Jets minicamp one-liners

Coach Rex Ryan is very pleased with WR Santonio Holmes, so far:  “He’s been tremendous.  He’s at the voluntary workouts, doing a great job [and] competes in all the drills.   He’s been outstanding.  The thing that’s really jumped out to me is how he’s been in the classroom with Mark Sanchez [and Brian Schottenheimer].  The guy takes great notes.  What I’ve seen of him, he’s been tremendous in the building.”

Ryan says that Michigan DB Don Warren, who was undrafted, was on the team’s draft board.

As to the decision to give former USC tailback Joe McKnight the same number worn by Reggie Bush, Ryan says that it’s only a coincidence:  “I guarantee nobody thought about that.  Just give him a number and let him go.  It’s what you make of that number.  It doesn’t matter.  He’s not compared to anybody else.  Let’s just go play.   He’s a New York Jet and let’s see how he does.  Hopefully, he’ll be compared to Matt Snell one day, totally different type, but who cares?”

McKnight talked about his rough first day:  “I was excited — just a little bit too excited.  Nerves kicked in. I was
riled up too fast.  I drained myself before practice even started.”  (If by “draining himself” he means “puking all over the ground,” then he’s right.)

As to whether Ryan was surprised that McKnight was available in round four, it appears that G.M. Mike Tannenbaum has explained to the coach the concept of contract leverage;
“I have strict orders not to say that I was surprised that this guy was available at that spot,” Ryan said.

Ryan seemed to suggest that RB Thomas Jones and G Alan Faneca were dumped in an effort to improve the offense:  “Twentieth in the league is not acceptable in total offense,” Ryan said.  “I want to get better on offense and get better on defense, more turnovers.  Maybe that’s why we made the move.”

On second-round OL Vladimir Ducasse, Ryan said,  “He’s big.   I don’t know if that jersey was real flattering on him.”

7 responses to “Jets minicamp one-liners

  1. Can’t wait til the Jets collapse this year after getting all these big names…

  2. “I want to get better on offense and get better on defense, more turnovers. Maybe that’s why we made the move.”
    So you get L.T. who was done two years ago, get rid of one of your most productive players in Thomas Jones, and get rid of a good run blocking guard in Faneca (saving a bag of peanuts and a hot dog in the process) when the strength of that offense is the run game?
    Yeah, that makes sense.
    Sure they are going to open up the offense more with Holmes and a slightly more experienced Sanchez, but they will still need the run game to protect the young QB. Good luck with that with L.T., and watch Shonn Green be completely worn down by the end of the season, unless the light bulb in Joe McKnight’s head comes on real quick.

  3. Release Jones and Fanaca to improve the 20th rated offense?
    Yeah that had nothing to do with Mark Sanchez right? 20 INTs and put the ball on the ground 10 more times. But no, cut Jones to help the offense.

  4. callahan is one of the best oline coaches. i’m pretty sure the faneca move was well thought out. jones and lt(2) are about the same on the run but lt can catch some passes (different skill set). sanchez WAS a rookie. pretty clear he got a wee willy better in the playoffs.
    ROOKIE shonne greene’s light came on soon enough to help. hopefully the same thing for mcnight

  5. Poobah- No way LT is equivalent to thomas jones the last two years running the ball- yeah he has better hands but no speed. Fanecas teammates apparently don’t have quite the same opinion as callahan regarding fanecas ability. True, sanchez played well in the playoffs- with a strong run game to support him.
    And I agree, if mcknight turns out like Shonn green they will be in good shape. If they do plan on throwing more as I expect those young guys will have to do well in blitz pickup. I’m sorry but there is no way LT for Thomas jones makes football sense at this stage of their careers.

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