Darren Sharper could be signing a contract soon

As we look toward another week of the offseason with a dwindling supply of unrestricted free agents (but never a dwindling supply of news and rumors), one of the biggest remaining names on the market could have a job very soon.

Actually, he could have a job as soon as Monday.

Safety Darren Sharper, we’re told, is closing in on closing a deal.  His destination isn’t known, and it’s unclear whether he has even made a tentative decision.  But it’s our understanding that he’ll soon be making a selection from his pool of available suitors, whoever they may be.

The Saints have an offer on the table for Sharper, who joined the team in 2009 and helped propel the franchise to its first-ever Super Bowl win.  He also has visited the Jaguars.

He has expressed interest in joining the Jets, but they can’t sign him in the near future unless and until another one of the team’s unrestricted free agents signs with a new franchise.

40 responses to “Darren Sharper could be signing a contract soon

  1. He’s re-signing with the Saints. He’s really stupid if he doesn’t. The Jets are nice, but are restricted in what they can do.

  2. HEY we got a somewhat interesting story, no Rex Ryan, no Dez Bryant, No Sean Peyton…..alright your getting back to having a variety….
    St-Pierre Paul- worn out after 10 minutes at minicamp……tell us about that!!! its like the best news of the day and you havent even mentioned it !!!!

  3. It would be a good move to re-sign with the Saints. If he holds out for the Jets opportunity, he might spend the year watching games on TV with Jeff Garcia.

  4. This is from Pete Prisco of CBS Sports.
    I got a feeling that Darren Sharper will wind up in Jacksonville. Just call it a hunch.
    Seems like he will sign with the Jags.

  5. I saw him in Charlotte at the Quail Hollow Championship, might just be that he was here enjoying the tourney, but it could be the reason the panthers just traded Chris Harris.

  6. I don’t know why New Orleans would even want him back. He was ridiculously overrated the entire second half of the season because he was good for the first half. He picked off 7 passes in his first 7 games and only 2 in his last 7, plus he started missing way too many tackles.

  7. When do the Vikings fans come in here and start saying that the Saints “stealing” him from Minnesota last year is just a sign that those dirty nasty cheaters who live in a cesspool of a city below sea level have been cheating all along?
    It’s a shame Vikings fans don’t realize how pitiful they sound.

  8. Like Jaggar said – “You can’t always get what you want”
    Hey Darren, you’re good, but not as good as you think you are.
    Sign with the Saints. It’s the best fit for you and them. Play hard and enjoy the tailend of your career.

  9. He will sign with a real team!
    Welcome to the Jags, Sharper!
    Really? This is a team that was apparently too afraid to draft down because they might have to take Tebow.
    I forget where I read that…

  10. Sharper will sign with a real team “Jags”????
    LMFAO i really hope ur messing around… AHAHAHAHA Jars are and will be trash for the next 2-3 years… and even then they wont do shit.

  11. saw him at Publix in Jacksonville buying a Cuban sandwich and sweet tea. Definitely a Jag.

  12. if he was smart he would beg, beg the raiders to even talk to him. Raiders are gona be the best team in the nfl for the next 10 years to come.
    And all u media are gona have to suck it up, try finding sometging to bash them about, I can see it now hat fat gorrilla tom jackson on espn “well the raiders maybe won 10 superbowls but jason campbell still might throw a int boomer”
    haha welcome to hell PFT AND BSPN!


  14. midwest says:
    May 1, 2010 9:32 PM
    He will sign with a real team!
    Welcome to the Jags, Sharper!
    Yeah, a podunk market that didn’t deserve a team in the 1st place. Jacksonville will never host another Super Bowl…worst host city EVER!

  15. Anybody hear how much the Saints have offered? I keep hearing about the deal on the table, but no hints at length or amount. I would love him back in NOLA, but not if it means over paying.
    Give him a 2 year deal @ $3M/yr with a reasonable amount guaranteed. Add is some attractive incentives that increase the $$ if he can stay healthy and put up solid numbers. Last year was his chance to show he can still play and his deal reflected that. He held up his end, so he does deserves to get paid…just not over paid.
    I have heard he wants in the $5-6M range, which is way too high for his age. I can’t see anyone paying that unless they are one safety away from a championship.
    Saints are the best fit for his skills and they are in position to win now. Dallas is good (I think I just threw up a bit), but the “D” scheme would really limit Sharper’s production. Jacksonville would be a waste of his time.
    I guess we’ll know on Monday….

  16. Midwest – are you kidding me? A real team, the Fags, I mean Jags??? Sharper goes from the SB Champs to the Chumps. What a joke. Your city is pathetic. BTW, you beaches suck….WHO DAT! WE DAT! TWO DAT!

  17. Sharper will take the highest bid….period. He’s got his ring and knows no team loyalty as a journeyman. Now he will be signing his last contract – he wants the Qwon!
    Hi teammates over the years call him “Duller”. Great personality and smile, but the shed had sharper.

  18. @ Mike:
    Hey idiot. Maybe you should do a little research. Just because the media ONLY talks about the Jags’ problems, doesn’t make us the worst fan base in the league. The Jags put more asses in seats than the Raiders & the Lions. The Raiders had as many blackouts as the Jags. But that’s every year for the Raiders while the Jags had no blackouts in ’08. One year of bad attendance doesn’t make us the worst.

  19. rajun,
    perhaps if a hurricane wiped us out, we too would have free FEMA money to blow on season tickets instead of trivial stuff like sheetrock, roofing material, plywood, tile, etc.
    You guys were thisclose to being the San Antonio Saints.

  20. The Raiders only have 2 FS’s on their roster (Hiram Eugene, and Michael Huff). Eugene isn’t that great, and Huff was a bust until late last year when he made some huge plays for the defense. That said, Sharper would be a great fit, but the Raiders seldom make sense with their free agent signings, among other decisions. Sharper should go back to the Saints…

  21. knee injury, surgery. he needs vicodin…saints seem like the best option

  22. The Raiders signing Sharper would be a textbook Undead Al move. He always seems to find a way to sign one guy from the most recent Super Bowl victor. I guess his thinking is that said ringbearer will “infect” the team with his winning ways.
    Personally, I’d rather the team (ie Undead Al) give up a draft pick and take a flyer on LT Jammal Brown. Had it not been for his untimely injury, he wouldn’t even be available on the free agent market.
    Raiders still need a nose tackle.

  23. @GoJags436 ..as many as the raiders and lions! *LOL*…thats nothing to be proud of

  24. He’s not returning to the Saints. That is my prediction. He’ll be in Jacksonville.

  25. dafish says:
    May 2, 2010 9:25 AM
    perhaps if a hurricane wiped us out, we too would have free FEMA money to blow on season tickets instead of trivial stuff like sheetrock, roofing material, plywood, tile, etc.
    You guys were thisclose to being the San Antonio Saints.
    And the Jags WILL BE the Los Angeles Jaguars soon. Face it, your city didn’t deserve an NFL team.

  26. harloeisdead says:
    May 2, 2010 9:44 PM
    Again, you fools need new lines. Jags aren’t going anywhere.
    Jags “fans” aren’t going anywhere either…like GAMES! Damn shame the only sellout will be when Tebow visits as a Bronco, even though he won’t see the field.

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