Cutler thinks T.O. is "pretty good," but not for the Bears

Count Jay Cutler among the quarterbacks who do not want to be in the same huddle as Terrell Owens.

Cutler told Vaughn McClure of the Chicago Tribune that he thinks Owens is “pretty good,” but that he doesn’t view him as a good fit in the Bears’ offense.

“T.O. is a pretty good player, but for this system . . . I don’t know how he would fit in,” Cutler said. “Our receiver position, I think, is one of the strengths of the team. I think there are other needs that we could have addressed if we didn’t go that direction.”

With new offensive coordinator Mike Martz in Chicago, there’s a new playbook for Cutler and his receivers to learn. But while that playbook will feature plenty of sets with three or four receivers on the field at a time, Cutler doesn’t think there’s any need for Owens to be added to the receivers already on the roster.

“We’re going to use a lot of receivers this year,” Cutler said. “They’re learning the system, just like I am.”

54 responses to “Cutler thinks T.O. is "pretty good," but not for the Bears

  1. Wow, even more opportunities for Cutler to throw picks with the 3 and 4 WR sets.
    Let’s set the over/under at 30 INTs.

  2. I think Cutler took one too many hits last season if he thinks TO couldn’t upgrade the Bears or that the receiver position is one of their strengths

  3. “Our receiver position, I think, is one of the strengths of the team.”
    Your #1 WR used to be a DB!

  4. You can call Cutler whatever you want–a puss, a crybaby, a drunk, colorblind, whatever.
    But one thing he’s NOT is dumb.
    He’s already got Diabetes–no need to mess with a cancer, too.

  5. Bears 2010 record-4-12. Then Jerry fires Lovie, makes Rod Marinelli the new head coach, keeps Martz as the OC and Rod hire Joe Berry to be his DC.

  6. Who is he talking about? Hester is completely average as a wideout.
    Look, I don’t want TO in my huddle either. Have him open a restaurant with Shaun Alexander or something. But Vandy-educated Cutler continues to amaze me with on-field, back-foot throws for interceptions and off-field stupid statements.
    Let me axe you this: if Cutler fails in Chicago, and believe me, he’s on his way, with all the hype and “necessary NFL tools”, will he be a bigger flop than if Tebow fails?

  7. He doesnt view him as a good fit, because Cutler knows Cutler sucks and doesnt want to be called out by TO.

  8. Cutler is a dumbass. When you essentially have no receivers, TO looks good by comparison. The one eyed man is King in the land of the blind.
    What’s Cutler afraid of, that he will no longer be the biggest asshole on the team?

  9. Why is it that anyone in their right mind would want T.O.? There was some architect on ESPN II who called in who seemed to sound intelligent and he was defending T.O. about how teams should be vying for T.O.’s services and how right T.O. is about so many of his rantings and ravings and so on. Well thank goodness this man whoever he is-is employed as an architect because he would make quite a jackass as an NFL manager. What sane person in their right mind (other than Jerry Jones who proves you can be rich, stupid and an assclown) would want to subject his coaches let alone his players to King Clown T.O. who went to the school of Dennis Rodman look at me I am a conceded assclown. I am not a Bears fan but even I don’t wish T.O. on the Bears.

  10. no way do we need that jerk on the team. yea the recievers did poorly last year but remember 2 things,they were first and second year players and the best one DA did not play the first part of the season because ron turner is an idiot, and secondly they played in a ron turner offense!how are young guys suppsed to get better if they don’t play?who ever heard of the guys on the rams before martz took over?what did they do after he left?they have a years experiance now and will be playing in a real offense for a change so they will be for hester how was he supposed to put up numbers when all they did was throw him a screen pass on third when he was greeted by 5 people waiting on it because they knew it was coming?

  11. I would say Cutler is kind of right. Cutler does have some good upcoming star WR’s, but I know Hester will not be one of them. So if this team wants to use more then 2 WR’s It think T.O. would be a good one to add. I do not see Hester every having a big WR career. I do agree that Knox and Aromashadu are good and coming along and they showed that at the end of last season. But I think I would rather have T.O. to replace Hester.

  12. he should be in favor of adding any plymaker that will lower his int total,25 is pretty high right!?,but i really do respect how he didnt throw his wrs under the bus,stating they were the strength of team[a little delusional,but hey]

  13. Especially with Torry Holt on the market. Absolutely no reason to add a declining posses ion receiver that would have to learn the system.

  14. Cutler wouldn’t know a good receiver from a cornerback… know…..cause he throws interceptions.

  15. Cutler thinks his receivers are a strength of the team. Sounds like a 6-10 record if he’s right.

  16. Cutler throws so many interceptions that it really doesn’t matter who is out at WR anyway.

  17. I won’t be able to sleep until I am familiar with every quarterbacks’ personal, albeit irrelevant, opinion of Terrell Owens.
    Please, go find out what Luke McCown thinks of Owens; I’m itching to cross him off my list.

  18. That’s the PC thing for Cutler to say, he feels like the WR’s are a strength. Sends the right message trusting his receivers and getting their respect, or at the least it doesn’t piss them off. Is he right…not by a long shot.

  19. Some of you on this board are pretty freakin clueless. Cutler is saying the exact things he should be saying to the media. What do you want him to do, rip his teammates to shreds and say how lousy they are? Wow, that would be productive, wouldn’t it. No, he is doing what a leader should be doing and that is build his team up and start to build a chemistry within his offensive corps. He cannot make the decisions as to who the Bears have at WR so he has to make do with what he has.
    As for TO… are you F@#$ing serious? He has destroyed every single team and locker room he has been a part of and some of you are actually saying he would benefit the Bears? Whatever you’re smoking, PUFF PUFF PASS – it has to be some great weed.

  20. Dummies, what he’s saying is T.O. has been a pain in the ass everywhere he’s been, and that he doesn’t want the headache. Try reading between the lines.

  21. Translation: “HELP.” Cutler is clearly in denial of how limited these receivers are in their potential skills for this system. Either that are they caught him in a night interview.
    Either way, I’m sure he wants someone of Brandon Marshall’s athleticism and speed.

  22. Go after Mark Clayton, trade for the Dolphins scout team WR, whatever floats your boat. BUT dont let TO near the team, the city, or even the state. F**K that!
    Bears fans are happy to have you Jay. Every day and all year long…

  23. He is saying use that money to get someone for the offensive line. If they don’t get someone to block it isn’t going to matter who the WR are.

  24. I don’t see anyone screaming for T.O. right now. He’s on the downside of his career- his rec., yards, and tds have been in steady decline since ’07- add his personality to the mix, and he simply scares teams off.

  25. Most of you people on here have no clue!! I read all of your BS everyday!! I would love to know who your fav team is or does it change every other season with who ever is good? let me guess you are all saints fans now??
    Cutler said the right things! he can’t come out and say his guys suck!! T.O still has skills but would ruin the team.
    As far as who ever said Stafford was the next Elway… I will take my chances with Jay all day!!

  26. You can call Cutler whatever you want–a puss, a crybaby, a drunk, colorblind, whatever.
    But one thing he’s NOT is dumb.
    He’s already got Diabetes–no need to mess with a cancer, too.
    Worth repeating.

  27. Just because the Bears don’t have a truly #1 stud WR doesn’t mean they don’t have talent at the position.
    Hester’s stats have pretty much doubled in new year at the position, and he continues to be a serious threat in the open field.
    Johnny Knox made a huge impact as a rookie, making the Pro Bowl as a returner and adding 45 receptions for 527 yds–tied for third most by a Bears rookie and tied for the most by a rookie wide receiver in team history. His 527 yards were the fifth most by a Bears rookie receiver.
    Knox’s six total TDs tied for fifth among NFL rookies, trailing only Broncos running back Knowshon Moreno (9), Harvin (8), Cardinals running back Beanie Wells (7) and Colts receiver Austin Collie (7).
    Knox also became the first Bears rookie to score a TD in four straight games since Payton did it in 75.
    Then you have Sho-du (Devin Aromashodu), who had 22 receptions for 282 yards and four touchdowns over the final four games, and at least ONE person thinks is poised for a huge breakout this year (2, if you count me):
    And it’s not just about the WRs, it’s about ALL the receiving threats–Bears TEs annually combine for over 100 receptions. Olsen and Clark (if he’s retained) are great threats.
    And both Forte and Chester Taylor are exceptional at catching passes out of the backfield.
    Nope, on this one, Cutler is right and the majority of you lunkheads are wrong–the Bears have more than enough young talented receiving threats. And under Martz’s schematic genius, the offense is gonna explode this season (if we get the damn line fixed).
    You watch. Better yet, go on thinking we’ve got such a crappy receiving core–just don’t say no one told you they were going to be good.

  28. At T.O ‘s age he Is still better than any WR the bears have had in the last 5 years. And Mr INT shouldn’t talking about being good bc he sucks

  29. # cadillacjosh says: April 27, 2010 2:56 PM
    Especially with Torry Holt on the market. Absolutely no reason to add a declining posses ion receiver that would have to learn the system.
    Torry Holt isn’t on the market, he signed with the Patriots last week.

  30. TO thinks you suck! He knows he’d bitch because all you do is throw the ball to the other team!!!!!

  31. I totally agree with you Howie Handles; “what he’s saying is T.O. has been a pain in the ass everywhere he’s been, and that he doesn’t want the headache. Try reading between the lines.”
    He is also admitting that he was most of their passing game problemss last year. Sounds like Cutler has matured. He will thrive in Mike Martz’s system. Peppers will thrive in the Bear’s defense with a rejuvenated Urlacher and Briggs. Hester will be explosive and one of the most dangerous receiver weapons in the NFL at the Slotback position. That position mimics returns (punts and KO’s) more than any other Wideout position. He will be simplyh lethal catching the 3-8 yarders and stretching them into 40-80 yarders. He’ll be almost unstoppable on reverses and screens (even double screens with Chester Taylor). And this new approach will allow their other young laser fast wideouts to excel. Expect big years from the RBs in this system too.
    I completely agree with Cutler. And I understand why he is so excited about the new system and don’t want it soiled with TO’s baggage. But ultimately he will be the key. If he is up to the task in that system, the defense will be there and the Bears could well be SB bound again. Curt Warner thrived in that system. And Cutler has the potential to be better than Warner. I like what Da Bears are doing!

  32. Anyone who has watched the bears knows Cutler has no receivers worth mentioning aside from Olsen. Kudos to Cutler for talking up his teammates. Even if its BS he took the high road and spoke well of his teammates.

  33. The position of “team dickhead” has already been filled with Cutler. They don’t need another one.

  34. “Our receiver position, I think, is one of the strengths of the team.”
    Sounds like a VERY weak team.

  35. Devin Aromashodu will be the break about WR of 2010 mark my words Cutler has wanted him out there since day 1, Cutler threw 8TDs 2int with Aromashodu Starting
    They know the kid has talent and is 6’2

  36. “We’re going to use a lot of receivers this year,” Cutler said. “They’re learning the system, just like I am. It’s a little bit different than what they’re used to, a little bit more Z cuts. D.A. has looked good so far. I’m definitely excited for him.”
    There is the end of the interview referenced up there… Say D.A. will dominate

  37. Its funny TO never gets arrested, has any off the field issues and people cant stand him because he speaks his mind. Its not his fault that nobody had enough stones to stand up to him. I bet you a dime to a dollar McNabb would have had him back after their initial dustup. The Cowboys werent much better with out him. Cutler should be happy to have him if nothing other than a decoy. His receivers are nothing to write home about.

  38. Yeah the Bears may have young inexperienced starters, but they performed pretty well last year. Of course there were plenty of mistakes/picks but Ron Turner is gone thank GOD! That should help the offense in itself with a new offensive guru Martz coaching.
    Yeah I’d rather not have Team Obliverator on the Bears and let the young guys who have an extra year under their belt start. Sure Hester hasn’t been great, but will be used more properly this year, same with big Greg Olsen and manumaleuna will help the line even if we don’t sign another OL.
    Bear Down

  39. More sheenanigans and poor leadership from Cutler, telling us his team doesn’t need a headcase and complimenting his teamates.
    What a headcase.

  40. TO used to be great but he isn’t even a possession WR anymore. He couldn’t get open last season to save his life AND he dropped many passes right in the hands
    He will be a nightmare for whatever QB he plays for since he will want the ball yet drop it or get it swatted away when thrown to him

  41. So … Cutler’s being bashed for talking-up his current group of WRs? Rather than saying they need to upgrade a weak group?
    He can’t win. If he opens his mouth, someone’s going to crack him.
    This is a classier way of saying T.O. is a piece of s**t (which he is) and no sane person would want to share a huddle with him.

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