Rex Ryan offers non-denial denial on Jets trade rumors

Reports have surfaced this week that the New York Jets are looking to trade multiple players, including guard Alan Faneca, quarterback Kellen Clemens, defensive end Shaun Ellis and outside linebacker Bryan Thomas.

Jets coach Rex Ryan dismissed those reports in a media conference call Tuesday night — sort of.

“I’m just shocked that David Harris, Bart Scott, Jim Leonhard and Damien Woody weren’t on that list as well,” Ryan said. “I guess you can throw enough names out there that maybe you hit on one, so, whatever. Nice report.”

However, Jane McManus of reports that Thomas was the only player Ryan specifically denied the Jets would trade. Which would suggest that Faneca, Clemens and Ellis might really be available.

In the case of Clemens, the Jets reportedly would like a late-round pick for him and would release him if they can’t get even that.

30 responses to “Rex Ryan offers non-denial denial on Jets trade rumors

  1. For the right price every player on every team besides franchise QB’s in their prime and LT’s are available.
    If the Seahawks offered their two firsts and a second for MJD the Jags would take it in a heartbeat.

  2. I’d have more respect for Rex Ryan as a Head Coach if he could tell me if his sneakers are tied without looking in a mirror.

  3. This is not a reply so please don’t post this – I just want to say thanks to Florio and staff for their hard work and dedication in putting this site together. I come here several times per day and enjoy the information offered. I also appreciate that you are generous in regards to censorship and allow people to speak their minds. Well done Mike!!

  4. Faneca for a 6th rounder? Get on that Mangini(Jets scrap heap trader extraordinaire) and move him to right tackle.

  5. Quick impression…. fins fan…most of whom never contribute anything of value
    “I’m surprised Rex can even talk…he was probably eating a burger.”

  6. Nice spin Rexy. Order a pizza and wait patiently for reality to hit your team like a ton (pun intended) of bricks…or calzones, whatever.

  7. give me a break you idiots they will not trade any of those people except for clemens, You people are complete idiots if you think he would dismantle the o-line. He was asked a question and did you hear his response it was retorical answer nimrods, Anything to talk crap about the jets hey little boys.

  8. In regards to Rex Ryan postings on this blog, can someone actually submit a value-adding comment to the post instead of all these senseless fat jokes. Talk about beating a dead horse. We all get it by now.

  9. Why would u trade or release Faneca? The OL was a strong coheesive group last yr with a great run off. Why would u ruin that. Esp in a yr where there is no cap. Ellis I do not see as big loss. He is getting older and has never been a huge sack producer.

  10. REX is right. The media throws out names just hoping one or more stirs the pot. Just like McNabb wanting TO in Wash. Now it comes out it was BS. Some media type was played or made it up and it was picked up and repeated.

  11. rex is hilarious. he is going to be a star after hard knocks is all said and done. its refreshing to have guys like this in the league.

  12. @bleekercreature – Amen. Jeez we finally have an entertaining, refreshing and real head coach in this league and all people can think of is fat jokes. It’s getting old – quick.

  13. Rex Ryan and Jamarcus Russell are spitting images of each other – seems like destiny that they wind up together. Send Russell and a case of twinkies to NY, nothing needed in return.

  14. JETSJetsJetsJets10 says:
    April 21, 2010 10:30 AM
    @bleekercreature – Amen. Jeez we finally have an entertaining, refreshing and real head coach in this league and all people can think of is fat jokes. It’s getting old – quick.
    Well that’s because he’s umm…. FAT!

  15. Who cares if Ryan is fat? What kind of physical shape do you have to be in to be the coach? You guys are haters becuase you are jealous.

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