Bradford says Rams haven't told him if he'll be the first pick

Just about everyone assumes the St. Louis Rams will take Sam Bradford with the first pick in the draft on Thursday. But Bradford says he doesn’t know that for sure.

“No one from the Rams has called me and said, ‘Hey, we’re going to take you,'” Bradford said Monday morning on the Dan Patrick Show.

Bradford added that as far as he knows, the Rams haven’t made any such contact with his agent, either. And Bradford said he feels good about going into the draft without signing a pre-draft contract, and therefore not knowing for sure where he’s going until draft day.

“It doesn’t really concern me,” Bradford said. “I’m just looking forward to the opportunity to play in the NFL, whether it’s with the Rams or whoever decides to take me.”

11 responses to “Bradford says Rams haven't told him if he'll be the first pick

  1. Anyone who drafts a player at number one, given the current rookie compensation chaos, without a signed contract in place deserves whatever fate they get. If the Rams want Bradford, I’d make the kid an offer and say if you want to be taken at number one, this is what we’re willing to pay. If he refuses it, let him drop.

  2. Rams refuse to negotiate contracts because they want to trade the pick. I wouldn’t be surprised to see the Rams draft Bradford then promptly trade him to Cleveland.

  3. Anyone else think this is some kind of setup by the NFL? It makes the draft that much more exciting when you don’t know who the first pick is. Maybe the Rams get some kind of favor in the future for not signing the #1 pick.

  4. They will trade it but “signability” is not the issue. Only Al Davis would cause a holdout by offering $26M for 5 months then paying $32M to Russell. Kroenke has cash and can get it done for THE RIGHT GUY……NOT BRADFORD who will injure his right shoulder for 3rd time(that we know about) when crushed by Patrick Willis on a blitz.

  5. what the hell do you expect him to say? Yeh, that would be brilliant to tip the team (that may take you #1) hand to everyone else.
    This isn’t a story. He would never comment unless the team was ready to announce it.

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