Lions drop Kalvin Pearson

The Lions are wisely getting rid of the former Bucs Rod Marinelli brought to Detroit.

The team released safety Kalvin Pearson Friday, as reported by Howard Balzer of the St. Louis Press-Democrat. 

The team also cut Dewayne White, another player that came from Tampa, earlier this offseason. The Lions could use a long-term tag team partner for safety standout Louis Delmas, but Pearson was primarily a special-teamer.

9 responses to “Lions drop Kalvin Pearson

  1. So let me get this straight. Florio is covering the Roethlisberger situation like a fog. Everyone else at PFT is covering the rest of the NFL.
    Sounds like a poor use of resources.
    Seriously, though, see if I’m wrong. Today’s posts about Ben have all been from Florio and if it’s not about Roethlisberger, then it’s from someone else.

  2. I’m hesitant to say I am pleased with the Lions off-season thus far. I refuse to drink the kool-aid until I see a body of work that shows both effort and improvement over the course of years instead of hours or days.

  3. I know a writer’s job is to look for interesting angles in a story, but I think the fact that they were former Bucs is totally and completely irrelevant.

  4. @Slow Joe:
    I respectfully disagree, Marinelli spent the duration of his time in Detroit talking about his “scheme” and bringing in 2nd tier players from the Bucs and plugging them in as starters. He even hired his son-in-law, Tampa’s LB coach, to be the D-coordinator. The story is more significant because these players were brought in because of their so called familiarity with the “Tampa 2” system

  5. Slow Joe…Good name by the way ! Obviously your not a Bears fan, let me fill you in. According to Lovie Smith and Rod Marinelli, the Bucs won 10 Super Bowls and had the BEST DEFENSE…EVER, in the history of the league, which is why they still to this day try to copy it. In Chicago, we have been putting up with this stuff WAY TO LONG !

  6. The problem is that the tampa 2 needs a very specific type of personnel. neither of which the bears or the lions have.

  7. @bear-a-holic, i feel for you, detroit-chicago rivalry aside, i wouldn’t wish martz/marinelli on anyone

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