AFC East teams looking for a few good defenders

Belichick parcells.jpgPFT’s draft coverage is only going to ramp up as we get closer to the big day.  Or three days.

With Silva’s draft rankings done, we’re going to post team needs for each division all week long. First up is the AFC East

This division is deeper than ever, and the teams will be going after similar players since they all play a 3-4 defense.

The Bills are just converting to a 3-4, but they have even more offensive needs.  The other Bills in the division — Parcells and Belichick — made their names with great linebackers, but haven’t drafted well at the position for their current teams. 

Rex Ryan has a better group of linebackers in New York, but the Jets may surprisingly have more needs on defense than offense as Ryan turns over his roster with “his guys.”

Enough of the foreplay, check out the AFC East team needs right here.

8 responses to “AFC East teams looking for a few good defenders

  1. They should have tried to get “interception magnet” Asante Samuel or “shutdown presence” Sheldon Brown.

  2. really? yeah, jerod mayo was a bad pick. the patriots have taken one high pick on a linebacker since belichick has been there, and he was rookie of the year.

  3. Holy crap~!!
    No wonder men’s shorts “got longer” right around the late 80-s …that picture of Billx2 in shorts was enuff to start that fashion revolution and we haven’t looked back~!!

  4. Parcells has drafted 1 linebacker in miami so far and it was J.D. Folsom in the 7th round. I don’t think anyone expected anything from that pick. How can you say he has not drafted well at the position when he has yet to address it?

  5. I came in to say exactly what leafsfins said. Parcells haven’t “drafted well at the position” because he simply hasn’t drafted anybody. Let’s give him an opportunity to get his high round LB pick and see what he does.

  6. Look past the bills legs guys and see the best that ever played the game
    #56 the one the only LT the real one not the light version they have at the jets

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