Chris Berman staying put at ESPN

After months of speculation that Chris Berman, the long-time face of ESPN, could be leaving for NFL Network or DirecTV, Michael Hiestand of USA Today reports that Berman’s new deal with ESPN will be announced on Monday.

“[T]his is my home,” Berman told Hiestand.  “I’d love to finish here, and I’m going to.  I’ll be
here as long as they’ll have me.”

He’s starting to sound like a college football coach who has flirted with another program.  And it sounds like ESPN stepped up financially in order to ensure that he won’t be going anywhere, at least until the next time his contract comes up.

40 responses to “Chris Berman staying put at ESPN

  1. It’s a shame. I would have loved to see him on NFL Network. His talents are wasted on ESPN.

  2. even though ESPN sold it’s soul to the devil years ago by dumbing down everything they say, I still like Berman. Bring back NFL PRIMETIME!!! i refuse to watch NBC coverage because of that tool olbermann

  3. Good news, I’d hate to see him ruin another network with his tired act, I’d hate to have to ignore a sports station I actually like.

  4. I haven’t watched ESPN in months. I just can’t stand all of the non-stop sports talk crap. If I knew Around The HORN and PTI was going to lead to more, and more sports talk, then I wouldn’t have wanted those shows to come on the air in the first place. IMO, it would be a heck of a lot cheaper to dump ESPN off of the cable system and just listen to sports talk on radio.
    I was hoping Berman would move on. Keeping Berman isn’t going to get me to turn on ESPN any time soon. His gimmick is long past old and so played out, and the NFL pre-game show and count down look like badly acted/rehearsed high school play like garbage.

  5. Looks like he stumbled, fumbled, bumbled.. with DirectTV…. but …could…not…go…all…the…way!

  6. While most people on here dont like Berman, I really like him and think he only belongs on ESPN

  7. it IS a shame.. there was a time when I would never miss an NFL Countdown. But now I find myself changing the channel because I can’t stand listening to those know it all idiots blabber all over themselves.

  8. Chris Berman causes one to truly appreciate and thank all that’s holy for the mute button.

  9. Berman is coming around now, and it’s rare to come back around (see pat summerall), from a few years in the past where i really truly thought he was losing his edge. Like he was showing signs of early alzheimers, or the less PC version–> he was too liquor/pilled up to form coherent thoughts. A couple drafts ago, seriously ev er ry little anticdote he said was met by awkward silence from the panel. Was funny, but sad; again, though, he seems to be be back on the ball now- funny and witty again. Good. He’s a good sh*t.

  10. what wasted? is talent would be wasted if he only were to talk football all the time! what are you watching?

  11. Chris Berman’s “act” grew old with me years ago. Not to mention that I saw the way that he treats “lesser” ESPN employees on YouTube – disgusting – he acted like he was the only “perfect” person a ESPN. He’s the reason why I now watch the NFL Draft on the NFL Network.

  12. Darn I don’t get nfl net I was hoping he would leave espn so I could start watching nfl coverage there again.
    How about just retiring.
    That stupid nickname thing was never funny, moron!!!!!

  13. They should’ve let him go, because ESPN needs to get some new blood in the studios. More women would be a good look also!

  14. Don’t forget to sign up for NutraSystem in time for summer.You too could look like Chris Berman.

  15. The guy has become a walking, breathing parody of his former self. Which is appropriate because he works for a network that has become a parody of it’s former self. Match made in heaven. As long as Disney is in control of that network, it will always be more and more about merchandising and less and less about facts and putting out a quality product. Disney has only one criteria – can we sell, toys, bath soap, underwear, etc., etc. based on the broadcast. If they can, great. If they can’t, dumb down the product so the trailer trash will buy their made in China crap at WalMart. They just can’t help themselves.

  16. Chris Berman on ESPN is like inviting your grandfather to your bachelor party. Doesn’t get any of your buddies inside jokes, makes his own clumsy attempts to be funny and fit in, awkwardly references things he thinks are still cool with people your age, makes a fool of himself trying to impress the stripper. Winds up turning the whole evening into a cringe inducing, depressing mess.
    Wow, I just completely bummed myself out. Is it too early to start drinking?

  17. NFLNetwork wouldnt want his tired act.
    He is all that is wrong with the idiot empire and their pathetically stale soundbites.
    Hey berman how about some more clips of you catching that pass with the bucs, or your hilariously funny predictions of the Bills making the superbowl every year, good lord what a fool!
    people that like berman are dumb and watch more professional wrestling than football.
    and yes that youtube video of berman shows what a POS he is!

  18. Well on a positive note I can throw away all my calendars since Berman is always nice enough to remind me of every single holiday that may be coming up, every single time he’s on the air. I also appreciate how he reminds me of what holiday just passed, in case I somehow didn’t notice.
    Who needs more sports highlights, when I can have nicknames and witty banter?

  19. Yellow Lab says:
    April 19, 2010 7:50 AM
    Chris Berman’s act grew old with me years ago. Not to mention that I saw how he treats “lesser” employees at ESPN on YouTube – disgusting. He’s the reason why I now watch the NFL Draft on NFL Network instead of ESPN. I avoid him at every opportunity.
    I gotta thank you man- I had never seen the YouTube clip, so I went and watched it after you posted this. F****** hilarious.
    What a douchebag he is. So let’s see, on top of being a worn out hack who ruins the draft every year, he is also a terrible person? By all means, let’s give him a multi-year extension.

  20. Berman’s act is tired, but Primetime was the best highlight show ever. They should bring that back. As for the draft, I still watch ESPN over NFLN because of Kiper, McShay and the superior highlight packages of the players.

  21. i was thinking of maybe watching this network again, but now i’m just going to be sick.
    he probably needs Jackson’s special touch to rub icy hot on his drinking elbow.

  22. I don’t like that NFL network is going after washed up talent. I love NFL Network for pretty much the fact that it ISN’T ESPN. Keep doing what you’ve been doing NFL Network. I do miss Schefter but I think any NFL fan would agree NFL Network is much more enjoyable to watch rather than E! SPN.

  23. Since I don’t have NFL Network (thank you Time Warner!) I would have loved to seen Berman move on to NFL Network. Everytime him and TJ get all choked up at the beginning of the NFL season because they have been together for so long, I just want to change the channel…………..and I usually do ………….over to Fox and what Frank Caliendo do another John Madden impression or roast Terry Bradshaw. That guy never gets old.

  24. OK – I will check back in a year and see if ESPN is watchable in 2011, since Berman will continue to ruin it for the upcoming season.

  25. Chris Berman is the single most played act on TV, his whole schtick is dating back to the 80’s. Excellent comment that listening to him is like inviting your grandfather to a bachelor party, he couldn’t be less relevent. Makes you wonder what ESPN is thinking by bringing him back…

  26. His act is really very tired, and it needs to be put to “rest” now. I am 48, hardly a youngster brought up with Bermanism’s, and I STILL THINK it’s gotten very old in every regard. NFL, doesn’t matter. He needs to shut it down. In ten years, everyone would get a kick out of him coming back for a while, but now? at this time?
    Chris “Let It Go,” man.

  27. RugDaniels says:
    April 19, 2010 7:11 AM
    Good news, I’d hate to see him ruin another network with his tired act, I’d hate to have to ignore a sports station I actually like.

  28. There must be some gigantic fan base of NFL fans that never express an opinion publicly yet still like Chris Berman. I can’t fathom any other reason for that idiot to still be on TV. He is the most useless human being on the face of the earth.

  29. I’ve ignored ESPN for years because of Chris Berman. His shtik got very old a long time ago. Now I can safely continue to ignore them and don’t have to worry about him contaminating any networks I like to watch.

  30. i hope he stays on espn i have not watch espn in a long time. i just hope he does not go to NFL NETWORK. if he does i will stop watching it. RICH is the man. NOT BERMAN THE BIG FAT A–

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