Goodell comments on decision to face World Series

Commissioner Roger Goodell said the decision to schedule a game this season opposite the World Series was simple.  People want their football.

“The rationale is that Sunday Night Football has become a staple,” Goodell said on NFL Network Tuesday night.  “People want to watch football for the entire season.  We didn’t feel like it was appropriate to take it off any more.”

The NFL is not prone to taking half-step measures, so they scheduled a whopper for October 31: The defending champion Saints versus the Steelers, annually among the league’s biggest draws.

“We felt like it was best to continue on with that great franchise (SNF) every night of the season and allow the consumer to be able to choose whether they want to watch Sunday Night Football or the World Series.”

What the consumer decides could mark an embarrassing moment for the men running that other sport.

85 responses to “Goodell comments on decision to face World Series

  1. I know I will be watching the world series since I could care less about the Steelers or the Saints

  2. Usually I am very critical of Goodell, but this is a great move. Football is America’s past time and it’s about time the leagues takes it’s place as such.
    Baseball is boring enough to watch that you can just flip over during the commercial breaks and still not miss much action.

  3. And so the battle lines are drawn and any spirit of cooperation between the league offices is dead.
    Counting the cost of battles, especially those not essential to your cause, is always good wisdom. This seems hasty and unnecessary.
    Fans of both the NFL and MLB will suffer in the long run.

  4. good for him,now i will not be forced to watch a sub-par product,very good mr. goodell,thank you

  5. Complete disrespect to baseball, an honored past time. But even in this I cant help to think but only one thing.
    The Carolina Panthers suck.
    End of Line.

  6. Who cares that the Yankees win their 1000th world series with guys they bought mid season? I’ll be watching football.

  7. It’s easy. Baseball can just move that particular game.
    Why does Football have to make the concession?

  8. He’s taking on the World Series and the Great Pumpkin on the same night, and will go home to Jane Skinner. Woot!

  9. I do like baseball, but not nearly as much as football. Not even close. Unless my team is in the WS, I’ll be most likely be watching football.

  10. Excellent!
    America will find out that a mere regular season NFL game will embarrass a sissy MLB championship game ratings-wise.

  11. its a new day. give us what we want big games on the big nights and run over anyone that gets in the way of the shield. i don’t agree with everything the league office does but this schedule and decision to go head to head with the world series are great moves. now hammer out that cba and keep it up.

  12. Will be watching the World Series sorry NFL. I hope you understand now that what goes around comes around, so don’t complain if someone ever does it to you.

  13. “The defending champion Saints versus the Steelers, annually among the league’s biggest draws.”
    Should be
    “The defending champion Saints versus the Steelers, The 6 time champs

  14. FINALLY!
    I don’t know how anyone can take baseball serious after the FIXED home run flurry that came RIGHT AFTER THE STRIKE.
    Follow me here: Baseball has a lousy rep after the strike. Suddenly, 2 players break the home run record the same season and guys who used to get only 20 HR’s per season are regularly hitting 40. The league wanted to do something to get fans excited and to get their mind of the strike.
    Doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out they juiced the balls.
    No salary cap, so it’s pretty much a “Let the team with the highest payroll win” situation year in and year out for the most part.
    The integrity and history of the game has been compromised and ruined.
    Baseball is dead to me.

  15. I’m sure the stinking baseball game will still be going on after the “real” game is over, heck they’ll probably still be in the 3rd inning.
    Watching Baseball on TV, it just feels like I’m wasting my time.

  16. F’k baseball…. the same teams buy into the playoffs every year. Snow White and the 7 Dwarfs. Baseball is a bore.

  17. I never understood why Baseball is considered the “Great American Sport” when Football is the only sport played exclusively by Americans. Other countries blast us for it, there’s no Canadian NFL teams, and I can’t think of any Japanese players in the NFL.
    Someone from Europe once asked me about how important “American Football” was to the US. I told him, “Let me put it to you this way, if the Olympics were on just 3 hours of one day, and that day was the same day as the Super Bowl, nobody in the US would be watching the Olympics.”
    Football is the real Great American Sport.

  18. MLB blames reduced attendance on everything!!! I can already see them typing up their excuse for the World Series

    In 2009, the World Series had 11.7 million viewers (8.4 million in ’08). In 2009, season 4 of “How I Met Your Mother” had 9.4 million viewers, more than the World Series had in 2008. So basically it was like skipping football for a moderately successful sitcom starring Doogie Howser.
    Bottom Line: baseball sucks
    Oh by the way, last year’s Super Bowl had 106.5 million viewers. ‘Nuff said.

  20. What happens if the Pirates are in the World Series?
    I forgot, Steeler fans from outside of Pittsburgh are Redsox fans…nevermind.
    Oh wait, what happens if the Redsox are in the World Series?
    What if the Redsox play the Pirates in the World Series?
    If that miracle happened, I guess Steeler “fans” and Steeler fans would have a choice to make.

  21. I like that. I hated that Sunday in the middle of the season when there was no football to watch during dinner.

  22. what is this thing they call the world series….i’ve never heard of it.
    is it a rival league of the UFL?

  23. “WAAAAAH My mom raised me on energy drinks and beef jerky, so I can’t understand Baseball!”
    I have no opinion on the 2 sports competing as I will be watching whichever game I have the greater rooting interest in, but this Baseball hate is lame. Football is obviously our most popular sport by far, but aren’t we a little old for a “My dad can beat up your dad” argument. Baseball is a great game to those who understand what is going on, as is Football.

  24. Why wasn’t this done sooner? I believe the only reason the NFL backed off until now was because of shared stadiums where baseball was the primary tenant and therefore held first rights to host an event.
    With the Twins moving out of the Metrodome who is left with shared stadiums? Oakland is the only one I can think of offhand and I don’t believe there’s likely to be a conflict soon with the state of the Raiders and A’s.

  25. Anyone who bashes baseball just doesn’t understand it. There it nothing better then watching your team play in a World Series. That being said, this particular NFL game will most likely win the ratings war.

  26. Seeing as New Orleans doesn’t have a baseball team and the Pirates chances of playing that late in October are 0% – my guess is baseball will win out in the cities (Philly & NY?) that are still playing baseball….
    This was a no brainer for Goodell…

  27. baseball needs to go back to day games for world series anyway so kids can see it….what would be the problem with having one day ws baseball game you ask ? Because the sunday afternoon CBS game would kick the world series ass also

  28. Wow- I was wrong about this. I posted yesterday that it was in the TV contract that they wouldn’t conflict and it would never happen. Gotta admit, I was off on that one.
    Stupid me for thinking the NFL would hold off on doing anything that would advance their sport at the expense of others.
    If it’s Yankees-Cubs, or Red Sox-Dodgers, or something along those lines, big market teams with national followings, baseball might win the night. Otherwise, they’re gonna get Poop Canned.

  29. I, for one, am happy that I will be able to watch the National Sport on that Sunday night.
    I understand that baseball is the national pastime, but, c’mon, it isn’t even the best pastime… that distinction belongs to jarts. 🙂

  30. Baseball hardly gets a bitch slap – ratings for MLB playoff and Word Series games always are higher than a regular season NFL game. Ratings aren’t based solely on what an NBC blogger prefers to watch.

  31. Sunday night is for the betting-public.
    Don’t fool yourselves .. the World Series and Sunday Night Football (if your team isn’t involved) will be watched by the betting-public !
    the winner will be which side,
    has the best betting prop .. and best lines.

  32. We can watch the entire football game and then catch the last 4 hours of the world series game if we can stay awake.

  33. Wait, people still care about the Roids Ball Series? LOL Okay all joking a side, Baseball is irrelevant because only a few teams really compete year and year and out and plus their season is just plain too long.

  34. I am laughing at all of these comments, reading how all of these people want to see baseball crushed.
    How is that NFL labor deal going fellas? Hey, Rosendouche, what are you going to be doing when the NFL work stoppage occurs, play video games with Florio in his basement?
    I love to here how you gloat about all of this NFL crap and all you do is cover the sport.

  35. About time someone put cricket…er…baseball in its place. We don’t have 162 games. Our games matter.
    National sport = football.

  36. If a league’s championship game cannot outdraw a regular season NFL game, then that is totally on that league. I always wondered why the NFL would never schedule a game the day of a WS game. They have nothing to be afraid of. I love this move! Teach them who is king of the hill.

  37. Putting more games overseas. Suspending players without any proof of wrongdoing. Going toe-to-toe with the World Series. All of this smacks of arrogance, which you can understand considering they are number 1. However, bad decisions are born in ignorance and arrogance, and eventually it will catch up with Goodell.

  38. I love baseball played it all my life and coach it now….however, the World Series has become a joke, playing baseball in Philly, New York, Detroit, Boston, Minny….ect in LATE OCTOBER is brainless…they need to cut about three weeks off season

  39. This is proof the damn commissioner is going to move an NFL team to Europe. This a-hole has no respect for tradition. Not even my good friend Obama is this greedy, well maybe he is, but he shouldn’t be. I think I’ll shove goodell in a bathroom and have my way with him.

  40. Baseball simply doesn’t belong in the month of October. Their season just got too long and what little interest I have in watching the game is long gone by Halloween.

  41. The NFL will easily defeat tthe World Series in ratings. I’d look for a reschedule by Bud Selig before I’d look for Goodell to do anything, which RG WONT do.

  42. I wonder what all of your opinions will be if the players get locked out due to union issues. Either way, it is obscenely rich men playing boys sports.
    Baseball will forever be America’s pass time.
    The NFL won’t be able to always put up a great game against the world series every year.

  43. It’s about time the NFL went head to head. All TV shows do this, all companies do this. It’s part of the business, and since the NFL and MLB are not owned by the same people, that makes them competition. simple.

  44. Well, baseball can cry foul all it wants and complain about a lack of “cooperation” but why should the NFL leave tens of millions of dollars on the table that it would lose by not showing a Sunday night game?
    Cooperation is one thing but this is now big business. If baseball was less boring and could compete (it can’t and it won’t and it will be a huge embarassment), this wouldn’t even be an issue.
    Baseball is not the national past-time. It is a sport that is past its time – time to put it out to pasture.

  45. If the Fall Classic didn’t run into November, this wouldn’t be an issue. Pretty simple.
    But, if there’s an NFL lock-out in 2011, then MLB has nothing to worry about.

  46. PUH-LEASE!
    this is a total no brainer and the NFL will CRUSH in ratings that night. no one cares about baseball anymore…. I haven’t watched a World Series since the 94 lockout and am better for it. I havent missed it.
    There is a reason the NFL DESTROYS baseball… nobody cares anymore. I cant wait for the MLB to be HUMILIATED. only think more embarrassing is Mike Florio.

  47. I can’t wait to hear about the ratings!!!! Great move Goodell!!! F- baseball in its big steroid infested, past its prime, 10,000 games a year, juiced balls, corked bats, lazy fat tobacco chewing hole!!!!!!

  48. Now all you losers can chase your Sunday afternoon loses on Sunday or you can hope and pray that Drew Brees gets you the 22 points you need to win your fantasy football matchup. So you can maybe win $100 after spending half the year hoping you win the championship. That’s why you watch. You’re not football fans as much as you are degenerates. You know it but won’t admit it. When was the last time you watched a game without action that didn’t involve your favorite team? Thought so. Have a good day.

  49. I don’t recall baseball ever being appreciative on this noble gesture by the NFL by reciprocating on Monday night’s… but then I never watch baseball (small b – right? bud? small b)

  50. You know if baseball would work on speeding up the game, they capture a bigger audience. I can appreciate the dual between batter and pitcher. I really can.
    But it’s endless between the pitcher stepping off the mound and the batter constantly calling time out.
    Call a strike on the batter if he steps out more than twice, call a ball on the pitcher if he keeps stepping off the mound. Every other major sport limits the number of time outs and delays. MLB needs to step up with the times.
    And call the freakin strike zone like you should!! If it gives the pitcher an advantage, give the picher a “shot clock” (pitch clock) on put pressure on him to keep the pace up.

  51. I’ll be watching the world series thank you very much. And I never thought i’d say this, but I now hope the Yankees make the world series and it blows football out of the water. Arrogant SOB’s. At least they were smart enough to pick two football teams that will not have an obvious rooting interest in the World Series. It would have been funny to see them schedule Giants vs. Rams or something that would clearly get it’s ass kicked by a Yankees/Cardinals World Series.

  52. @Howboutdemcowboys –
    Are you F’n serious? “F-baseball in its big steroid infested,…” No PED’s in football right? You are as naive as you are ignorant. Oh and nice math, it’s about 5,000 games. There is probably less cheating in baseball now than there is in football. At least they are taking the initiative to try to clean up the sport while the NFL just sweeps it under the rug. If you like football more, fine, but damn. Try to make some sense when you talk.

  53. @ frenchy
    You have no idea. I live in Tampa and think the Bucs are the most boring team in the league. I have no Tampons on my fantasy team, yet I watch their game every week @ 1:00. Why? Because I am a football fan. As a kid baseball was my first love but I never watched a game unless it was one of 5 teams. Now I would watch the Lions vs. Rams all day instead of a Yankees vs. Redsox game 7 days a week.

  54. Is it wrong to like both sports? I love football and watch as many games as I can, so does that mean I cant enjoy the Fall Classic too? I will be flipping back and forth. I dont get all the hate for baseball. They know they cant compete. They dont try too.
    The real question is who will be the Steelers QB for that game? Ben? Byron? Dixon? Clausen???

  55. This should put MLB on notice that they have become a joke in terms of the amount of playoff games they play. The MLB is like the NBA now, playoff series run on and on and on. Get your damn playoffs done with and get the hell out of the way of the NFL.

  56. Buckeye2280 says:
    April 21, 2010 10:14 AM
    Will be watching the World Series sorry NFL. I hope you understand now that what goes around comes around, so don’t complain if someone ever does it to you.
    Riiiiight. It would take an epic failure of biblical proportions on behalf of the NFL for ANYTHING to come even remotely close to competing with the NFL playoffs, let alone the Super Bowl. The only two major sports running at that time are Basketball and Hockey, neither of which has anything close to resembling the following of the NFL.

  57. frenchy says:
    April 21, 2010 11:38 AM
    When was the last time you watched a game without action that didn’t involve your favorite team? Thought so. Have a good day.
    Every time it’s on. Not a gambler, but absolutely love the game. Thanks for trying though, asshole.
    Baseball has been largely irrelevant for the past 16 years or so. One reason why is there’s no sense of urgency to create any kind of excitement. Since there’s no clock, a game can go on for four hours and still be 2/3 of the way over. Since they play 162 games a season, you can afford to miss 50 or 60 games and you still won’t have missed anything.
    If baseball wants people to care, the first step would be to lower the number of games each team plays per season. Cut the season in half to only (Only!) 81 games a season and you’ve created a bit more incentive to watch as every game now carries far more meaning. Find ways to speed up the game (The idea of awarding a strike or a ball should a batter/pitcher step out of their zones was interesting) and you’ll minimize the boredom.
    The same can be said for Hockey and Basketball. Drop the number of games played per season to 50 and folks will be a bit more interested come playoff time.

  58. I lost interest in MLB in 2002. It gets what it deserves & the used-car salesman who is in charge is an joke too.
    That said, if you do care about MLB, ever hear of PIP? Then again, this is a non-issue for me since I would watch exhibition football games on tape-delay!

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