Agent: Jason Taylor decision coming midweek at the earliest

nfl_taylor.jpgOn Friday, a report emerged that defensive end Jason Taylor was close to signing with the Jets.

His agent says it’ll be a few more days, at least, until a decision is made.

It’s not even about a contract,” Gary Wichard told Jane McManus of 
“It’s about Jason making the decision with his wife to move up to New
York and play.  When that’s decided he’ll have an opportunity to move
forward in one direction or another.”

It’s not about a contract because the “Final Eight Plan” caps Taylor’s pay at $1.5 million in 2010 (the same amount former Jets kicker Jay Feely got from the Cardinals for the coming season) and $1.95 million for 2011.

The bigger question is whether Taylor wants to leave South Florida to participate in the offseason program in New York (surely, he doesn’t) and whether he wants to risk the perception among a fan base already inclined to dislike him that he’s getting special treatment if he signs a contract now that exempts him from all or part of the T-shirt and shorts practices.

That’s why we continue to believe that the best approach, if Taylor decides to join the Jets, would be to ink a postdated contract that gets filed with the league office and announced at some point between the conclusion of OTAs and the launch of training camp.

Sure, it would be a technical violation of the rules.  But who’s going to complain about it?

5 responses to “Agent: Jason Taylor decision coming midweek at the earliest

  1. Who cares??? He is at the end of his career and not even a starter anymore!!! Having news about him on this website is a waste of space…Go 49ers!!!

  2. Florio you seem to have a problem with Athletes working out in T-Shirt and shorts, let me ask you this when you were studying to pass the BAR did you do it wearing a suite or T-Shirt and jeans, Florio you act as if the players aren’t wearing cleats and shoulder pads they’re not doing any thing enough with the T-Shirt and shorts comments it’s getting old.

  3. Screw this Judas Iscariot. JT is dead to me and I hope he never makes the HOF unless he is the new janitor there.

  4. i figured since everyone always digs florio for his awesome grammar i’d ask darkhorse81 where i can get me a nice tailored suite to study for the BAR exam.

  5. Looks like the Fins called his bluff and he is trying to slowly save face.
    Dude, either sign with the Jets now or wait. Simple as that.

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