Ben Hamilton signs with Seahawks

We interrupt the pre-party for the NFL schedule release to inform you that free agent guard Ben Hamilton has signed with the Seahawks.

Hamilton has played his entire nine-year career in Denver, which means he knows well how to fit into a zone blocking scheme.

Hamilton played under Seahawks line coach Alex Gibbs in Denver between 2001-2003.  Seattle’s roster looks thin in a lot of spots, but they have a ton of interior linemen.

6 responses to “Ben Hamilton signs with Seahawks

  1. I really don’t think we’re gonna draft an LG with either of our first round picks. Berry and Spiller wouldn’t be a bad start.

  2. Were not going to draft a guard but they will take a tackle if Okung or Williams is there. I like Berry at 6 and maybe a trade down if they can’t get one of the tackles at 6

  3. Hamilton is a solid addition who knows te scheme. Won’t be out of this world, but better a true vet.

  4. As a Bronco Fan I can tell you Seahawks fans that your getting a quality zone blocking guard/center. I’m sorry to see that Denver couldn’t keep him, he just doesn’t fit what Denver’s Coach wants to do anymore. Hope everything works out for him in Seattle.

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