Bucs bag the latest Mike Williams

Five years after USC receiver Mike Williams became a top-ten bust, another receiver with the same name has entered the league more than 90 spots later.

Syracuse’s Mike Williams was picked by the Bucs with the third pick in round four, the second wideout selected by Tampa in 2010.  (They picked Arrelious Benn on Friday.)

Williams drew criticism from some league insiders based on his performance at the Scouting Combine.  “He was supposed to be a 4.4 guy and was closer to 4.62,” one source said.  “He was
horrible in interviews blaming everyone but himself for his problems at
Syracuse. . . .  He did catch the ball [at the Scouting Combine] but
everything else was poor.”

Williams, who quit the Syracuse football team, was not allowed to participate in the school’s Pro Day workout.

6 responses to “Bucs bag the latest Mike Williams

  1. This is the first pick that I have hated by my Bucs. They get great players with ZERO character issues with their first 4 picks and then turn around and pick up Williams. Everything I have seen on this kid screams TOOL!!

  2. With Gilyard gone, I would’ve liked to see the Bucs take Carlton Mitchell from USF. That being said, Williams is one Hell of a receiver. If they are able to get his head straightened out he could be the steal of the draft. Risk/reward

  3. I dunno guys, I think this pick would have definitely been a reach in the 2nd or 3rd, but taking a guy in the 4th with great upside is the kind of gamble you have to take in the draft. Once you get into these later rounds, it’s a crapshoot. I think you have to take chances with guys in the later rounds, and if this guy’s a bust, they will have only used one of 12 picks on him. If he dominates, well, then we just got a steal!
    Also, check some of his interviews about his suspension and other issues on youtube. He may not be telling the WHOLE truth, but it certainly doesn’t seem like he’s blaming anyone but himself for his issues. Put him in a small market with some good mentors and he could be a better receiver than our 2nd round pick, Benn.

  4. The guy quit on his team, That alone should be the reason why he shouldn’t get drafted by anybody.the guy is a complete douche

  5. The guy quit on his team, That alone should be the reason why he shouldn’t get drafted by anybody.the guy is a complete douche. The bucs missed on this one

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