Jets formally say farewell to Faneca

After rounding up plenty of big names during the 2010 offseason, the Jets are now in the process of getting rid of some big names.

Earlier today, the Jets shipped running back Leon Washington to Seattle.  Now, and as expected, they’ve dropped guard Alan Faneca, according to Adam Schefter of ESPN.

Faneca, a big-name free agent signing in 2008, was under contract through 2012.  He was due to earn a base salary of $7.5 million in 2010.

Second-round pick Vladimir Ducasse could get a chance to step in and start as a rookie.  There’s chatter that the Jets were planning to take Ducasse at the bottom of round one, if cornerback Kyle Wilson hadn’t fallen into their laps.

25 responses to “Jets formally say farewell to Faneca

  1. Wow, Faneca could help a lot of teams. The guy is still in his prime for the position, and has been remarkably healthy.

  2. I cant even back these moves. We got a lot worse today. Two Team captains two pro Bowl players two leaders…we saved 2 million dollars….they got too smart for thier own good. The pics were awesome ..these moves are silly

  3. Sweet, now that he has been dropped and that big contract is out of the way Colts should pick him up on the cheap.

  4. Colbert….get on the phone and get this guy back to Pittsburgh. Faneca alone will add a half yard to Mendenhall’s average.
    I agreed that Pitt was wise not to outbid the Jets at the time as the money was ridiculous in a cap year. However, 5.5 Million is a steal for this guy and he loves Pittsburgh.
    Keomatu at RG, Faneca at LG and Pouncey spotting at C. Nice.

  5. in his prime for the position??? robery im a die hard jets fan and he makes the probowl strictly because of his popularity…he had a terrible year pass blocking and a half way decent year runblocking. he is not worth 8million. nick mangold runs this line, not him

  6. I’m sorry, but these latest moves by the Jets have me thinking they might be primed for a disappointing year based on the expectations. People tend to overlook their flaws from last year based on their playoff performance, since it was the most recent memory on our minds. Not to take anything away from them, but they beat the Bengals and Chargers, not exactly teams with rich history of performing in January. I still can’t buy into Sanchez yet, at least for 2010, and the loss of Thomas Jones has been very overlooked. I really think the Jets are gonna have a hard time scoring points. They have upgraded their defense, but they already were the number 1 defense, how much better can they get? Ducasse is a major projection, and I can’t see him going from playing 1AA to starting in the AFC East. I think the Dolphins, Patriots, and Jets are all about even right now and any of them could win that division. I don’t understand how people just dismiss the fact that the Patriots dominated the Jets in late November, and the Jets also lost to the Dolphins in November…they went 2-4 in the division last year. They have tons of potential, but they also have potential to go 8-8.

  7. ducasse is a two to three year work in progress,he’ll be good eventually.

  8. Minnesota will go after him just watch. Imagine that OL with Faneca in the picture. That will make Favre smile in Mississippi.

  9. just when it seems like the jets know what they are doing, they dump jones for no reason, then compound that by dropping faneca to save a couple million, and leon for next to nothing. ridiculous, I thought they were supposed to be trying to get better?

  10. prettio-
    They better be since they are drafting more tight ends in the draft. A tight end that wasnt even invited to the combine. Thier minds must be elsewhere like on signing this guy. lol

  11. As disappointed as I am about losing 2 team leaders like Leon and Alan, you have to look at the reality. Leon was coming off of a compound fracture of the fibula, and as of RIGHT NOW he can barely run let alone use his cuts which made him good in the first place, and Faneca, while he IS still good, was demanding 7.5mil and he let up 6 sacks on a run first team, not to mention he’s old. C’mon guys, it’s no secret 90% of you guys hate us, but look beyond the bias.

  12. Faneca was responsible for 7 sacks and 3 hurry ups for incompletions, I think a rook can do just as well.

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