Live from Radio City

So after fighting through some midtown traffic, I’ve arrived at Radio City Music Hall.

Florio was here as well, but he’s already left for a quick television appearance for our future corporate overlords over at Kabletown Comcast/Versus.

Tonight you can look forward to roughly the same coverage you would get from us if we were in our parent’s basement.  Except we can’t make fun of what Mel Kiper says.

One benefit of being here: I can tell you that the Patriots and Packers tables are right in front of us, so we’ll know if they are reading PFT while we write about them.  I can also tell you that each team has their own specially designed peanut M&M’s at their table. 

There’s also some dude outside introducing draft prospects and ex-players arriving the “red carpet” like a hype man at a boxing match.

It’s this kind of information that makes our credentials really pay off.

16 responses to “Live from Radio City

  1. Why can’t you make fun of Kiper? The guy is wrong more than he’s right. That’s usually not good enough to keep a job…

  2. What NFL says: “We want humble players, who understand what it means to make it to this level.”
    what NFL does: “Here you go fellas! Red carpet, VIP everything, accommodate, accommodate, accommodate!”
    Why do rookies come in thinking they are more important than they are? Oh wait…

  3. I hope somebody sees you and punches you in the face for misinforming everybody all the time…enjoy the draft!!!

  4. Peanut M&Ms at every table? Specially designed? Where do I sign up to get onto a draft table?

  5. It’s reporting like this that makes me wish I went into Journalism in college. But I don’t write too good. Alas. Keep it comin Rosenthal

  6. Mel Kiper, JUNIOR.
    Tell me where he ranked Cryin’ Leaf?
    He’s no more qualified than you or me.
    PS. Radio City is not 30 Rock.

  7. I’ve been a football fan all my life, but with the economy doing bad, I wonder if others are feeling what I’m feeling right now, and that is jealousy.
    And no one ‘helped’ me when I was young and I resent that.
    If I had a personal problem in my life, none of these football guys would ever help me out.

  8. how about some draft talk? screw the damn M&Ms. Screw Florio! Screw the red carpet. just talk about the damn draft, the players being drafted, the teams drafting them. the rest is just eye candy and eye candy makes me vomit!

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