PFT Daily: Breaking down the Brandon Marshall trade

A young, high-profile receiver has been traded.

Not, it’s not a remake of Groundhog Day.  It’s the NFL, in one of the craziest offseasons we’ve ever seen.

The latest deal, which sent Brandon Marshall from the Broncos to the Dolphins, is the subject of the latest PFT Daily.


21 responses to “PFT Daily: Breaking down the Brandon Marshall trade

  1. Blah blah blah blah blah…
    Shut off your cell phone man!
    Marshall is a Fin and the sun is shining!

  2. 300+ catches in the last 3 years and he JUST turned 26 lol… I hope the bronco’s find what they are looking for (you would have to be blind not to miss Marshall) with those 2’s. We sure did.

  3. Now trade down in the draft and pick up another 2nd round pick and take Terrance Cody. Or we can get a 2nd for Ronnie Brown. Or trade Brown for Vincent Jackson.

  4. Hey! I finally made it through the commercial!
    Florio… get some sun. You look like an albino in a suit from the Men’s Warehouse.

  5. Now I would go hard after Ben and put a few more sb rings in my chest if I were Parcells.
    Parcells Loves Ben as a qb and Ben to marshal in that weather would be nothing short of monster stats and wins over the next6-8 yrs!

  6. Good video. As a long-time Dolphins fan I can’t help but be glad the Jets gave Tuna & Co the extra push to make a play for Marshall. This team has lacked a premier wide receiver for MANY years, and as Florio stated, this will open up the offense tremendously.
    Say what you want about Ginn, I’m not happy with his recent play either, but until last year drops were not a problem for the guy. Hopefully this will take the pressure off him (as well as the coverage) and will allow him to work himself back into a role in the offense and be a productive asset.

  7. The Dolphins just gave a glorified possession receiver, who is one bad night on South Beach away from a year’s suspension, the richest contract a wideout has ever seen in the NFL (according to Schefter).
    Good luck with that. And I mean that sincerely.

  8. The Destruction is Complete. The servant (McDaniels) can now report to the Master (Belichek). “Go to other teams in the AFC and turn them into crap!!!” Another mission accomplished.

  9. A couple of second round picks is a steal, esp since Josh Mcreacher will be using at least 1 of them, that man is a horrid drafter.
    Last year he traded a #1 for the drafts 5th best CB (a NB at that), with the 3rd and 4th best CB’s still on the board. What a moron.
    He drafted Knowshown over Wells (big mistake considering the 20 pick difference)
    He drafted a bust OLB over an elite T prospect the best C in the draft and a better OLB (although different style players in Clay Matthews)
    Denver should have M. Jenkings, Wells, and still have the number #1 this year they traded for a NB.

  10. This is a great move! And after becoming absolutely furious with Ted Ginn last year, and saying there’s no way I want to see him in Fins uniform ever again I currently believe he has more value to us than we’d get in a trade.
    Brandon Marshall commands double coverage, and our running game is fierce enough safeties have to respect it. With the pressure off Ginn to be the number one guy, and with room to get free, he’ll see more daylight.
    Ginn stretches the field. There’s no doubt about that. He is a good return man as well.
    The best we could hope for in return for Ginn is a low 4th round pick, but realistically we’re looking at a 5th rounder. His speed, experience, and return ability make him worth more to us right now. With Brandon Marshall on the team Ginn fits in the puzzle.
    Hopefully we address safety in the first round, or if the top two safeties are there, left guard. And get a NT in the 3rd.

  11. “its what you do with those picks..”
    that should be fun… last year they traded the #14 pick this year for the 37th last year
    I hope Florio will do a feature on the Broncos amazing re-build…i dont think anyone has ever tried it before.. trade a 3rd year QB with a tremendous arm then ship out a young receiver with 300 catches
    soon to go is a receiving TE who was compared by some people to a young Tony Gonzalez
    & now they are apparently a center away from contention…
    calling Czar Bill…

  12. Now lets get Earl thomas in the 1st to get a young safety and fill the need at NT with that kid from Georgia in the 4th or 5th. And resign JT for crying out loud ( even if just to keep him from the New Jersey’s B team). Considering what we have used our past 179 second round picks, we basically got him for free…..huge contract not withstanding.

  13. Thank You Troll McDaniels!!!
    I don’t care what your fans say about you-your number one in my book!
    GO FINS!!


  15. I love the Josh haters. He could win the lottery and split it with you and you would complain because you did not get it all.
    All of that because you think an arm equals a quarterback, and you rely upon hind-sight.
    His draft was dubious, but he only had a few months to prepare and it takes a while to know how players work out.
    In the mean time he is getting rid of cancer. GOOD JOB!!!

  16. As a Broncos fan, I’m VERY HAPPY with this trade!!!! I didn’t think we’d get much more than a 4th rounder after I saw the Santonio deal.
    I know that fans of other teams get excited about talented players that get drafted high in fantasy football (cough, cough, Jay Cutler), but this is about winning championships.
    Brandon’s next playoff game (like Jay Cutler) will be his first.
    LOVE this trade – get players that care about winning, not stats………AWESOME…….now, let’s get rid of Tony “I play 4 games a year” Sheffler.

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