St. Pierre signing on hold in Arizona

The Cardinals told Brian St. Pierre to cancel his trip to town this week.

The third-string quarterback was expected to re-sign with the team, but Kent Somers of the Arizona Republic reports that has been delayed.

Florio reported last week the Cardinals have some interest in Marc Bulger.  PFT stands by that report, and this news regarding St. Pierre supports it.

At the very least, it appears Arizona will keep their options open through the draft.

8 responses to “St. Pierre signing on hold in Arizona

  1. So…. because they might sign Bulger to be their starter, theyre not gonna sign St. Pierre to be an extra training camp arm?

  2. Whizenhunt won’t bring Roethlisberger to Arizona. They didn’t get along, remember that? Big Ben ripped on Whiz after Super Bowl XL.
    No doubt Whiz was thrilled to have a team-first pro like Kurt Warner to coach. And give him credit: he took the high road with Roethlisberger & never returned the insults.
    Highly unlikely they’ll reunite at this point..

  3. Marc Bulger is an option…the problem is whomever ends up 3rd string is going to bitch and complain all day long in the media.
    Whis WILL give all 3 the shot at starting. He’s the only coach I’ve seen that means what he says. They will all have a shot.
    My guess is that the Cards would rather draft a young guy in the later rounds and see if they can find some gold.
    Marc is a long shot….draft is much more likely.
    Bye bye St. P.

  4. The Bidwells would be the key problem in getting a RAPIST signed to the Cardinals. Never mind what Whis thinks.
    Note: I don’t know if Roethlisberger is a rapist. It could be thats some C— Blockers (not sure if i can use the full word, florio can be a prude at times.) who failed in their mission convinced the girl she was raped. In my case if the lady is that drunk why risk being accused of rape? It’s really stupid. And as a real life Cabbie it has happened and i turn it down just for that reason.

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