Report: Jonathan Dwyer, Anthony McCoy tested positive at the Combine

The confidential list of players who tested positive at the February Scouting Combine finally has been distributed to the teams.

And, as usual, its confidentiality has been compromised.

Jay Glazer and Alex Marvez of report that Georgia Tech running back Jonathan Dwyer and USC tight end Anthony McCoy are the biggest names on the list.

Per the report, Dwyer tested positive for amphetamines, but a source told Glazer and/or Marvez that the result was triggered by a prescription medication that Dwyer has clearance to take for a pre-existing condition.  (Maybe he caught “lethargy addiction” from JaMarcus Russell.)

McCoy tested positive for marijuana.  His agents reportedly revealed the result to NFL teams weeks ago in an apparent effort to whip up a little chicken salad. 

Though it was wise to get the word out, given that the teams get the official list too late in the process to do anything other than take the kid’s name off the board, the fact remains that the only guys who test positive for pot at the Combine are either really dumb, or they have a problem.

McCoy is projected as a second-day pick.  Dwyer could go as high as round three, or early on day three.

35 responses to “Report: Jonathan Dwyer, Anthony McCoy tested positive at the Combine

  1. make weed legal all ready you let people smoke ciggs and play why not herb its basically the same thing

  2. Next: It was the only time my client ever did this, he regrets his mistake, and would like for you to pay him as much money as possible so he we be financially secure, and won’t have to buy drugs. ?

  3. You mean they’re pregnant?
    Does anyone know the whereabouts of Rapeherburger on the nights in question?

  4. Seriously? Dammit he was the Tight End best suited for what the Bengals want at the position and acourse he gets busted for smoking pot…
    Hopefully they can snag him in 3rd or 4th because of this instead of 2nd.

  5. When will the damn government realize its mistake and legalize the ganja. Can you even fathom the taxable revenue available from legal pot.
    I guess the biggest obstacle would be the ever growing (pun intended) obesity problem we have. We are so fat as a country already. Now if we all had the munchies…

  6. Find out so late they take his name off the board?! No way. At most they would drop him down a round or two. By rounds 5, 6, and 7, you can start gambling on talented pot smokers.

  7. Did they really test positve? Or is this like the Ray Maualuga, and Brian Cushing positive test last year?

  8. You use amphetamines for the following medical reasons – ADHD, narcolepsy, antidepressant augmentation for treatment resistant depression, severe depression with lack of energy or hypersomnia. None of these things are positives for a person attempting to make a career in the NFL.

  9. look at the police blotter for drunk driving.
    Tell me there is a weed problem (and not an alcohol problem) does everyone talk out of both sides of their mouth? I have never puked from smoking (besides one time where I ate too much).
    lets grow up.

  10. Dwyer in the 3rd round?! I think you’ve been smoking some wacky tobaccy Florio. Dwyer will be gone by the middle of the second.

  11. I’m stoked McCoy tested positive. That just means we won’t have to overpay for him. Now Bengals can draft him in the 4th instead of the 2nd

  12. “the fact remains that the only guys who test positive for pot at the Combine are either really dumb, or they have a problem.”
    So is Offensive Rookie of the Year, Percy Harvin, really dumb or have problem????

  13. tigers182 says:
    April 18, 2010 7:12 PM
    Tested positive? For HIV? Are they gay?
    You see all those words at the top of the screen? That’s called an article. In America you read from left to right and you can find the details related to the headline. The more you know . . .

  14. Jonathan Dwyer as “early as round three” hes the #5 running back on, #4 on cbssports, #4 on, etc. . . almost every mock draft you can find online has him gone by the end of the 2nd round.

  15. lions have 3 seventh round picks.
    two of them are at the top of the 7th back to back.
    maybe mccoy slips to them in the 7th. they need a pass catching TE to fill casey fitzsimmons role.
    because as of right now. i could see the lions taking either aaron hernandez or ed dickson at the top of the 4th because they believe so much in BPA.

  16. McCoy plays like he’s stoned. He is an extremely talented underachiever.
    Cincinnati sounds about right.
    He’ll fit right in.

  17. Anyone that smokes so much weed it becomes a “problem”, and they choose to smoke ganja over the possibility of making millions of dollars….. well lets just say that they had a mental problem far before the weed became a “problem”.

  18. On Jonathan Dwyer’s positive test:
    Georgia Tech running back Jonathan Dwyer tested positive for a banned stimulant at the NFL Scouting Combine, according to a source with knowledge of the result. However, the positive result was expected, according to Dwyer’s agent.
    An ingredient in a prescribed medication Dwyer takes daily tends to trigger a positive result for certain banned stimulants, according to his agent, Adisa Bakari. Teams were made aware of the possibility for a positive test in a letter sent by Dwyer’s representation in January.
    Bakari said the league notified Dwyer that he was medically cleared after notifying him that he had tested positive for a stimulant. For good measure, Dwyer’s representatives sent a followup letter to teams to notify them that Dwyer has been medically cleared by the league and that the positive test would not land him in the league’s drug program, Bakari said.

  19. Why should Dwyer even be in the headline if he has a prescription for a known issue? That’s just sensationalism at his expense . . .

  20. scfan says “talented pot smokers”…….now watch how I inhale and hold it forever .That is real talent.

  21. @ JJCheesehead
    First of all, I didn’t ask any questions.
    Second of all, lets not get into the whole “weed is illegal debate”.

  22. Speeding is illegal as well and I don’t think I have ever heard of a player not being drafted or sliding in the draft because they have a history of getting lots of speeding tickets.
    The only legitimate concern the NFL has (other than the fact that they are constantly looking for a reason to fine player) is many players are role models to kids.
    If the NFL had a “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy on marijuana, who would it hurt.
    No young kids would be saying that they are going to smoke weed because Ricky Williams does, as they would not know that Ricky smokes in the first place.
    Oh, and please don’t say that smoking weed is worse than speeding, smoking weed doesnt get people killed.

  23. There was an interesting piece I read about drafting potheads. The conclusion was that, if no other red flags are present, drafting a dope smoker is one of the best ways to find a bargain player. Consider how hard it is to actually get suspended for smoking weed (it took Ricky Williams 5 years to get suspended) and the likely outcome is that he’ll get through his rookie contract without ever facing a suspension.

  24. (Pot) is illegal……thats the problem. any other easy questions you want answered?
    A MAJOR reason it’s illegal is because the timber industry was threatened by the up and coming hemp industry. So many reasons it’s a better alternative. Study up on your history and quit accepting government-fed BS just because it comes from the feds.
    Consider all the facts and then make an educated decision! The lack of this fundamental ideal is what has led this country down this ever deepening spiral we’re in.

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