Patriots to get one last look at McCluster

D. McCluster.jpgThe last few days before the NFL Draft are all about dotting i’s, crossing t’s, and smokescreens.

We’ll let you decide what New England is up to with a scheduled trip to work out Ole Miss Dexter McCluster.

Albert Breer of the Boston Globe writes the Patriots will send a “contingent” to McCluster’s hometown Wednesday.  The versatile running back said the Patriots talked to him about a slot receiver-like role at the combine.

While this trip could be gamesmanship, McCluster would fill a need in New England. The team could use a long-term replacement for Kevin Faulk, and none of the team’s current running backs are great bets to be with the team in 2011.

The Patriots own three second round picks and loves players that can fill multiple roles.

23 responses to “Patriots to get one last look at McCluster

  1. Jahvid Best with one of those 2nd round picks instead please. Thank you.
    That being said, I’ll ‘settle’ for this guy if Jahvid isn’t available.

  2. Amazing lil fella! Cock strong like a som-a-biscuit!
    Bench pressed 225lbs at least 20 times at the combine and he only weighs 172lbs himself!
    Bounce off tackles like water, not track fast – but game speed is ridiculous!
    Lord please let him fall to the Browns! Whoever drafts him, will have a solid lil guy, that loves to play the game.

  3. I really would like to see my Colts grab this guy, but they don’t have all the picks in the 2nd the Patsies do and I’m not sure he’s worth a no. 2 pick anyway. But if he slides to the bottom of the 3rd, then there you go. Pull the trigger on Mr. McCluster.

  4. Insert stupid comments from Child_Please!, ItalianArmyGuy, and 123456. Unless they are at school right now…the sixth grade is a tough one to pass!

  5. If you love the Patriots, that means you love living in the past. The ship has sailed my friend…make way for the J-E-T-S, Jets, Jets, Jets.

  6. Dude is a stud. Perfect scat-back type. Good hands, shifty. A Sproles clone, maybe a bit better.

  7. The team could use a long-term replacement for Kevin Faulk, and none of the team’s current running backs are great bets to be with the team in 2011.
    If they could get another Faulk that would be huge. Kevin Faulk was one of the most versitile players in the league over the last 10 years.
    If you look up other coaches press conferences before facing the pats they always bring up how Kevin Faulk just gets the job done.

  8. you gotta love little dudes that can bust peoples ass.
    Steve smith was another guy that was too small. I’ve seen that cat break off 8 nfl tacklers at once and still take it to the house
    Same deal as tebow, you cant coach heart in a player.
    All these dudes with ‘motor’ questions, just show me they dont love the competition on the field. They are lost causes. I mean look at Gaither of the Ravens. all the talent in the world yet his team is trying to ship him out. Ravens know

  9. You had an amazing run, that is for sure. One and done in the playoffs is the latest evidence of a franchise that the time has come to step aside.
    As a die hard Pats fan I am sure it is hard for you to admit, but Tom Brady’s best years are behind him…sorry, but it is true. As the star QB goes…so goes the franchise. You should be proud of your team, it was a really good run…but it’s basically over.

  10. The football commissioner MUST take action against Ben and the Steelers need to stop smiling at their golden boy and bring the hammer down, hard. If he get away with this second alleged attack, skips by the alleged third attack being investigated by an attorney and then there is a fourth, I would hope the 4th victim would sue the pants off of Ben, The Commish and the Steelers owners for allowing criminal Ben to be on the loose.

  11. @Gridiron
    Slightly hypocritical seeing as Jets fans have continued to think their team is relevant based off of one Superbowl win that from over 40 years ago.

  12. While such RBs have had success in indoor stadiums and warm weather venues (Sproles being one example in San Diego), I have to wonder how effective McCluster will be in January or February, when weather conditions are less than optimal, in outdoor stadiums. Indeed, even Hall of Famer Barry Sanders had a tough time in Green Bay, 12 carries for 1 yard in a playoff game in bad weather, and his game, like that of McCluster, relied a lot upon lateral quickness. Since they typically don’t have snow and ice in SEC land during September through November, one doesn’t know whether McCluster can duplicate his success in poor weather conditions.
    It will be interesting to see how this plays out.

  13. Why would they bother with McCluster when they could package picks and move up for the real deal…Spiller

  14. BB never packages picks to move up….
    He does move down and steal picks from stupid Gm’s on the way though…

  15. @Gridiron: The Jets fall into the playoffs and all of a sudden they are SB bound? You are falling for Tannenbaums BS. The Jets have done nothing but sign and spend. Get a clue. NE still owns the AFC East. Jets have yet to rise.

  16. I’m sure they’ll sniff McCluster with one of their 2nd round picks, but wouldnt be shocked to see the real reason they head south is to sneak in a quiet visit with DE Greg Hardy and OL John Jerry.

  17. If Tom Brady’s best years are behind him, why did he throw for the second most passing yards in his career?(coming off of MAJOR knee surgery)

  18. I hope the kid is successful, if for only one reason – it’ll be funny to watch Berman try to restrain himself from using the obvious nickname.

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