Arron Sears joins Tampa exodus

As expected, the Bucs have bounced fullback B.J. Askew and defensive tackle Chris Hovan.

Also gone, per, is guard Arron Sears, a second-round draft pick in 2007 whose career was derailed in 2009 when he went AWOL during the offseason.  He ultimately joined the team in November, but he was overweight and out of shape.

Guard Shawn Murphy, cornerback Stoney Woodson, and punter Sam Paulescu also were released by Tampa.

Because Sears has fewer than four years of service, he’ll be subject to the waivers process.

12 responses to “Arron Sears joins Tampa exodus

  1. Ok, this is actually a bummer. No one ever reported exactly what the “personal issues” were that caused him to leave the team. He was a great rookie and looked to be a key figure on the OL for years to come. He must have been really bad off both emotionally and physically. I hope he finds a team eventually.

  2. Arron Sears and Shawn Andrews should form their own support group to talk about their problems….
    Isn’t there medication that these guys can take to help them realize the millions they are throwing away…
    Both have such wasted talent.

  3. Askew was ALWAYS hurt.
    Sears….peace out this isn’t a charity for the “touche”, hope you find your way but we need to move forward.
    Hovan…hard worker that did as much as his talent would allow..BUT not enough a55 period.

  4. What a joke that franchise is becoming.
    Glazers are the cheapest owners in the NFL.
    Before long your local McDonalds will have a bigger payroll than the Bucs.

  5. To Askew, Sears and Hovan….
    Thank you guys for your service the past years!!!
    Now let’s face it, you are better off now to be speared the up coming humiliating, dreadful shame of a season!!!

  6. Jerry292:
    The “cheap” Glazers are about to pay at least 50 million bucks (30+ guaranteed) to their top draft pick. They traded for Kellen Winslow last year and gave him a hefty extension. They mistakenly gave Michael Clayton a bunch of dough which they now regret. AND they paid last year’s #1 (Freeman) a ton of cash as well.
    Why can’t people realize that the reason the Bucs aren’t going out and spending tons of cash in free agency is because a.) this wasn’t a good free agent class, certainly not full of younger players, and b.) this team had its greatest success with home-grown (drafted) talent. Sure they brought in Keyshawn/Brad Johnson/Simeon Rice to push them over the top, but that’s because they were already NEAR THE TOP.
    The Bucs have the right idea right now, and I just wish more people out there would recognize this! The weak schedule the Bucs are facing this year will do nothing but build confidence for this very young team going into 2011 & 2012.

  7. It is, always will be a business. Big thanks to Hovan, and Askew. No doubt this move will end up being good for both of them.
    I like most of I’ve seen since week 12 of 09….in what’s pretty much a new start in Tampa (jury’s still out on Greg Olson tho).
    Sears is the only real question mark in these cuts (what a mauler he was), and we may never know what the real deal was.
    It’s looking like a great draft, Go Bucs (and don’t ever stray from the Tampa 2 again).

  8. Next the OL will be a mess. Trueblood and Penn are free agents and we all know the Glazers arnt going to pay them. So the team will be “rebuilding” something else next year. And this will go on and on and on every year. They will release anyone who wants money.
    Glazers are doing the same thing with Manchester United. They are cutting all their expensive players and have already said they wont be getting any aquisitions this summer.
    The ownership in Tampa is in serious financial trouble. You are blind if you dont see that.
    Even the Rays have a bigger payroll!!!

  9. Looks like we are making room for the fresh meat. At least they are holding true to the “reloading ” plan of using the draft. Tampa has been a defense minded team with defense loving fans for years. Lets get the defense fixed and maybe win a few this year. Win or lose, close games a more fun to watch and may keep some hope alive for future victories.

  10. not anything too shocking here except for sears a 07 2nd round pick let go 3 years later what a shame.. he was a good guard when he played and now we lose him and more depth for the oline but best of luck to him getting his life and career straight… its a shame its hovan being let go instead of sims hovan gave it all he had and I dunno if the same can be said about sims.. askew and hovan were both solid contributers and gave what they had to the team best of luck to all these guys

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