Goodell indicates three-day draft is here to stay

The three-day draft isn’t going anywhere.

Roger Goodell said during an NFL Network interview with Rich Eisen to be aired Wednesday night that, “I’d be hard-pressed to think we won’t go with the two-night primetime
start, and the three-day draft.”

This hardly comes as a surprise.

We said the new format would be a home run before the draft, and the excellent ratings guaranteed the format will stick.  (With that said, we’re not sure the ratings truly defeated expectations. We knew they’d be high.)

Goodell also confirmed that the draft could possibly move to another city other than New York, perhaps just for one day.

The draft is my only home game of the year and Radio City Music Hall is an excellent place to spend a Saturday afternoon, so I selfishly hope they don’t go anywhere.

39 responses to “Goodell indicates three-day draft is here to stay

  1. Maybe someday they will realize that the east coast isn’t the only coast.
    Sellfish prick.

  2. I think it was successful. We all anticipated more trading up early in the 2nd and 3rd days, knowing that teams were “stewing” on guys they wanted, but we actually saw some restraint.

  3. Yeah, yeah Florio, you neglect to mention the hours you spent hidden in that closet in the Rockettes dressing room while Rosenthal and Smith minded the store.

  4. @ Rosenthal,
    I don’t understand how you don’t consider the Jets/Giants as home teams. I know they play in Jersey, but everyone else in New York considers the Jets and Giants to be home teams. What’s so complicated about it for you?

  5. The move the Super Bowl around, and now they do the same with the Pro Bowl moving to Miami, Should have it in Los Angeles, Miami, and Chicago in my honest opinion
    Use smart venues, it would make sense.

  6. Well that just sucks for football fans.
    Another example of how the NFL is turning hostile to fans.
    What next? Flashing Viagra ads on TV during plays?

  7. of course it is,if the NFL can make another 75 cents by doing it that way it will stay its ALL about the money

  8. Another case of TV ratings being more important than the opinions of those most impacted.. Thanks, Roger. Your attention to detail is noted.

  9. Would be nice if they rotated it every year and made it a “fan fest” type deal. Maybe concentrate on the cities that will never host a Super Bowl because they are cold weather cities without a dome (not counting New York of course, because whatever they want they get).

  10. “Goodell also confirmed that the draft could possibly move to another city other than New York, perhaps just for one day.”
    Oh wonderful, just like American Idol.
    Lets guess which city: Jacksonville, Oakland, Detroit, Cincinnati…, no I’ve got it………… London.

  11. willmose says:
    April 28, 2010 6:02 PM
    The draft is toast. No CBA no draft.
    You realize that 100% the opposite of reality, right? The draft will take place, CBA or no. AFTER that, we’re all screwed.

  12. I just wish they would extend the timer again, this years draft just blew by and seemed kind of boring.

  13. I’ve got to be honest: I was totally against the Prime Time schedule of the draft because I thought it would have moved along way too slow as it usually does. The 1st round flew by, the Giants picked at 15, and I was out cold by 10. Friday was just as quick.
    Hate to say it, but I actually enjoyed it.

  14. Two things: in the event of no CBA could the entire draft pool be considered eligble to play if they decide not to be union members? If so we can assume that they would still have the potentical to create an exciting product on the field. And second, who in the hell watched Saturday?

  15. FU, the west coast gets screwed again!!!! GODell needs to realize that the east coast is not the only place in this country!!!! THIS BLOWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. i didn’t like thursday night. thought it sucked actually. as a sports fan, there was a triple overtime playoff hockey game on. i watched more of that.
    saturday/sunday during the day was perfect. it didn’t interfere with anything.
    move it back!

  17. I enjoyed it but, it didn’t make sense to start it on a Thursday. Why not Friday night, prime time, and then finish it over Sat & Sun?
    I agree that it should be rotated throughout the cities with an NFL franchise. It would be nice to see some of those cities often not seen. Seattle, Denver, St. Louis, Minneapolis, etc.
    Maybe in 32 years, LA would even have a franchise! 🙂

  18. Get rid of Thursday and include Sunday instead or else start it later on Thursday so that people aren’t still at work when it starts.

  19. Three-day draft drew 45 million viewers vs. two-day draft drawing 40 million.
    Is the breakdown for viewership for each of the three days available?
    Also, since Goodell already screwed a good thing by making the draft three days maybe he can at least get on the good side of the fans (for once, you POS commissioner). Don’t let ESPN and the NFL Network announce the picks before they are official.
    I don’t give a poop if those networks say they have to do it because the pick has been Tweetered or posted on Facebook. I WANT TO WATCH THE DRAFT AND SEE THE PICKS ANNOUNCED BY GENUINE NFL OFFICIALS!!!!!!!!

  20. The current format is okay, but I will miss being able to go to the Saturday team NFL draft events (no point in driving there for the evening and one round).
    The draft should be moved around though. I for one am tired of the Jets faithful booing and being disrespectful of these kids. Heck, half the time they boo their OWN picks!
    Spread the love, and give us fans a better chance of cheering for OUR team during the draft!

  21. Goodell is a piece of $***. All he cares about is money. The Thursday draft sucked. IT BELONGS on the weekend. Personally i can’t the guy and i hope gets caught with his pants down somewhere somehow and is forced out.

  22. I liked it but i didnt….Round one should be in a friday that way everyone can stay up n watch it…….this is about the only good move goodell has done since he got the job and turned into a nazi

  23. Chapnasty2 says:
    April 28, 2010 8:22 PM
    “The west coast sucks, you get nothing for failing at everything else!”
    Never been there have you?
    It may suck, but you swallow.

  24. MasterShake +1
    Fondest memories of the draft include the Jets fans losing it at drafting Kyle Brady and Bill Polian asking “Who the hell is Mel Kiper anyway?!” when they chose a LB over QB. These are things I would’ve missed had the draft been on an hour before I got home from work. At least push it back to 5pm. I cann’t imagine the rating were all that spectacular in LA or any part of the west coast.

  25. I like the format, but now Goodell needs to move the draft to early March and he’ll be all set. Late April is too long to wait.

  26. OLDCRACKER says:
    April 28, 2010 7:43 PM
    I enjoyed it but, it didn’t make sense to start it on a Thursday. Why not Friday night, prime time, and then finish it over Sat & Sun?
    Thursday night prime time is the second most watched night of TV, after Sunday night.
    Who’s gonna stay home on a friday night to watch draft picks?

  27. They ought to hold it when the teams want to hold it. Screw viewership and ratings. Goodell wants to squeeze every damn penny out of every deal he gets, and it’s getting pathetic.
    I can’t speak for other teams, but I know Ted Thompson went on record saying he prefered the two day draft. Get it done and move on. I imagine other GMs/personnel guys feel the same way. Shouldn’t their opinion matter more than TV ratings? Why can’t Goodell understand that?

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