Dez Bryant's alleged diva act in St. Louis is disputed

We pointed out last night that Jim Thomas of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch recently observed in an online chat that receiver Dez Bryant “pulled the diva act” while visiting the Rams.

Per Calvin Watkins of, Thomas’ account is being disputed.

“Bryant visited St. Louis after being in San Francisco,” Watkins writes.  “Before leaving
for St. Louis, Bryant ate dinner at the airport in the San Francisco
area.  When Bryant got to the Rams complex he was asked to go out for
dinner, but declined the invite because he wasn’t hungry.”

Of course, this explanation could be coming from Bryant’s camp.  The Rams may have a different version unrelated to whether Bryant declined to break bread with the Rams’ brass.

41 responses to “Dez Bryant's alleged diva act in St. Louis is disputed

  1. You don’t decline the offer regardless. You go and just order a small dinner. Not a very bright move.

  2. Sounds like an “ut oh… I may have cost myself some money.. time to lie” moment.
    It’s right up there with Rolando McClain’s miraculous Crohn’s Disease cure.

  3. Not eating is a diva act? Well, I guess we’ll never accuse JaMarcus Russell of being a diva.

  4. If I were an NFL player I would act like a diva at St. Louis, Oakland, Cleveland and Tampa. They are all going to suck for the next couple of years.

  5. I heard he ate Mexican food in San Fran and when they asked if he wanted to go out to dinner in St. Louis, he lifted up his cheek, let out a huge fart and said, “Nope, still don’t have enough room,” then he asked Billy Devaney to pull his finger.
    Now this is just a rumor, but it’s draft day, and every rumor has a little bit of truth to it.

  6. i rolled my eyes when the “diva” thing was brought up in the first place cause the dude who reported it originally didn’t give ANY specifics, and “diva routine” is pretty vague without that. i didn’t buy it and i still don’t.

  7. Who cares whether it’s true or not? It’s only the kids livelihood that’s at stake.
    I really hate this part of the draft.

  8. Sounds like he doesn’t want to play in a dingy dome. If St. Louis had a stadium to play in it would probably be alot more attractive.

  9. Nobody gives an itinerary anymore? Perhaps if they tell the kid we’re going to meet over dinner… he makes different plans.
    Bryant’s problems seem to come from stupidity or misunderstandings rather than mean spirit.

  10. I believe this one. I’ll bet Bryant’s “camp” never taught him the social or language skills on how to handle a situation like this. I seriously doubt he was being a diva or a prick.

  11. Of the 11 people in his entourage, only his personal hairstylist and the masseur who travels with him were hungry at the time.

  12. incredible smoke screen to cause him to drop to Dallas or Bmore…LOL
    Hilarious how they attack these kids in an effort to get them…..just terrible

  13. Apparently there was only room at the restaurant for 8 members of his entourage. His hairstylist, masseur, and two of the personal assistants would have had to dine elsewhere.

  14. All this “diva” talk stems from Dez love of classic opera. He knows the parts by heart, including the female ones. From time to time, he will break out in overdramatic song, miming the actions.
    Of course when he does one of the “Fat Lady Sings” routines and collapses on the floor “dead” afterwards, the talk starts up again.

  15. Florio says: “Per Calvin Watkins of, Thomas’ account is being disputed.”
    But, the thing is, Thomas has no account of it to dispute. He relays vague hearsay that you published and cited him as the source. Because Bryant already has a questionable character, you and others seem to just assume it to be true that he’s a “diva”. What exactly did he do here? Turn down a dinner invitation? I realize this is a rumor mill, but sometimes you really descend to teenage girl gossip.
    BTW, so what if he is a diva? Jerry Rice was a diva. So was Michael Irvin. So is Randy Moss. The list goes on and on.

  16. Still not very smart not to go have dinner with the people who could make you the #1 pick in the draft.
    Nothing says you have to eat very much but the team clearly wanted to get him in a more social type setting than at their facility and he should have gone along with it.
    Doesn’t make him a diva though, just not as quick on the uptake as you would hope a high pick would be.

  17. It’s really annoying when you have to click 3 different links to even follow the story, especially when I can’t even find what the story is about.

  18. LMAO @ how PFT jumped on the so called diva act in the first place. The guy who reported it didnt even say what the diva act was. Thats real crediable, he should go undrafted.
    If what is coming out of Dallas is true then I see no problem at all. The ONLY thing it shows me is that he does not have much experience with job interviews. Given his history that doesnt surprise me.
    People will find anything to try to knock these kids down. He doesnt want to eat with us, he’s a diva. He did go eat with us and he ran the bill up to high, he’s greedy. Can the guy catch a freaking football? Thats all you need to know.

  19. Dez isn’t really a diva, he’s just kind of a moron…In between dealing drugs his Mom should have taught him “Son, when you go to a job interview, and they ask you to dinner , the dinner is part of/all of the job interview.”

  20. Dez doesn’t want to go to dinner with the folks who might draft him because he ate at least 4 hours ago in San Francisco?? That’s Diva with a capital D. Even if you are full, go to dinner, order an appetizer or a bowl of soup. Talk to your hosts, get to know them, be a real person. “I last ate so long ago my food is now halfway down my small intestine, but sorry guys, let’s chat or meet some other time after I enjoy my hotel room and the bathroom mirror.”

  21. Litemater— yeah because Michael Crabtree has a big mouth too right? Right?… No not right, go find something negative Crabtree has said in his career, you will be googling for a long time and come up short. Don’t buy into Florio’s bull s*** “Diva Acts” he’s talking out of his a$$ because he has nothing else to write about.

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