Jammal Brown won't be working out with the Saints

Saints left tackle Jammal Brown, who missed all of the 2009 season due to injury, is a restricted free agent.  He has yet to sign his one-year, $3.619 million tender offer, and he doesn’t plan to participate in the offseason workout program.

I don’t consider it a holdout.  I’m just patiently waiting,” Brown told Mike Triplett of the New Orleans Times-Picayune.

Yeah, it’s not a holdout.  He’s only, um, holding out.  Patiently.

That said, the workouts are voluntary, and Brown isn’t under contract.  That said, he has traditionally taken part in the workouts.

“Of course I want to be there,” Brown said.  “I’ve been there every year in the past.  But I’ve got to let my agent
handle that part of the business.  He’s a good agent.  He’ll get it
figured out.”

It’s unlikely that Brown will sign an offer sheet before the window closes in two days.  And if he wants to be traded (he reportedly hinted at some West Coast teams possibly being interested), Brown will need to sign his contract first.

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  1. The Saints are gonna have a major problem next season with so many possible UFAs (assuming the cap returns in 2011)

  2. That’s cool, Jammal. The Saints will just hold onto the Super Bowl ring you didn’t earn, patiently.

  3. @Gautam
    I agree.
    Roman Harper
    Lance Moore
    Zack Strief
    David Thomas
    Jamaal Brown
    Anthony Hargrove
    Pierre Thomas
    Jemon Bushrod
    Jahri Evans
    Marvin Mitchelle
    Remi Ayodele
    …and more

  4. Why do players even have agents? Take a 3 day class to learn the ins and outs of what you need to take care of and take care of it yourself. Why pay some scumbag a ton of money to basically own you? Keep your money and be beloved by fans and touted by other teams and owners. If you’re good enough, you’ll get yours.

  5. He’s not under contract. So don’t call it a holdout. That word is reserved for someone who is intentionally avoiding his contractual obligations.
    And GoBrowns19, a lot of agents earn their money. The one prominent player I know of who negotiated their own deals was Patriots LB Tedy Bruschi. Yes, he was beloved by fans (even before the stroke), and touted by other teams and owners. And he was also one of the lowest paid starting linebackers in the league. He left millions upon millions of dollars on the table. Money that would have helped his family if his stroke had been a little worse.
    I don’t fault Brown at all here.

  6. @GoBrowns19
    Why stop there? Take another few days of coursework on how to represent yourself in a court of law. Why pay expensive dealerships to change your oil for you? Who says you can’t do your taxes all by yourself? Go acquire some of those colored flags and mark out the electrical wires in your own backyard yourself before doing all the yardwork. Why bother paying expensive construction firms to construct your house when you can save money doing it yourself!
    The guy was a pro bowl LT and highly touted by the rest of the league, and now after one season after an unfortunate injury, his team won a superbowl without him and found a guy to play well at his position. That’s an uphill battle to try and argue your worth to your employers, and if he’s not careful, his financial career might be irreversibly over the hill

  7. KingOkra, who the hell gives damn about mfking
    superbowl ring? When they have millions of dollars. You Freakin’ idiot.

  8. @Dolphin man 41
    There are a helluva lot more millionaires in the world then men who have Super Bowl rings.

  9. lol at the ignorance displayed in the comments here. The Saints are getting almost all of their good players back next year. Of the free agents, Bushrod, Streif, and (David) Thomas have already signed their tenders so they will likely be back as Saints. Jammal Brown obviously wasn’t crucial to the Saints’ offensive line this past season. It would be nice to have him, but not completely necessary.
    Of the remaining free agents, there are three who are crucial to the Saints’ success: Jahri Evans, Pierre Thomas, and Darren Sharper. It is already clear that the Saints are not going to let Evans and Thomas go and contract negotiations are ongoing with them. Losing Sharper would be unfortunate, but I think they’ll find a way to keep him too. If anyone out there actually thinks this is a “one-hit wonder” team, they’re in for a very rude awakening.

  10. Alright Saints, it is time to do the right thing and pay back the Bills. Last year you got Anthony Hargrove and Jabari Greer from the Bills in free agency, but because the Bills signed Carolina’s backup center and Cincinnati’s backup QB, the Bills did not get any compensatory picks. Now that the Bills need a decent LT, you should send Jammal Brown to the Bills at a decent price. Since the Bills are changing from the 4/3 to the 3/4, they have former starters who could help the Saints as starters or for depth.

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