Report: Steelers would "listen intently" to Roethlisberger offers

The Ben Roethlisberger trade rumors thus far have been bogus.  That doesn’t mean the Steelers aren’t open to dealing their quarterback.

Jason La Canfora of NFL Network reports that the Steelers had have “significant internal discussions” about possibly dealing Roethlisberger.  They haven’t spoken to any teams, but La Canfora’s source says the team “would listen intently” if other teams called.

The Steelers reportedly think Sam Bradford is a “sure thing” but figure the Rams would have “limited interest” in Roethlisberger. The team is also “skeptical” other teams would take on Roethlisberger considering his baggage.

We’re not so sure about that; Brandon Marshall just got $50 million.

If this report is accurate, there are plenty of teams that should have significant interest in Roethlisberger. But the Steelers won’t just dump him. They apparently want someone else to make the first move.

“This is not a case of having to get rid of this guy,” La Canfora’s source said.
“There would have to be fair value.”

Maybe this leak is just aimed at getting Roethlisberger to realize he’s not bigger than the team, but we doubt it.  The next week is going to be really interesting.  Heck, this afternoon should be fascinating.

Your move, Art Rooney.

98 responses to “Report: Steelers would "listen intently" to Roethlisberger offers

  1. the guy has 2 rings and a lot had to do with his defense but he is still a great QB. im not a steelers fan but no way should they give this dude up

  2. florio, la canfora crushed you on this one. this is old news. the custodian at my work has been talking about this for the last 6 hours.

  3. If the Steelers trade Roethlisberger they’ll go from one of the smartest franchises in the league to the absolute dumbest.

  4. How about him taking a ride on Minnesotas Pontoon Boat with the rest of the rapists…maybe it will sink!!!

  5. Like the situation with the Big Show…you just can’t believe a thing they say before the draft.
    At the same time I think Gregg may have a point regarding a slap on Ben’s big fat ass to wake up the doofus

  6. Maybe the Bengals would trade Palmer straight up. Ben is a low character guy that wool fit in better in Cincinnati, besides he is from right outside of Cincinnati. Carson is a high character guy that would fit in, in Pit

  7. “The team is also “skeptical” other teams would take on Roethlisberger considering his baggage.
    We’re not so sure about that. Brandon Marshall just got $50 million.”
    I think the “baggage” would be referring to Big Ben being a serial rapist. I don’t think B. Marshall’s nor S. Holmes’ past run ins with the law has come any where close to what Ben had been perpetrating. Which team in their right mind would want to bring in such a guy?

  8. Ship him to the most boring city you can find to keep him out of trouble. Suggestions?
    And the Broncos traded Marshall to the Dolphins partially so they could watch him crash and burn in the insane party city that is Miami. Hope Miami women can take a punch.

  9. It may very well be that after last year’s accusations and lawsuit, when Ben spoke privately with Rooney and Tomlin and probably promised that nothing of the sort would ever happen again, Rooney may be sufficiently irritated by all of the publicity lately that he is also sufficiently interested in seeing the boy shipped out permanently. The Rooneys are a proud family and do not take lightly such embarrassment. I would not be surprised at all to see them trade him.

  10. The high priests of morality must really want to suffer through another 25 year drought. This is nuts. Other teams will grab Ben if they can-trust me. And they’ll have little problem with his off the field issues. Then he’ll lead them deep into the playoffs every year while we struggle. but hey, the Steelers good name will be intact. this is pro sports folks. there are few choir boys running around. This moral high horse BS is ridiculous. Good job Rooneys. Go from Ben and Santonio to Dixon and Randle El. So stupid.

  11. I have to believe the “source is Ed Bouchette. Bouchette was saying very similar things earlier this week on the radio in Pittsburgh. Bouchette is a nuckle head when it comes to opinion, but he is wired into the team and rarely misses the mark.

  12. Hey Art, just inject Dixon with some of those steroids you have left over from the 70’s and you’ll have a black version of Rapenstein.

  13. I will LMAO if this would come true.
    What now Bubba?
    (Half of Pittsburgh will answer to that name.)

  14. To the Cards for Leinart +. Makes a lot of sense in a lot of different ways. Whisenhunt brought out Roethlisberger’s best years when he was OC in Pittsburgh.

  15. The ride is over… I think if anyone offers the Steelers a high 2nd round pick Big Ben is gone. It could be Oakland or Buffalo… if Ben gets traded its to a bad team.

  16. Great here comes the Big Ben to the Raiders rumors (just like McNabb).
    Wouldn’t that be a hoot…That might finally cause Bradshaw to drop dead of a heart attack…It would also certainly would make Madden choke on his supper.
    That all said…If (I know BIG IF) Big Ben was available Davis should offer Asomugha and this year’s #1 pick.
    Both have huge contracts so the money is about the same.
    Nnamdi deserves to play on a playoff caliber team (which I believe the Steelers would be) and Big Ben can get a fresh start on the West Coast.
    It is a QB driven league and in a weak AFC West to go from a QB with no IQ to a QB with two Super Bowl rings would definitely bring Raider Nation to its feet (if it can swallow Davis making a trade with the Steelers).

  17. roethlisberger is the anti-donnie iris. he’s not going to survive in pittsburgh much longer. it would be a shame to lose such a talented player, but sometimes you need to prioritize team values and fan sentiment above team performance.

  18. Perhaps Jerry Jones will want to trade Romo for Roethlisberger and a facelift to be named later.

  19. WOW, I am a Bills fan. Would Buffalo cross the Raider line if they got a guy like Ben? I mean they have the piss poor front office and history of losing and acquiring of FA BUSTS, would this absolutely ruin the Buffalo reputation, what’s left of it, if they sold out for Ben? Intriguing.

  20. The same “rapistberger” commenters will now be in rapture (or rapeture?) at the thought of having Ben as their QB.

  21. I’d love to see the Browns take a crack at him. They have plenty to offer between players (Delhomme, backup RBs & WRs) and picks.

  22. The details of this cat’s personal life must really be sordid.
    I’m banking that the Steelers know a lot more than the average fan does.
    Should be interesting….

  23. Come on Buffalo give the first round and Marshawn…..whatever it takes. The Bills QBs suck and it will save them from screwing up and drafting Clausen or TeBlow.

  24. Rooney’s move this afternoon will/should be:
    We believe in the US judicial system. Ben has never been charged with a crime, let alone convicted. End of story, move on.

  25. Teams taking notice of “The mike vick project” and the huge failure it turned into. Even if players can play the heat is getting turned up on teams that gamble on those players.
    Thanks to websites like and others. Anyone can buy a domain name and look up a teams sponsors, post sponsor info and give people an outlet to voice frustrations.

  26. Pure Garbage!
    Are you trying to get the Top 10 most commented spots to be about Big Ben?
    Next it will be, Big Ben seeks spiritual counseling from Tim Tebow after an attempted rape of Brett Favre while deciding to whether or not to play for the Vikings this year.

  27. I wish it was that easy for me when I wanted to get rid of unwanted merchandise. One discreet phone call and everyone who would possibly be interested knows it’s for sale.

  28. Roethlisberger is white trash – pure and simple. Why any Steeler fan would willingly want to empty his bedpan in the past and in the future is beside me.

  29. This would be a smart move by the Rams. Roethlisberger is already a proven NFL QB, Bradford is not. The Rams have a good WR group and then plus you have Steven Jackson in the mix. This could turn out to be a good time with you have a QB like Roethlisberger.
    Also this would help the Steelers tank, because now they only have Hines Ward so Bradford would have 1 option. Yes they have Wallace (really unproven yet) and Miller (TE), but TE’s dont win games, just ask Dallas, Texans, 49ers, Vikings, they all have a better TE then the Steelers do.

  30. banished…. to OaKTown…….
    Bens coming straight outta Compton…… a punk with an attitude, if you fuk with him, he’ll rape you!

  31. If it was politics, this story would require a disclaimer.
    “My name is Kevin Colbert and I approve of this announcement.”.

  32. Ah, great that they would ‘listen intently’ instead of ‘listen casually’ or ‘listen moderately hard’, you gain so much more information by listening ‘intently’

  33. The only way they should even think about moving Roethlisberger is if they can get Bradford plus another early round pick(s).

  34. You don’t get rid of your starting QB that has lead you to multipule big wins to go with an unproven guy… especially not in Pennsylvania… um… Western PA maybe?

  35. @Stillerz Yes, yes it is. It would appear that the justice system perhaps failed. Now only the Steelers and the NFL have a chance to satisfy justice and show some dignity.

  36. I would be really stunned if Roethlisberger were dealt. But I do agree the Steelers should publicly announce he is not available.
    This situation could really get out of control.

  37. This is nothing more than sabre rattling and posturing to make a big show of how “seriously” the Steelers take this “matter” which seems to be Rothlisberger and the Steelers go to talking point. (OT – Fun game = take a shot everytime someone refers to this as a “serious matter.”)
    There is NO WAY the Steelers will trade Roethlisberger. Zip, zilch, NADA.
    September — or October with a four game suspension — is a long, long, long, long, long way away and all will be forgiven like it never happened the first time Roethlisberger throws a TD.
    Especially if the Steelers start out 0-2 or 0-4 with Dixon.
    There is absolutely no reason for posting these utterly groundless rumors of the Steelers trading Roethlisberger other than if you are trying to make my head explode. If so, well played and …. MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!!!!!!

  38. If the Rooneys trade two-time Superbowl Champion Ben Roethlisberger just to send a message that they don’t want scumbags on their team, I will consider myself a Steeler fan second (after Eagles) from this day forward.

  39. Trade Big Ben to who?
    Who wants a repeated rapist with all the money necessary to buy his way out of every charge?
    If he stays, maybe he can be the Ed Block Courage Award Winner for the Steelers.

  40. Rosenthal proofread your crap before you post it….
    Jason La Canfora of NFL Network reports that the Steelers had have “significant internal discussions” about possibly dealing Roethlisberger.

  41. LMFAO!!!!!!!!!!!!
    CBS Announcer: “1st and 10 at the Pitt 20 yard line and Dennis Dixon drops back to pass and its PICKED OFF AT THE 50 yard line and returned to their 27 yard line by Leon Hall”
    2nd CDB Announcer: ” Pitt fans are speechlees wondering if they should have traded away their QB”
    Whisenhut, GIVE up your 2nd and next years 2nd……lol

  42. As a Steelers fan, I think the Pittsburgh media is speaking for themselves, because they surely aren’t speaking for the city of Pittsburgh!! The Steelers fans want Big Ben to stay!!

  43. I would love to see him traded. The tears would flow from all the little stooler fans that still support him.
    Please be to the rams.

  44. PLEASE let this really happen!! Bu-bye Ben. Go play for the Canadian league or maybe in Europe. Bu-bye Bu-bye Ben!!!

  45. Might I also remind everyone this report comes from the same guy that said the Steelers were cutting Casey Hampton before last season, and Russ Grimm was about to be the new head coach.
    He obviously has his finger on the pulse of the Steelers. Good grief!

  46. You reap what you sow. If the guy stays, he stays – if he’s dealt, he’s dealt. As a Steelers fan, life would go on. Unlike the majority of the players on the team, most of whom know how to conduct themselves like normal men, I view Roethlisberger as nothing more than a cog that serves to earn wins, albeit a rather effective cog. That said, rumors aren’t surprising at this point, given how Rooney responded the other day when asked about whether the team supports Roethlisberger.

  47. Oh please, please, please send him to the Raiders!!! Rape-lisberger and their idiot kicker can share his stash of GHB (the date rape drug that Janikowski was busted with in FLA a few years ago.) Now if they could only sign Leonard Little to get drunk and run over the chicks they rape they would be the perfect combination of player/criminals.

  48. The only way they should even think about moving Roethlisberger is if they can get Bradford plus another early round pick(s). You don’t just trade away a top 5 QB.

  49. People are stupid.
    If they get rid of Ben it’l take at least 2-3 years before they get back into the playoffs. Maybe they’re lookin towards washington for Campbell or maybe even sickVICK.
    I can understand about his baggage but you won’t be able to replace that guy.
    The move would show great morals but. . . WTF are morals – this is America.
    By training camp no one will talk about this. unless Ben gets all drunk and touchey agian.

  50. @Stillerz says: April 15, 2010 1:45 PM
    ” is this really happening? ”
    Well, Florio didn’t write it, so it instantly seems suspicious in that it might be true

  51. This is a non-story unless they’re actively shopping him or begin negotiating to acquire a replacement starter such as Jason Campbell, IMHO.
    By “listening intently” to offers, they’re following the model used by the Eagles to trade McNabb, in which they told the Redskins “no” until they were offered enough to make it worth their while to trade him.

  52. No mention of Hall-of-Famer Dennis Dixon? Oh, I just checked and saw it was Rosenthal, not Florio who wrote this.

  53. Most definately. Steeler fans talk about other teams mishaps like they are untouchable…. You’ve been more than touched… more like smacked.

  54. @ Stillerz says: April 15, 2010 1:45 PM
    ” is this really happening? ”
    Apparently NOT.
    Art Rooney II just spoke on TV and said “At this point, we haven’t discussed a trade with any club”.

  55. Report: Steelers would “listen intently” to Roethlisberger offers
    Roethlisberger doesn’t make offers, an offer would imply that you have a choice in whether or not you are about to have sex with him.
    Ohhh, you mean TRADE offers, nevermind.

  56. I love reading the postings now. More are against Roethlisberger now than ever. Before everyone thought he walked on water. He doesn’t. He’s the worst type of man ho I have ever seen. “Oh no, Ben’s a HO!!”
    Any team that takes him, you can believe, they won’t be close to a SB. The Steelers are a team.. not a one man show. If he goes to the Rams or Raiders, you guys won’t improve much at all.

  57. Sorry….was Ben convicted of something?
    Serial rapist? Give me a break.
    I read the interview from the Georgia DA. That tart is the one that should be embarassed.
    Anyone that thinks Ben is not an elite QB should not be on a football site commenting about matters like this.

  58. I bet Ben has raped 10 more women and possibly 3 men since his “meeting” with Goodell.
    He needs to be stopped.

  59. Strange isn’t it?
    Listening to the haters all chiming in and screaming “Trade him”, one thing becomes clear.
    The haters want to hurt the Steelers, more than they want to hurt Ben Roethlisberger.

  60. Here is a question I have. Were there ever accusations made while he was at Miami? If not, why now? Does success make you a sexual deviant? Have we never heard of a woman accusing a professional sports figure of rape to in the end settle out of court?
    Quite honestly, I really think the guy is guilty of being stupid. What I mean is by putting himself in a position where something like this can happen…. Not once, but twice. He failed to learn a lesson and needs to figure it out soon.
    If I am a top 10 team and Claussen is available, I am proposing a Steelers trade up for Claussen we move down to 17 and pick up BR in return. Buffalo should be looking at this possible scenario and approaching it. The move down to 17 nets them Anthony Davis at LT,

  61. He’d be a great fit for the Vikings. Heck, with two superbowl rings (one more than BrInt has), he could not only get away with skipping all the off season workouts and training camp, they’d probably let him sit out practices during the regular season too.
    I wonder how Favre’s illegitimate grandson is doing?

  62. So Cullen, you’re obviously an idiot. I mean you want to sit here and bash the bengals of 2006 that had all the arrests. Yet No arrests are coming from the bengals, 1 this year. Yet your steelers have had multiple, not to mention they are from idiots who have been arrested before not a first time offender. The bottom line is the bengals are NO longer a team who has character issues, look to the steelers for that now. So how about all you idiots who keep rehashing a bengals team a long time ago who had 5 arrests, and start focusing on who the real criminals of today are. The pittsburgh steelers

  63. Trade to Minnesota for 1st,2nd & adrian peterson. RAms 1st 2nd & Adam Carriker, Washington for Donavan,1st 3rd and next years 2nd,
    Seattle for 6st,swap 14 & our 18th,3rd & Owen schmit.
    Oakland for 1st,Nnamdi Asamoah, swap 2nds & a 3rd.
    Buffalo for 1st 2nd, swap 3rd and Eric Woods

  64. The thug should go back home to Ohio. Trade him to Cleveland for their 2nd round. Maybe the Steelers could get Tebow to replace him.

  65. let’s go steeler fans, rally around ben. he is going to make it up to us by winning and getting his act together personally

  66. Stillerz says: is this really happening?
    Don’t worry. You’ll still have your koolaid no matter what happens. That’s how Steelers fans are, blind to everything.

  67. when did the ravens and bengals suddenly become flag ship franchises for role models.
    strange world when double murder suspects and thugs move up on the morality food chain.
    no charge=no conviction=no problem.
    we are going for 7 SBs. trading ben is ridiculous.
    holmes was a bit of a cancer. ben is the man. you wait and see how many teams make a play for him and how this “moral outrage” disappears in another city if he gets moved.

  68. RE: ____BuckFigBen says:
    April 15, 2010 1:50 PM
    As an opposing fan…”Trade him and I can laugh. Keep him and I can laugh harder.”
    And we just laugh at you.
    Jealous haters are friggin hilarious.
    Weirdly you have less class than Florio.
    Paul_R. says:
    April 15, 2010 5:55 PM
    Don’t worry. You’ll still have your koolaid no matter what happens. That’s how Steelers fans are, blind to everything.
    Paul you have not been paying attention.
    You’re jealousy blinds you.

  69. Re:::: PULL&SEAL says:
    April 15, 2010 3:36 PM
    I wonder how Favre’s illegitimate grandson is doing?
    You too have less class than Florio.
    Bet you are perfect. (sarc)

  70. I hear there’s a screenplay being flashed around for the Ben movie, Will Ferrell playing the lead… this space…

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