Leon Washington is happy to be back with the Jets

With no one interested in signing a running back recovering from a badly-broken leg to an offer sheet, Leon Washington decided to sign his tender offer and return to the Jets.

“It’s great to be back,” Washington said, in comments distributed by the team.  “Walking in today, I felt all the love like I’ve felt the past four years.”

Washington said that he waited to sign his contract because he wanted “to find an offer sheet that was better than $1.8 million.”  He added that, while rehabbing in Florida, “I was wearing my Jets gear every day and working out in my Jets gear and hoping I would be back here, whether I got a better offer and the Jets matched it or [if I] ended up signing my tender.”

He plans to return to practice at training camp, and he’s currently able to run without making cuts.

As to the long-term deal he didn’t sign in 2009, Washington suggests that accounts regarding the magnitude of the offer weren’t accurate.  The New York Daily News reported that the Jets had offered a deal worth $5 million per year, with $10 million in guarantees.

Still, he’s got a tremendous perspective, in light of the fact that his shot at a long-term deal evaporated when the bones in his lower leg snapped against the Raiders.  “The best thing I can do now is just go out and play football,” Washington said.  “I’m in a perfect situation where I can be with a team that’s making the right steps.  When we win, we all win.  That’s how I look at it.  That’s definitely going to play itself out.   I have no control over that.   I just need to play football.”

The only problem?  He’s now damaged goods, and even if he has a big year in 2010 he’ll be 28 next year at this time, and far less attractive on the open market than he would have been if he were closer to 25 and if his leg had never been broken.

10 responses to “Leon Washington is happy to be back with the Jets

    hopefully the injury is a non factor.
    Greene, LT, Leon…behind the best offensive line in the league. And now with plenty of targets for a growing sanchez to throw to….looks like we got ourselves an OFFENSE!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I thought PFT said that Washington would be shipped to Pittsburgh as part of the Santonio Holmes trade once he signed his tender?

  3. Leon Washington isn’t the only person in the world to take a chance at something and not have it end up as the ultimate he could have had. He gambled and lost, in a relative way. he’s also going to get paid a ton of money by anyone else’s standards. And it’s not like he’s in prison, or teams won’t touch him as with some players who’ve made crap decisions.

  4. Yes, he’ll be 28. But he has low mileage, just like Thomas Jones had low mileage and TJ turned out to be a helluva back.
    Leon will be fine.
    Looking forward to saying Brian put this offense together. On paper everything looks right, just need them to put it together on the field.
    Go Jets!!

  5. Leon can still come back and have his explosive plays, and the Jets will hook him up with a better deal. LT won’t be around very long, I wouldn’t be surprised to see the Jets cut him next year if he doesn’t produce and just have Greene and Washington in the backfield. I was optimistic about that this offseason before we even got LT. A 3 year deal for 15-18 mil would be a fair deal for the guy after this season. It just sucks that some guys who are far less talented make 10 mil a year right off the bat.

  6. It’s a one year trial for Washington. If he’s the same Washington, he’ll get his deal.
    With all of these one year tenders and contract year players the Jets will be a far different team in 2011 than 2010. I’m a Jet fan but no way they can resign everyone.

  7. you can safely assume the jets will never go with 2 backs regardless. if leon dodn’t sign, they would’ve been finding somebody else
    irishgar kind of angry aren’t you? take a nap won’t you?

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