Faneca says he's still good, just not as good as he used to be

Alan Faneca has missed only two games in his 12-year NFL career, but he acknowledges that all those years in the trenches have taken their toll on his body.

Still, Faneca said this week after being cut by the Jets and signed with the Cardinals, he still believes he’s a quality NFL starter.

“I think it was a good year for me,” Faneca said of the way he played in 2009. “Was it as good as Year 6? Honestly, no. I don’t think any guy that’s on Year 12 can honestly tell you to your face that it’s the same as it was six years ago.”

Faneca signed a one-year, $2.5 million deal with the Cardinals and is expected to start at left guard. In Arizona he’ll be reunited with Russ Grimm, his old offensive line coach with the Steelers.

“That’s a big part of why I wanted to be here,” Faneca said. “[Grimm] is a great coach, a great friend.”

8 responses to “Faneca says he's still good, just not as good as he used to be

  1. You mean he isn’t like Uncle Rico who thinks he can still throw a football over that mountain???

  2. Another smart move by the Steelers a few years back… Let someone else pay big money for declining production

  3. The Steelers and Cards both had money on the table for Faneca 3 years ago, but he went with a few more bucks to play for the Jets, passing up a chance with both Pittsburgh and Arizona to play for his 2nd Super Bowl title.
    What did he gain and what was his thinking last time he signed with a new team? I hope (and think) that he will get another opportunity at the Big Dance with Arizona, but he should have signed there instead of the Jets in the first place.

  4. Faneca – “I’m not as good as I used to be, but i’ll still take that 8 million dollar cheque….thanks bye.”

  5. Oh sure it might be a bust for the cards but it’s only one year and they need some help on the line. I think its a good move

  6. this line needs this guy. I think its a great pick up. I really would like to see Herman Johnson or whatever that kids name is from LSU learn from some of these old folks on the line.

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