Ravens release Samari Rolle

Cornerback Samari Rolle hasn’t announced his long-expected retirement from football yet, but he’s no longer a member of the Ravens.

Baltimore terminated Rolle’s contract Tuesday in what may amount to an accounting move.

Rolle missed all of last season with a neck injury.  He had a successful four-year run in Baltimore before that after playing seven seasons in Tennessee, including a first-team All-Pro appearance in 2000.

7 responses to “Ravens release Samari Rolle

  1. Yeah if I’m right he is going to have to retire because of the neck injury, thats said. Most may not know this but he has Epilepsy and is a great roll model for a lot of challenged kids out there! I wish him a great happy retirement if that is where he is headed.

  2. Samari, you’ll be missed. I appreciate how you played during your time in Baltimore. Good luck in whatever you plan to do now.

  3. While I appreciate what Rolle did for the team over the last few years, I think he stole money last year. Personally, I believe he knew he wasn’t going to play. As soon as he signed his contract, his neck started hurting again. So for all the good that he did, the end was colored in my mind by a player who took a lot of money for offering a service he had no intention of providing.

  4. You mean a Pro Player got paid for being injured? Thats a first! Give me a break! If its anybodies fault he got paid last year for not playing it’s the team for giving him a contract.

  5. @tx – if the front office didn’t do their due diligence then it is their fault. if he misrepresented himself that is a different issue.

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