbing the Raiders. Just wanted to share this breaking news with you guys.

  10. Gotta love all the people who make the most obvious joke possible.
    Some real masters of wit here.

  11. Jevon Walker got a bit of what he deserved: along with another solid citizen, Brandon Walkter, the two of them pissed off a bunch of gang-bangers who then killed Darrent Williams. Cut to Vegas where Jevon had still not learned not to spray champagne, he got the crap kicked out of him, robbed beaten, embarrassed. Payback IS a bitch, ain’t it Jevon?
    Jevon Walker is the scum of the earth. My most sincere hope is that he never plays again. The only thing worse than a Jevon Walker jersey is….naw…there’s nothing worse than a Jevon Walker jersey. Rot in hell, Jevon!

  12. … and the wife said, “That’s not a pig.”
    The husband looked at her and said, “I wasn’t talking to you.”

  13. Stop me if you’ve heard this one before:
    Javon Walker + Robbing+ Oakland Raiders

  14. I wonder if anyone is going to write any “Javon Walker robbed the Raiders” comments.

  15. Javon should make a psa for rookies.
    kids: When I got my payday I went out and blew it on thousands upon thousands of dollars worth of jewelry. Now I’m out of the league. Was it worth it? You bet your sweet bippy! Tell them about the diamond encrusted turkey leg J-Roc!

  16. The robbed raidered Javon.
    BWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! I’m such a witty card!

  17. HAHA
    Denver has a magic looking Glass and dumped his silly, sorry, stupid( Ijust heard), stinky, never sober…. s ….way at the right time…..

  18. I wonder if these 2 guys had anything to do with the Jerry Porter heist…hows that investigation going?

  19. “The defendant, Arfat Fadel”
    At first read I thought it said “A Fat Fidel”, but realized the thread wasn’t about Cuba…
    Then thought maybe it was about “A Fat Infidel”, but it wasn’t about Jafatone Russell either…
    I guess it pays to read these threads carefully.

  20. JustDieBaby- hilarious. dude looks like a friggin burn victim. i’m not a raiders fan in the slightest and i friggin hate that dude. what a suck. his only reason for existence is so i can say there’s a worse owner than the bengals’ mike brown. at least he is 10,000,000 yearts old so he can’t possibly hang on forever…

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