Wiley wonders about Parcells' role in Dez Bryant question

On Wednesday we pointed out that while everyone is piling on Dolphins G.M. Jeff Ireland for asking Dez Bryant whether his mother was a prostitute, no one seems to be questioning what role Ireland’s boss, Bill Parcells, had in Ireland’s decision to ask the question.

Now someone is questioning Parcells’ role in the matter, and it’s one of Parcells’ former players.

“I’ve been in that same position and that same seat as a Dez Bryant,” ex-NFL defensive end Marcellus Wiley said Thursday morning on ESPN Radio. “I can go back to when I was signed as a free agent by the Dallas Cowboys in 2004. Walking into Bill Parcells’ office — this is my, quote unquote, recruiting trip of sorts — I’ve been in the league, this is my seventh or eighth year, Bill Parcells, back turned to me, writing on the chalkboard, doesn’t even turn around to, say, ‘Hello’ or ‘Nice to meet you, Marcellus Wiley,’ just echoes, ‘Do you do drugs?'”

Wiley did end up signing with the Cowboys, and he says that at the time he wasn’t overly offended by the question. But he says hearing about the question Ireland asked Bryant makes him think about the question Parcells asked him.

“I took that in jest, but now listening to the Dez Bryant situation, there could have been a context in which he meant that in not so positive a way,” Wiley said. “Dez Bryant sitting there and hearing, ‘Is your mother a prostitute’ makes me think of Bill Parcells and his connection as the executive in the Miami Dolphins’ organization.”

Wiley noted twice during his radio appearance that he’s from Compton, California, and he questioned whether Parcells might have some biases about players with backgrounds like his. At the same time, Wiley said he doesn’t necessarily have a problem with Parcells and Ireland exploring Bryant’s family background. Wiley said the Dolphins could have been genuinely concerned about Bryant as a person and simply hoping to get as full a picture as possible of his background.

“The connection of Bill Parcells and Jeff Ireland — you know what? I’m not going to look at this as something that’s going to degrade you,” Wiley said. “I’m not looking at this question as something that’s going to try and put an indictment on you. I’m simply saying, if you have these issues, and these pressures around you, maybe I should help you.”

Still, Wiley said that if Parcells and Ireland wanted to know about Bryant’s background, “There has to be a better way to do it.”

54 responses to “Wiley wonders about Parcells' role in Dez Bryant question

  1. So now Parcells is guilty too?
    I think it’s time to now delve into the backgrounds of those celebrity minor owners of the Dolphins Ross sold a few shares to to see if any of them were also involved.
    Give it a rest, please.

  2. What’s lost in all those is that noone quoted the question verbatim. It’s been paraphrased. Noone has said how Ireland asked the question. How do we know he didn’t ask the question in a less directive manner and Bryant was just embellishing when he gave the story to Silver? We don’t. And until Ireland comes out and says the context the question was asked, we’ll never know.

  3. Bill Parcells, back turned to me, writing on the chalkboard, doesn’t even turn around to, say, ‘Hello’ or ‘Nice to meet you, Marcellus Wiley,’ just echoes, ‘Do you do drugs?'”
    Better opening question that I had to that hot brunette I met a couple years ago. She was expecting ‘How are you’ or ‘Nice to meet you’ but I dropped the classy ‘Are you a hooker?’ ice breaker. Shocker I never dated her.

  4. Is this the only football story? This is getting more exposure than the suspension of Ben Rapistberger. Can we please move on……………………

  5. personally I would like to know if Dolphins owner J-Lo was involved. Maybe she instructed Ireland to ask the question. Maybe she thought she knew Dez’s mother.

  6. this is crazy,there were/are reports of dez bryants mom being a prostitute and his dad being a pimp,his mom did an 18 month stint for crack,i dont see anything racist,or out of line abot the question,it was a reasonable question,he already knew the answer,was just looking for a reaction[from bryant],not the namsy pamsy media and public

  7. Keep beating a dead horse PFT.
    How about a story on why Rey Maualuga and Eric Foster have not been disciplined by the NFL.
    Rey pleads guilty to DUI while accompanied by two underage girls 17,18.
    Eric accused of sexual assault.

  8. This idiot also said Ben was the last problem for the NFL. He forgot about Jerry Jones, Ronnie Brown, Jared Allen, Eric Foster, the Clevelabd Browns who punched out a nightclub security person and the idiot for the Seahags who beat his girlfriend!!

  9. And still… I don’t care… please report something worth reading… and quit reporting 100 different versions of the same story…

  10. I realize it’s a slow time for NFL news, but seriously, everyone has an opinion. This story is rediculous and if you post everyone’s thoughts we’ll still be hearing about this crap next week.
    There’s no grey area here…Everyone either thinks he should be disciplined or they think he had the right to ask the question.
    Can we just move on already? Stop keeping this story in the limelight. Who the hell cares.

  11. It’s one thing to ask a player if he does drugs, that’s something a team has the right to know. It’s entirely different to ask a player if his mother does drugs.
    Last time I checked, none of these guys’ moms have ever suited up in an NFL game.

  12. Solution: DR. Cal Lightman (Tim Roth) is the world’s leading deception expert. If you lie to Lightman, he’ll see it in your face and your posture, or hear it in your voice. If you shrug your shoulder, rotate your hand, or even just slightly raise your lower lip, Lightman will spot the lie.
    The NFL has 1 official profiler and evaluations and recordings are shared amongst the 32 teams.
    The profiler would establish any physical and mental health concerns.

  13. who cares, let it go. if his mom put out to feed him, now he has to put out to feed her. lets MOVE ON already.

  14. You’re about to pay someone millions of millions of dollars. I’m asking all kinds of questions. Look at Pacman and his “family/friends/innercircle”. It stinks it’s his mother but it could be the truth. I wouldn’t want another pacman type of situation.

  15. Shut the hell up already! This is getting so freakin rediculous, Dez accepted the apology and everyone should get off their high horse and move on!

  16. BigBlueDeadHead says: April 29, 2010 10:06 AM
    This site is almost dead to me.
    Totally agree. This site has been circling the bowl for a few months now, but this is getting pathetic. I don’t know if Florio has too many irons on the fire to focus like he used to, or if he burned too many bridges to get the inside scoop. This site was AWESOME, now it’s TMZ without the access or ability to snag the big “get”. They don’t break stories on here anymore, no insider info to speak of, and there isn’t anyone on the staff that has the cred to be a bona fide football analyst. This sucks, now I focus on my work more, and I blame Florio; do you know how boring it is to be an Accountant? Come on guys, step it up.

  17. Dolphins were one of 11 teams to interview Bryant. Which means they were less predjudiced towards him than 21 other teams in the league. Numerous teams had him completely off their list from what I understand. Also, in his rant Bryant mentioned that “all the teams he talked to asked personal questions” that made him angry.
    Jerry Jones seems tapped into that seedy circle involving David Wells, Riley West, and the Dallas area hard drug trade in some fashion. Maybe Jerry needs a “little help from his friends” to get by these days, and part of his pact with that ‘ol white devil involves drafting the latest local diva.

  18. Really, this is ridiculous.
    The NFL is not the business world. H.R. does not apply here. You don’t want your personal life poked and prodded? Fine, we don’t want to pay you millions of dollars.
    If you want to play somewhere where they don’t ask you about your checkered past, go to Cincinnati.

  19. Anybody know other good sports sites?
    deadspin is great. but that’s more of a comedy site.
    this is just awful.

  20. Dude–seriously? You & Florio have an unhealthy obsession with Bill Parcells. Really, you need to get over it. You can’t go a week without digging up something to try & slime him with. Jeff Ireland said something dumb. Period. There’s not a one of us alive who hasn’t said something dumb. Your site says dumb things daily. Really, move on.
    As far as Marcellus Wiley goes–um, check out how poorly he played for Dallas. If his talent had been anywhere close to his ego, he could have been one of the greats. Instead, he’s pretty much a bust. Perhaps Parcells asked him about drugs because Parcells had a fair amount of experience with the temptations players have in their daily lives. He did coach a player named Lawrence Taylor, who had a bit of a struggle with drugs. It’s not such a far-fetched question to ask ANY player. (Do you supposed anyone thinking of signing Pacman Jones, might–just might–ask some stern questions about drugs & drinking? Maybe Michael Vick was asked some questions by the Eagles about drugs? Here’s a thought–if the Falcons had asked Vick some tough questions to begin with, maybe they could have headed off a disaster.)
    But back to my first point–I’ll bet next month’s salary that your site manages to mention Parcells at least once more this week, & at least once next week. Really, you need to find someone else to obsess about. This just isn’t healthy.

  21. I’m sure that fat coward has something to do with all this. But all he does is hide and not confront anybody to give an explanation. What a joke the Dolphins are!!!

  22. This one question, that the ONE person it should matter isn’t worried about is causing so much stupid crap for what?!
    EVERY GM in the league asked questions this, last, and several years before pre draft interviews that can be viewed as questionable.
    It’s a DEAD story. TMZ thinks it’s ridiculous.
    Let it go

  23. What is more embarassing?
    An NFL player’s Moms caught hooking, or an an NFL player’s Dad caught in some investment fraud?
    Of course it’s the Ho.
    Of course it could have been worded better by the Dolphins, but it’s a valid question considering his/her history.

  24. No one wants to hear about Dez Bryants whore of a mother, but want to know more about Ben? What do you idoits want?

  25. If you guys that are ripping this site don’t want to read stuff like this…go read SI.com or ESPN.com.
    This is Pro Football TALK.com
    Not ProFootball NEWS.com
    Seriously, I bet some of you guys go to TMZ and complain that this isn’t “news”.
    Get over yourselves and your self rightious “THIS ISN’T A STORY!” comments. Go stick your nose in a Sports Illustrated…

  26. In both instances, I get the line of questioning – you want to shock the player to see how he responds. Your guy is going to be lined up across a 300-lb. monster who has no problem saying crap like that, and you want to see how he responds. You don’t want your multi-million dollar investment to blow a cork because he thin-skinned. HOWEVER, the difference here is Parcells went after the player’s character, and Ireland went after the player’s mother’s character. Ireland is way off base here. There are plenty of character smears you could try in an interview and accomplish the same thing without bringing in someone’s mother, spouse, kids, etc.

  27. Tuna has never been known for his touchy-feely people skills. He’s always been an asshole.
    And, after watching him closely in Dallas for a few years, I’m not sure he’s all that great a coach. He IS, however, a great talent spotter.
    Given his penchant for overcontrolling, it wouldn’t surprise me at all to find that Ireland was operating on direct orders from the Tuna. That said, Ireland should have known that the question was inappropriate. It doesn’t matter if Bryant’s mother was a crack whore or the Queen of England – she isn’t going to play for the Dolphins. And I suspect that Bryant is glad he isn’t either, if that’s the way they treat prospective employees.

  28. When 20% of active players have an arrest record why is questioning someones background out of line? Ireland is about to make a million dollar investment in a first round pick, he can ask whatever the Fu** he wants.
    Start reporting more on crimes and leave the gossip sh!t to TMZ

  29. wonder if JLo was behind this ? or maybe one of those tennis sisters ? let’s get all of them into the picture

  30. Good luck living this down Dez…
    Such a huge deal being made, this will clearly be ammo for opposing CBs… Dallas, you better hope he is of the Steve Smith (Carolina) type.

  31. “MANNY says:
    April 29, 2010 10:59 AM
    I’m sure that fat coward has something to do with all this. But all he does is hide and not confront anybody to give an explanation. What a joke the Dolphins are!!!

    I think you posted this before logging into your Dorkfin account. Asswipe.

  32. Did it occur to anyone that Parcells probably already did his homework on this guy, and was just seeing if he would be truthful about it.
    I don’t see a guy like Parcells believing anything that comes out of these kids mouths. Trust me, he already has the answers before he asks the questions…

  33. I just find it funny this is so “shocking”.
    People are actually saying Ireland should be fired?! What?!
    People need to stop pretending to be on the inside.
    Florio and crew, I get it, but these articles just make dumb people think they know “what really happens”. You guys ssee lots of stuff the general public doesn’t. You definitely know this isn’t the worst or first time something like this was asked.

  34. @ BKILBY13
    Do you think Florio is going to take you out for milk shakes after reading that ridiculous rant you just let out?
    I was just stating the fact that the articles on the site are not nearly what they used to be in terms of insight and substance. Thank you wholeheartedly for clarifying that the site is called profootballTALK and not profootballNEWS. I had no idea. I don’t go to those other sites for my football news…sorry, TALK because Florio OWNS them, he is much better. It bothers me because the site should be gaining momentum with the new access to NBC Sports and all of their resources instead of fizzling out. I think it’s hilarious I’m justifying my right to voice my opinion to a guy that makes angry posts on a message board. Also, you spelled righteous incorrectly.

  35. One other thought on this, & then I’m really done beating this horse beyond death.
    Ireland admitted–AND APOLOGIZED–for making the comment. But suppose he does get some sort of official punishment for this? What’s to stop players in the future from falsely claiming that they were asked inappropriate questions? Dez Bryant has already been rewarded far beyond what he probably hoped when he told his story in the first place. You’d better believe that other college players are watching all the attention he’s getting from this. Marcellus Wiley has already slithered out from under his rock to show us what a delicate little flower he was & how wounded he became from Evil Bill’s questions.
    So what’s to stop players in the future from making claims that someone they’re mad at asked mean questions in an interview? Don’t think it can happen? My father was a professor–& he & his colleagues all knew that whenever they were meeting with female students it was imperative to leave the door open, or even have someone else present, to prevent any false claims of harassment (nowdays, they leave the door open no matter who they’re meeting with). There are many news stories of school teachers who’ve had their lives & careers ruined by students making up false claims of lewd conduct against a teacher they don’t like.
    If the NFL &/or NFLPA make up some sort of rule about questioning–they may want to tread carefully. It’s very likely that a player, mad that he didn’t get drafted by a team, could turn around & later claim a GM or coach asked inappropriate questions. I have a feeling, going forward, that Jeff Ireland will be videotaping any conversations with potential draft picks to protect against a “he said/he said” situation. If an official rule gets passed, we could well see all teams being forced to do something similar to protect themselves.
    Again, it was a dumb comment. Nice to know that Dez Bryant has apparently never made a dumb comment–at least not one that someone later repeated to a reporter. Hopefully he’s never used a term like “bitch” or “ho” to refer to a woman–or called someone a “fag” in the heat of the moment (that seems to be a very popular one with athletes to hurl at opponents).

  36. What would everyone be saying if Jeff is a black man, or if the player is white, just saying, the outrage is not needed. Bill

  37. Parcells is scum. The entire Dorkfin organization is classless. Of course this is also reflective of the city and DorkFans. Classless, clueless, and downright pathetic. This was not the first time this happened to the Dorks or Parcells. They deserve each other. Hope the Miami Dorkfins remain at the bottom of the league for a long time.

  38. If I’m paying you millions of dollars, I can ask you anything I dam want.
    That being said, please get back to all the interesting news we all know this site for.

  39. I’m Hispanic and I was asked in my job interview if I thought that I had the work ethic and time to deal with the extended hours that I sometimes have to work to support our systems.
    I now realize that this question was solely asked because of my race and the perception that people of my race can be lazy as well as the possibility I might be in the process of committing a crime when the call comes in that a server is down.
    WOOHOO! I just made some money in a racism suit!
    This race angle is crap.

  40. jesus, give me a break.
    every job i’ve ever interviewed for i had to answer whether i’ve done drugs and taken a drug test. employers are perfectly allowed to do this – they are going to pay you.
    i don’t understand why the NFL can’t do the same. i think this is turning into a witch hunt at this point. the story has nothing to do with parcells – why speculate?
    if you have a story that involves parcells, post it. otherwise, let’s stop making crap up. this isn’t even a rumor you heard, just controversy over your own speculation.

  41. No big surprise from Wiley. Such a wonderful player during the Dallas years. Parcells should have asked, “Are you going to get a contract and completely tank it?”

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