Bucs hint they would have taken Gerald McCoy first overall

In comments that Gerald McCoy’s agent will surely bring up in contract negotiations, Tampa Bay Buccaneers General Manager Mark Dominik indicated that the team had McCoy at the top of its draft board.

Dominik said in a radio interview with Jim Rome that the Bucs loved both McCoy and Ndamukong Suh, but he suggested that they liked McCoy a little bit better. That means the first three teams in the draft order all got their first choice: The Rams took Sam Bradford first overall, the Lions (who wouldn’t have taken a quarterback after picking Matthew Stafford last year) took Suh second and the Bucs took McCoy third.

“Our main focus was making sure Sam Bradford went No. 1,” Dominik said, per the Tampa Tribune. “We knew we were in great shape with Gerald McCoy or Ndamukong Suh, but we were excited about McCoy because he’s the entire package. He’s a great fit for the 3-technique. We thought he was the best 3-technique on the board.”

Dominik said the Bucs stayed true to their board throughout the draft, and he said that he thinks the team found two potential starters at defensive tackle with McCoy and Brian Price, and two more at wide receiver with Arrelious Benn and Mike Williams.

“When you’re 3-13, you have to be able to draft players that can fit your system and get on the field and produce right away,” Dominik said.

44 responses to “Bucs hint they would have taken Gerald McCoy first overall

  1. why would they say this before getting him to agree to a contract?
    Just pissed away a few million just to kiss his ass…

  2. was praying Price fell to the Giants in the 2nd round. 2 stud DT’s for the Bucs. Great picks, Price and McCoy will destroy the middle and supplant the Williams’ as the best DT tandem in the league very soon if not immediately.

  3. so do people think this will be like the 02′ draft or the 03′ draft?
    wouldn’t it be ironic that the last year without a rookie pay scale, everyone drafted high sucked completely? / Bradford sorry, but you don’t have a shot at being good in St. Loius.
    pulla Jamarcus Russel & suck for 3 years, get cut & retire a millionaire never have to work a day in your life.
    that would be sweet. be a stud college qb . nab all that college tail running around. Then get that rookie contract and get the F outta the league before the owners cut you when you’re 29 7/8th’s

  4. I’m not totally sold on Raheem yet, but otherwise, Dominick and the Bucs appear to be 100% on the right track.

  5. Well, what are they supposed to say? “Uhh, we really wanted Suh, he was great, but unfortunately we had to settle for this other guy, oh well, I guess we’ll just keep our fingers crossed and hope he doesn’t suck”?
    Every team should say the same thing about their number 1 guys, give me a break.

  6. What else are they supposed to say? “We were hoping Detroit would draft Okung, and are mildly disappointed to end up with the second-best DT in this draft class.”
    McCoy is a once-in-every-few-drafts type DT prospect, and Suh is a once-in-every-ten-years type DT prospect. Lets not kid ourselves.
    (To those that suggest that McCoy is a better penetrator, consider both players’ responsibilities and look at the stats: Suh had more hurries (41 to 18), more QB hits (16 to 12), more deflections/INTs (11 to 1), more TFLs/sacks (20 to 15.5) and was more effective on 3rd down passing situations (4.5 sacks, 14 hurries, 5 QB hits and 7 deflections/INTs, compared to McCoy’s 2.5 sacks, 3 hurries, 1 QB hit and 0 deflections). Not only that, but Suh grabbed 4.5 sacks when double-teamed, while McCoy only had 0.5.
    And, yeah… McCoy was shooting gaps while Suh’s responsibility was read-and-react. TB would have never passed on Suh in favor of McCoy.

  7. Of course they’re going to say that, you really think they’re gonna say they liked Suh better when McCoy is now on their team?

  8. If he’s not signed, then you better STFU before it costs you millions more. What a retarded franchise this is.

  9. What would you expect them to say? We really loved Suh but we’ll have to settle for McCoy?

  10. Sure he was. So are they gonna pay him like he was the #1? That’s a load of BS, they just want McCoy to be healthy. Stop the BS. They got an excellent player, and should be all set on D line with him and Price.

  11. Is it really wise to admit that they stuck with their draft board to the end? That’s like giving ownership an easy out if their draft class sucks.

  12. These buffoons said the exact same thing last year. And they will probably say it again next year. Last year the near incoherent Radio said in a press conference that he would have taken Josh Freeman even with the 1st overall pick. It’s the same 2 jackasses that asked Gerald McCoy if he plays in a g-string or a jock.

  13. Completely irrelevant story.. Only fruitcakes like the writers on PFT care about stories like this.

  14. That isn’t the most amazing thing. The teams drafting 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, and on down the board also got “the guy at the top of our list”. Amazing how that works out. Not only that but most of them got the number two guy on their list in the second round.

  15. File this under “waste of space.” What are they going to say? “You know, we really wanted Suh but hey. McCoy is good too and we are still happy with him.”
    C’mon, they would have taken Suh over McCoy if they had the chance, and we know it.

  16. It’s truly a shocker that a GM really loves the guy he just picked and is going to commit 30 mil to…

  17. So, the Bucs liked McCoy better than Suh. I guess that explains the team going downhill after firing Gruden…. Idiots!!!

  18. What do you want them to say? We wish we coulda had suh but since we got you instead we woulda took you along.

  19. “When you’re 3-13, you have to be able to draft players that can fit your system and get on the field and produce right away,” Dominik said.
    the only problem with that is your HC cannot decide his stuff

  20. That was nice of Dominik to say but we all know he’d have been all over Suh if he was there at #3!!!

  21. Teams are always saying stuff like this. They must feel it makes them look smart or something.
    Tampa Bay is a bottom 3 team and thats where they’re gonna stay. So what ever they want to say to feel better about better about themselves doesn’t matter. Bucs SUCK

  22. Dear Tampa Bay,
    I hope Gerald McCoy produces as a high pick defensive tackle.
    Glenn Dorsey

  23. If I were selecting the number one overall pick for the Bucs, I’d have given Gerald McCoy a very slight edge over Suh. But if I were getting ready to negotiate his contract, I’d keep my mouth shut. And if I were employed by a sports team in any capacity–player, coach, or exec–I’d never give an interview to Jim Rome.

  24. Wait…
    By saying that McCoy is the best “3 technique on the board”, isn’t he admitting that he wasn’t the best overall DT on the board? If he thought he was, wouldn’t he just say it?
    Funny stuff.

  25. now we get posts of what teams would have done in the draft.
    great, great, journalism

  26. Eh, we should expect him to say this though he will only get a bump up in salary from the #3 spot of last year.
    McCoy was average most of last season and disappeared in many big games.
    He will be a huge bust

  27. Wow…a bunch of negative punks out here. A down hasn’t been played in the NFL and a lot of you are putting McCoy down. NFL/NCAA football…two different arenas …. GOD be with you GERALD MCCOY!

  28. “McCoy is a once-in-every-few-drafts type DT prospect, and Suh is a once-in-every-ten-years type DT prospect. Lets not kid ourselves.”
    Don’t kid your own self and think that it’s not possible that they become busts. Every year, “can’t miss” players do just that. History tells us that at least a couple of the guys taken in the top 10 will be busts.

  29. poorrichard…. you sure about that? Didn’t know you personally had a look at most people’s boards

  30. Rah & Dom are on the right track? Which track are you speaking of exactly? The one where they have fewer wins than they did the previous season? Ifso, I agree wholeheartedly.
    The Glazer’s are in debt up to their private jets, the only reason these two clowns have a job is because they’re cheap. They took Gruden’s 9-7 team which was improved upon talent-wise and went 3-13. The personnel decisions this front office has made are laughable. They sat out the entire off season and plan on replenishing their roster with rookie talent. Has that worked for this franchise in the past decade? No. They have drafted one Pro-Bowler since 1999 and how many current starters have they drafted? Four. since 2000. The days of Dungy & Wyche drafts are gone.
    The franchise is a joke.

  31. Thought it was a great draft for the bucs. Should see alot of improvement on the field and in two years should be a playoff team. Now we just got to get rid Clayton who apparently has forgotten how to play football but not how to get a new contract.

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