Tim Tebow Broncos jersey sure to be a huge seller

Even if Tim Tebow spends the 2010 season standing on the sidelines holding a clipboard, his Denver Broncos jersey could easily be the best-selling piece of NFL apparel this year.

Although the Broncos haven’t said what number he’ll wear, Tebow jerseys are already selling for $79.99 (half the price of Tebow’s autograph) at NFLShop.com. And if there’s any doubt about how much demand there is for Tebow jerseys, consider that “Tim Tebow Broncos jersey” is currently the sixth most-searched term on Google.

No matter what kind of NFL player Tebow turns out to be, he’s already got an enormous fan base fom his college football career at Florida, and many of those fans would continue to support him no matter where he played in the NFL.

Now that those fans know which NFL team Tebow is playing for, they’re ready to wear their fandom on their backs.

53 responses to “Tim Tebow Broncos jersey sure to be a huge seller

  1. It must have been divine intervention that TeBlow went to Denver because now he is one mile closer to heaven.

  2. the main reason McDaniels picked him….aka the Michael Vick approach (pick up a guy to sell jerseys)

  3. I’ll hang it in my closet next to my Sam Bowie, Jamarcus Russell, David Carr, and Greg Oden Jerseys.

  4. My Brady Quinn spoof rag is starting to get crusty and stale, I’ll wait a year or two and pick up a Tebow one at a flea market once it’s down to $3.99.

  5. Good for Denver , they need someone who can sell a jersey . Those Elway jerseys are getting outdated .

  6. “Tim Tebow Broncos jersey sure to be a huge seller”
    how long did it take you to figure this out?

  7. And in the midst of the seven candlesticks, one like unto the great Tebow, clothed with a garment down to the foot, and girt about the paps with a golden girdle. Or something.

  8. Yeah – so was the Rex Grossman jersey. What’s better than 3 okay to average QBs? 4 okay to average QBs! I love the trainwreck that is Josh McDaniels. Even with the Bears O-line woes and Cutler’s gunslingin’, the smart money is on the Bears passing game being better than the Broncos.
    I love this game.

  9. Big Stretch says:
    It must have been divine intervention that TeBlow went to Denver because now he is one mile closer to heaven.
    lol that’s priceless. kudos

  10. I already ordered mine (Dark blue)
    I vote with my dollars, and I support Denver taking Tim. Best pick of the draft.

  11. well now you will have something else to bash him over,and guess what the more you hammer the guy the more people like me will like and root for him even harder and I don’t even like the broncos. we get the point already you guys at pft and all the experts don’t think he will make it,fine but must you pick apart everything the guy does and bash it?seriously the worst thing you can come up with him is he charged big bucks for his autograph?what he is not allowed to make money off his name after florida and the ncaa did for 4 years?I know florio has made it his life’s work to find every flaw he can in players but untill he beats his girfriend,gets popped for a dui,or does drugs how about leaving him alone and letting him try and make it without all the abuse?just because he is not a tree hugging liberal hippie in his beliefs does not make him a bad guy or mean he won’t make it as nfl qb.

  12. I’ll hang it in my closet next to my Sam Bowie, Jamarcus Russell, David Carr, and Greg Oden Jerseys. -Cleanslaton

  13. Hey mean D i know it’s been said before it’s not a very hard thought to come by for most people ….jerkoff.
    You must be a TeBLOW fan.

  14. As a Chiefs fan, I completely support this draft selection.
    I also fully support Tim’s coming out of the closet this preseason.

  15. I don’t get why people continue to bash on his beliefs. Does it really hurt you that much or do you feel guilty about how you live your own lives so you need to bash on him?

  16. If Broncos fans are smart they will wait until he changes numbers to his TE position. This is going to go down as the worst draft by any team more than likely…pass on Bryant and Clausen who will both outperform the fools the drafted.

  17. his belief in imaginary friends that use magic powers to make him a better football player, yeah, that’s not a problem…..

  18. In Denver, Tim Tebow has relations with, and knocks up, Kobe Bryant’s jump-off. The two decide to abort the baby and Tebow is found dead 1 week later — murdered by his own mother for “not giving his baby the chance that she gave him.”

  19. “Tebow jerseys are already selling for $79.99 (half the price of Tebow’s autograph) at NFLShop.com.”
    And the best part? These jerseys will still be carbon-dated and argued about by scholars in Turin even after Tebow’s football career is over.

  20. I do think the Tebow jerseys will be huge sellers, and may finally knock off Brett Favre’s as the number one seller. A record Brett has held for years. I wonder, however, if he will ever have Brett’s career? Don’t forget, Brady Quinn had a big following that disappeared quickly along with his endorsements.

  21. I think more teams should base their draft choices on guys with good character and work ethic, instead of focusing on talent, prospective ability, physical attributes and team needs. I still never understood why Rudy Ruettiger wasn’t drafted 1st overall in 1976. I mean, he had twice the work ethic as Vince Vaughn.

  22. I love Tim Tebow and I was going to buy his jersey until he went to the Broncos…it didnt matter what team I was going to buy not besides the Broncos and well he ended up with them so no jersey for me. I hate the Broncos!!!

  23. tap2900 says:
    April 23, 2010 12:19 PM
    Does the jersey come with a free clipboard and headset?
    Ah don’t care who y’are, that’s funny raht theyre.

  24. Drafting Tebow is equal to the David Beckham signing with the LA Galaxy a few years ago
    Its a profit driven business decision that will be a financial success no matter how Tebow fares in the PROs

  25. Coming to the NFL Network: “The Hangover 2: the Heisman Curse ”
    Josh wakes in the war room with a bad headache, his GM is missing draft picks, Kyle Orton finds Ozzie Newsomes Raven in the bathroom and Tim Tebow is praying on the roof of Radio City Music Hall.
    Josh: Did we just trade for Tim Tebow? All I remember is hearing “with the first pick in the NFL draft…” then everything else is a blur!

  26. if you want one that bad, wait four years and go garage sale-ing and pick one up for five bucks.

  27. Tebow won’t get number 15- That’s a quarterbacks number. Look for something in the high 80’s

  28. I hear Focus on the Family down in Colorado Springs is already selling his jerseys in their gift shop/prayer chapel.

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