Four days away, draft's top five still unclear

We’ll be doing one last mock draft at some point between now and Thursday.  (We guarantee that we’ll nail it if you give us until, you know, Friday morning.)  Making it difficult to discern the first 32 is the difficulty in figuring out the first five. 

Assuming that quarterback Sam Bradford will be the first guy taken, let’s look at how the rest of round one could unfold.

At No. 2, the Lions are believed to be wrestling with the question of whether to take a left tackle or a defensive tackle.  Russell Okung would be the best bet if the goal is to protect their investment in quarterback Matthew Stafford, the first pick in the 2009 draft.   Some think Okung is also the safest pick in the entire draft, and we’re told that the Lions have been doing plenty of due diligence.  But defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh could be the eventual choice, given his upside and his potential impact in a division that has Brett Favre, Aaron Rodgers, and Jay Cutler at quarterback.

At No. 3, it’s widely believed that the Bucs will take Suh or defensive tackle Gerald McCoy.  We’ve got a feeling that they’d prefer not to have to choose between the two.  (Then again, the Chargers didn’t have to choose between Peyton Manning and Ryan Leaf.)

At No. 4, the Redskins are presumed to be prepared to take a left tackle — unless Sam Bradford squirts through.  (They could take Bradford or trade the pick to someone who wants Bradford.)  If Okung and Trent Williams are both on the board, the Redskins will have to make a choice between the two.  NFLN’s Mike Mayock believes Williams is a better fit for the zone-blocking scheme in D.C.

At No. 5, the Chiefs will be staring at one of the two top defensive tackles and/or one of the two top offensive tackles.  Presumably, they’d prefer a defensive tackle.  But even though they’ve got a left tackle (Branden Albert), they could be intrigued by Okung or Williams.

Our best guess for now, barring a trade, is that the order will be Bradford then Okung then McCoy then Williams then Suh.

That said, there’s a vague sense that something unexpected will happen in the top five.  Given the inherently unpredictable offseason, the only thing unexpected would be for the five teams to take their picks with no trades or other surprises. 

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  1. “Our best guess for now, barring a trade, is that the order will be Bradford then Okung then McCoy then Williams then Suh.”
    Trying to raise some eyebrows with the drop of Suh, eh Florio? Well, it only makes you look ever more like a idiot. Suh isn’t getting past Tampa Bay, bottom line.

  2. If Safety Eric Berry makes it thru the top five, what happens at 6 – CJ Spiller? If so, Browns take Berry at 7. In my view, picks 8-10 are harder to peg than the first 5, which seem to be chiseled in stone.

  3. 1) St. Louis: Bradford
    2) Detroit: Suh
    3) Tampa Bay: McCoy
    4) Washington: Williams
    5) Kansas City: Okung
    8) Oakland: Bryant
    How can Al pass on Dez Bryant? His last three first round picks are Russell, McFadden, and Heyward-Bey. Bryant will make it a grand slam of talented yet underachieving problem children.
    11) Denver: It will be fascinating to see how McDaniels screws this up. It should be Pouncey, but good blockers are incompatible with Josh’s system. I am guessing he takes the best available athlete, which would be one of those Chinese female gymnasts.

  4. It’s always a little unclear. Who would have guessed Tyson Jackson going to KC last year?

  5. Mayhew and Co. have consistently said that they will take the best player available, regardless of need (with the exception of quarterback). To me, that means Eric Berry could very well be their pick. Like Suh, he is a once-in-a-decade prospect at his position – unlike Suh, he has no significant history of injury. Knees are sort of important to a DT.
    The biggest curve ball I’d like to see at the draft is Haynesworth, #4, and a 5th round pick to the Lions for their #2 – Redskins take Suh, we draft Berry.

  6. If the Bucs have a choice of McCoy and Suh and pass on Suh they can expect to lose another 10,000 season ticket holders. But Radio and Duminik are stupid enough to do this.

  7. Bradford
    That’s the top 5 unless someone trades up for Jimmy Clausen. I’d take it to Vegas.

  8. Even is Suh fell 5th to the Chiefs,they couldn’t take him because they have no where to put him,unless they are going to trade Glenn Dorsey which would be stupid. If Berry is there at 5,the Chiefs better take him,or give a serious look at Clausen since Matt Cassel blows.

  9. Wait, what????
    I didn’t read the article before posting.
    The Chiefs will NOT look at a DT. Period. They have two top 5 DTs playing 5 tech already. They can’t afford another. The ONLY one they could take is Suh (McCoy will get beat up at 5 tech) and he won’t make it to 5. trading up would require them to get rid of one of their DTs, so that’s not out of the question (because someone might still think a lot of Glenn Dorsey) but they will not have 3 top 5 5-techs on their roster from the last few drafts. That’s insane.
    Their best pick is eric berry or a OT. Move Albert to guard or RT.

  10. This just in: Journalists Not Psychic, Unable to Predict Draft Aheaf of Time Just Like EVERY DAMN YEAR.

  11. Yeah if the Redskins did that you would hear boo’s from DC in New York. To move up just 2 spots still being in the top 5. Give up a 2 time all pro defensive tackle and get a 2nd meanwhile giving up a 5th rounder. Sounds like wishfull thinking from a Lions fan. The Redskins will want a 1st rounder for Haynesworth or atleast a 2nd and a 3rd. They would not give up Haynesworth to move up 2 spots already selecting in the top 5. To get a 2nd round pick in return. Right now the Redskins need a left tackle bad and a free safety bad. If they got rid of Haynesworth they will have another position they will need BAD.

  12. Our best guess for now, barring a trade, is that the order will be Bradford then Okung then McCoy then Williams then Suh.
    Do you make dumb predictions like this intentionally in order to get blog comments?
    Well, I guess it worked. 🙂

  13. My top 10
    1. St Louis – S. Bradford
    2. Detroit – N. Suh
    3. Tampa Bay – G. McCoy
    4. Washington – R. Okung
    5. Kansas City – B. Bulaga
    6. Seattle – T. Williams
    7. Cleveland – E. Berry
    8. Oakland – B. Campbell
    9. Buffalo – J. Clausen
    10. Jacksonville – D. Morgan
    Plan B:
    1. S. Bradford
    2. R. Okung
    3. N. Suh
    4. T. Williams
    5. E. Berry
    6. B. Bulaga
    7. ???(D. Morgan?, J. Clausen?)
    8. B. Campbell
    9. J. Clausen(if Cleveland doesn’t take him)
    10. E. Thomas

  14. KC is not going OT. The single funniest draft “theory” of the year is that they’d take Brian Baluga because of Scott Pioli’s connection to Kirk Ferentz, even though in reality Pioli has never drafted one of Ferentz’s players.

  15. hsf09: So you have McCoy going either #3….or not at all in the top 10? Keep your stupid opinions to yourself.

  16. @hsf09: your plan B has no Gerald McCoy in the top 10, I am sure it was just an oversight

  17. I bet dollars to donuts if the draft shakes up the way its going the Seahawks will draft Berry at six to call Philly’s bluff and trade for there top three picks and use one of the second rounders for Jared Gaither if it blows up in there face worst case senerio the end up having to keep the future Ed Reed oh darn, if it works out right Seattle can still get their LT and two extra picks.

  18. For the longest time I preached the Lions should go left tackle but man…Their Head couch was same guy who turned haynesworth in to beast could you picture what he do with Suh?
    Go DT in the 1st OT in 2nd more oline in 3rd more Oline in 4th.

  19. KC HAS GOT TO GO WITH BERRY. With 2 picks in the 2nd rnd, OL will be there. But a defensive QB won’t be. Take a risk, Pioli. You have the job security.

  20. WingsLions, Why would you want Haynesworth, when you can get Suh? He is the antithesis of Haynesworth. Class act, Motor never quits. A all around better Player!

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