Jerry Jones: Cowboys drawing trade interest

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones revealed Tuesday that he’s received calls about veteran players on his roster. 

And by revealing that, Jones said loud and clear to the other 31 teams that he’d love to hear more calls on said veteran players. He just won’t say who the players are.  (Or whether the players are “worth a sh-t.”)

Todd Archer of the Dallas Morning News tries to guess the players and comes up with defensive end Marcus Spears and tight end Martellus Bennett.  The Bengals showed interest in Bennett last year.

We’d throw Bobby Carpenter’s name into the mix, but we doubt anyone would make a play for him.

36 responses to “Jerry Jones: Cowboys drawing trade interest

  1. Jerrry Jones….Modern Day Slave Trader…
    He has more Fun trading the Million dollar monkeys than winning games
    jerry shame on you!

  2. Translation: I’m bored. Nothing going on in my beautiful new billion dollar building, I think I’ll speak to the media…about nothing. It’s a show about nothing.
    God, is this guy destestable! What an a-hole. How would you feel if you were on the roster? How does this make the team closer?
    Wait. He’s the same detestable owner that gave that fat-ass Wade a new contract.

  3. Here is what I think we should do.
    1. Trade this year’s and next year’s first rounders and Martellus Bennett to move up and get Eric Berry. According to the draft value chart this could conceivably work out. Assuming we make my moves, we will not pick before 27 in either year so let’s say they are both worth at least 680. Martellus was selected 61st overall in 2008, which is worth 292. And it’s arguable if he puts it all together he could be worth much more than that to somebody. The total of points there is 1,652. The 5th pick is valued at 1,700 and the 6th is valued at 1,600. I think that will be enough to land Berry. Boom, our problem is solved at safety. And he will be worth that price, I promise you.
    2. Trade this year’s second for Jared Gaither. He’s better than any O-lineman we will be able to take in the second, any we would have been able to get where we picked in the first, and maybe even better than anybody in the first period. Throw in next year’s 4th or 5th if we have to to get it done.
    3. Depth, Depth, Depth. Best player available. Hopefully we can take a PR/KR like Javier Arenas in the 3rd or maybe somebody like Jordan Shipley or Jacoby Ford. 4th round we could take Brandon Carter from Texas Tech. 6th and 7th round who cares!?
    *wakes up and realizes Jerry is still in charge*

  4. (Or whether the players are “worth a sh-t.”)………………….nice Greg. That is my new saying, “he aint worth a s__t”.

  5. Doesn’t every team ‘receive calls’ about players about this time?
    Taken in the context of the press conference he made this statement in, this isn’t a ‘newsflash’.

  6. You mean BigBillParcells doesn’t want Carpenter? The guy he picked in the first round because his father played for him!! Parcells is a joke. The game passed him by a long time ago!!!! He couldn’t draft an offensive lineman for anything. When Dallas went 13-3 after Parcells left all the writers said it was Bill’s team. I wonder when Dallas went 9-7 why wasn’t that also Parcell’s team?
    One more thing: Parcells wanted to draft Marcus Spears 1st and than Demarcus Ware. Demarcus would never have been around for Dallas’ 2nd 1st round pick!

  7. It bet they’d love to rid themselves of the Roy Williams mistake… If the recent trades for WR’s (Holmes, Boldin, Marshal)don’t put into perspective what a bad deal that was, nothing will… Jones is a good reason why owners shouldn’t be involved. Let football people make football decisions.. He’s really lucky that Parcells showed up for a few years or he’d be in the same mess The Daniel is in at Washington..

  8. @ BigBenBangedBarbisBackside
    He has more Fun trading the Million dollar monkeys than winning games
    I’m sure those Million Dollar Monkey’s would prefer that title as opposed to a hundred dollar hillbilly….

  9. Yea, I’d definitely put Marion Barber in that list as well. I’m sure Jerry Jones would love to get Dez Bryant and CJ Spiller, but I don’t think he’ll pull that off.

  10. Was he sober when he uttered these statements?…Let’s check the videotape and speech patterns…..

  11. BigBenBangedBarbisBackside,
    So they are monkeys because they make more money in a year than your ignorant ass will make in a lifetime? There is no room for that crap here. Keep your F’ed up upbringing to yourself. We are here to read about football not your racist agenda.

  12. why does everyone hate our owner?…i guess it would suck for us if we had a bore for an owner who doesnt want to win as bad a JERRY….we love J in Dallas we dont care what the rest of the fans say…cowboys get talked about more than any team on the map…and i wouldnt have it any other way…thanks fans/haters

  13. Vonnie you don’t know sh*t! He drafted jake long whom has made the pro bowl both years in the league.

  14. Vonnie you don’t know sh*t! He drafted jake long whom has made the pro bowl both years in the league.

  15. Guys that start off with “Here is what I think we should do” spend waaaaay too much time on Madden!!

  16. how about tony homo? the dumb old texas boys will win nutin with him. i love it. another crappy season for dem boys!

  17. I dont know about all these other comments but is there a better username then “BigBenBangedBarbisBackside”.
    Thats awesome!!

  18. Hey, “JerryJonesMoney”, if the egomaniacal, narcissistic, media-attention-hogging a$$hole ever came to an abrupt halt, your nose would get fecal stains all over it!

  19. TXHC,
    As an Eagles fan, I hope the Cowpies do everything just like you said. That will ensure they continue to suck for many many years to come.

  20. Yo Rockymtnphinfan RELAX!!!!!
    Anyone can draft a good player when they are drafting the 1st overall pick. I’m talking about some of the bonehead 2nd and 3rd round picks that didn’t make the team. Parcells ALWAYS gets all the credit but never any of the blame. You never here Tony Sparano or Jeff Ireland getting any credit for the Dolphins… It’s always given to Parcells, a guy who doesn’t even travel with the team.
    As far as not knowing sh*t, at least I know enough not to post my reply TWICE!!!

  21. Why does calling someone a monkey make you racist? I don’t think he called anyone of a particular race a monkey.
    I personally think Jared Allen is the biggest monkey in the league. Does that make me racist?
    Maybe you are a racist for thinking only one group of people could be thought of as monkeys.
    Off the top of my head I can think of players of several different backgrounds I would describe as monkeys, and its their behavior not their race that identifies them as such.

  22. @TROJOHN
    living IN Dallas we live and die Cowboys Football….we spend a billion.2 on our stadium if it sucks so much why does everyones jaw drop when they walk up to it? or go out of their way to hate on it i AM from Dallas and we are proud of our Cowboys they never get anything but congrats when we see them around this great city…sooo…eat it…lol

  23. This is an easy one … Tashard Choice to the Chargers for a 2011 2nd Round Pick … Book it!

  24. i don’t think tashard goes anywhere……its marion that would likely be on the bl0ck. he’s not an every down back, plus choice and felix made a pretty good one-two last year while barber struggled. sure he punched in some touchdowns but the yards weren’t there and the explosiveness isn’t either.
    i do think its interesting that jerry doesn’t get any love despite the fact that he would do anything to bring a championship back to dallas. any of you haters out there would love for your owner to be that balls out so my guess is its pure jealousy.

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