John Henderson confirms he'll visit Chiefs on Wednesday

Cut loose by the Jaguars on Monday after a failed effort to trade him on draft weekend, veteran defensive tackle John Henderson will soon be making the rounds as a free agent.

Henderson told our friend Nick Wright of Sports Radio 610 in Kansas City that he’ll visit the Chiefs on Wednesday.  (He’s also scheduled to visit the Giants.)

A career defensive tackle in a 4-3 front, Henderson said he can play nose tackle in the 3-4 base alignment that the Chiefs employ, or drop some weight and play defensive end.

He joined the NFL via the first round of the 2002 draft, the same round that produced defensive end Julius Peppers and defensive tackle Albert Haynesworth, the premier free agents for each of the past two years.

20 responses to “John Henderson confirms he'll visit Chiefs on Wednesday

  1. Why would he want to go to Kansas City??? They suck!! The Giants, I can see, but not the Queefs.
    Obviously he’d be going for the $$ but c’mon now…

  2. that last paragraph may be history repeating itself with Alualu vs. Pierre-Paul and Dan Williams?

  3. Henderson had potential to be a great player. He never had his motor running all the time. It’s kind of sad to know what potential he lost. Anybody who saw him at Tennessee or the early years in Jacksonville knows he could take over a game.

  4. He’ll be back with the guy who drafted him in 2002; Tom Coughlin. All the best to you Big Hen!

  5. Keep sleeping on KC…keep sleeping. Them boys are creeping back up right under your nose.

  6. He didn’t work out as a DE in the 3 – 4 when we ran that scheme in Jax … no sacks, not effective.

  7. Holy sh!t,
    i just checked out that 2002 draft. damn son studs all over the 1st round
    2003 & 2004 not so much

  8. If Kansas City get’s a middle lb and a decent right tackle they will be competitive this year.
    I don’t think Henderson is really needed..
    They were in a lot of the games they lost last year.. with much less talent (players and coaches) than this year..

  9. xR11Rx says:
    April 27, 2010 12:25 AM
    Why would he want to go to Kansas City??? They suck!! The Giants, I can see, but not the Queefs.
    Man you suck your Giants suck they did last year and they wll this year the redskins and dallas are going to have a feast on your giants they wont make the playoffs this year just like they missed them last year..then we can call them the GiantQueefs!!! GOCHIEFS!!!!!!!

  10. xR11Rx says:
    April 27, 2010 12:25 AM
    Why would he want to go to Kansas City??? They suck!! The Giants, I can see, but not the Queefs.
    times they are a changin….cant wait until next giants -chiefs tilt, its gonna be different , chiefs on the rise

  11. I hope the Bears are interested, add him between Tommie Harris and Julius Peppers and they’d have a monster d-line. He would free up double teams for the other two and clog the middle. Unfortunately Jerry Angelo likes smaller/fast “tampa” tackles. Adding Big John would give them the best D-line in the league.

  12. For all you retards out there im gonna put it to you straight. The Kansas City Chiefs are gonna be pretty good this year and they are one of the best franchises to play for got some of the best coachs on up to the owner. Bringing in John Henderson will give them the nt they need and also bring a veteran to a very young d-line, John Henderson will be a chief! And i think they just had a pretty good draft as well, we will run shit in the AFC West!

  13. Tuck, Osi, Kiwi, JPP.
    Then add Henderson and our rook Joseph to the mix?
    With Rolle, Grant, Kenny Phillips, Chad Jones in the OF?
    Better get the ball off quick against the G-Men next year.

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