Sharper leaves Jacksonville without contract

The first trip of Darren Sharper’s free agent tour is over, without a contract in place.

NFL Network’s Jason La Canfora reports Sharper has left Jacksonville after a “productive” visit and will remain in contact with the team.  It’s unclear if he received a contract offer.

Sharper has no other visits scheduled at this time, and the Saints still appear to be the most likely landing spot for the safety.

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  1. The Saints are on the money and have dictated the market value for Sharper. The only change is that the Saints have less need to resign Sharper after drafting a CB in the 1st Rd, which will move Jenkins to Safety. No one wants to over pay a player on the decline.

  2. Of course the Saints are the most likely landing spot for Sharper. He’s old and the last team he was with (Saints) won the superbowl and he’s a perfect fit for the D Coordinator’s system. You tellin me he’s going to learn a whole new system at his age to only be playing for 1-2 years there?
    Come onnnn man! Yo Sharp, I know you read these comments on this website so listen up. You know the Saints still got at least one more championship run left in Brees’ window of opportunity. Wouldn’t you rather be a two time Super Bowl champion than some Jacksonville fade out or go to Dallas and get ousted after one playoff game like they’ve been doing for over a decade? I know the Saints haven’t been a winning team traditionally but as they say, this ain’t ya mama’s saints. These are the SUPERBOWL CHAMPION Saints. So come back for another year, make get some more pick 6’s and mentor young Malcom Jenkins on being your heir apparent. What do you have to lose? Go out on top.

  3. If he didn’t get an offer I would be shocked. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if they over paid him in order to get him to a so called non contender.

  4. Jesus – the least you could do is spell the guy’s name right in the first sentence of this article. It’s not Darren Sharpe, it’s Darren Sharper.

  5. People who correct typo’s on blogs are retarded and just end up wasting space. I bet you there will be at least 5 people who do it in this blog before my comment is posted.

  6. I wonder what games people are watching sometimes…He played like a top 5 FS last year,and the numbers back me up…9 picks, 3 pick 6s, a couple called back due 2 penalty…He had problems when our starting CBs got hurt and he couldnt freelance because Gay was getting beat so bad I labeled them hate crimes because I said the phrase “Gay gets beaten on the play” so much…) He was underpaid… as a sign of good faith and appreciation 4 the year he had they could’ve made sure he retires a happy Saint,but they fuggin it all up…It just better not bite em in the a$$…

  7. The Jaguars would be better off trying to let Reggie Nelson finally shine….
    hes been a disappointment so far buuuut
    you dont wanna tell him that he sucks so bad an almost 40 yr old can do better

  8. Cuttin-We are watching the same games you watch but this is a business with bottom lines and profit margins. The Saints are not worried about Sharper’s happiness and sending out signs of good faith. Charity organizations function with acts of kindness and appreciation. The Saints organization is a business enterprise that fill up seats and sell merchandise. That’s why they over pay Reggie and allow Bell to depart for more money.
    If Sharper gets more money elsewhere, Sharper becomes a little richer and a team paid above his market value. If he stays a Saint, he excepted market value for his services.
    It’s strictly business not measures of good faith.

  9. Darren Sharper had a history making season last year – I really hope he ends up at New Orleans again!!!

  10. Welcome to Dallas Mr.Sharper. Would you like #26? It was worn by a stiff named Ken Hamlin but it’s mostly clean since he didn’t tackle last year.

  11. In a “what have u done 4 me lately” league..he produced…point blank. All arguements are moot due to the simple fact he had a top 5 year last year and could very well do it again on this team…Nobody said a thing about charity,but when U perform at the level he played at he deserves 2 be compensated…Screw age…Favre made what, 20 mil last year alone??? Not comparing the two,but Sharper earned the right 2 get as much as possible…and if he does it 4 another team and have the same results as 2009 the Saints are gonna look like 100% Pure Chumps…

  12. I would love to see him back in NOLA, but not if it means over paying. Yes, he had a top 5 year last year, but no team with any football sense will over pay for a guy his age (Calling Washington and Dallas!). Lots of teams need some FS help and with his numbers from last year, you would think there would be a line up of GM’s waiting to sign him, yet he’s still available. That tells you something about how much teams are willing to shell out for a guy his age. Lets be honest, he may have had an awesome year last year, but he WILL start declining and soon. Maybe next year…maybe the year after that, but it is going to happen soon.
    The Saints confirmed they have a deal on the table. Anybody heard how much? I assume they have somewhere in the $3M range. I’d love to know the difference between the offer and what he’s asking.
    Persoanlly, I say give him a big money deal, but limit the guaranteed amount. Give him a 3 year deal loaded with incentives. IF he can stay healthy produce similar the man like he deserves. if not, he gets a respectable sum. So easy for an internet GM huh?

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